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Letters From Alaska

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Governor Bone Family Letters from Alaska, 1921 - 1925 (Prolific writer; much Pioneer history in these letters from Mrs. Bone)

Territorial School Letters (currently Ninilchik)



Date of Letter

Author of Letter

Addressed To
15 Dec 1888 A. H. B. No envelope
__ Apr 1892 James R. Spriggs Miss Bettie Buck
07 Jun 1900 E. H. Gibbs Mrs. L. A. Gibbs
16 Aug 1900 E. H. Gibbs Mrs. Kate L. Gibbs
23 Jan 1916 Oscar Hubman Mr. E. Ellingsen
04 Aug 1917 Curtis (initials H.C.S.) Miss Ruth Busby
28 Aug 1918 John B. Hannon Mr. Robert C. Romig
20 Nov 1926 Jas. F. Williams Miss Elizabeth Gelvin
22 Oct 1928 Mamie L. Thomas Mrs. Fletcher Duggins
__ Apr 1928 Gov. Geo. A. Parks Hon. Scott C. Bone
__ Apr 1931 Mrs. C. E. Harland Mrs. Scott Bone
20 Jan 1942 Harold A. Taylor Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Destefani/family
__ Mar 1943 Edju Krawiec Miss Jessie Krawiec
07 Apr 1943 Ed Krawiec Mrs. Anna Krawiec
__ Feb 1944 Ed Krause Mr. John Krause
05 Sep 1944 Richard A. Cluff Mr. Ralph Brewster
22 Feb 1945 Loren W. Smith Mr. Payton J. Smith






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