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Sept. 5, 1944
Galena, Alaska

Dear Ralph,

Yes it's me.  But now I'm not so sure you want to hear from me.  But I do hope you'll understand.

I got my furlough here and had 15 days.  Well, I also had four days traveling time which isn't much.  I had thirteen days home.  I made pretty fair time.  But no matter how I figured it out I couldn't see a way to Vt.  You see my dad is in the San. here and has been for almost a year.  And I hadn't been home for about three years and a half.  But now if I make another trip I'll have more time.  And am in hopes I'll be able to go to Vt.  Did you get my card?  You see I was thinking of you all.

Well I got back here the worst of wear.  The trip was rough but well worth it.  I had a pretty fair time.  Most of the good time was on the way back as I was with an Army nurse.  A 2nd Lt.  Boy was she a nice kid.  But O! You Kid.  Any way it was nice till she left.  Then it was rough.  I'd give a good deal to be stationed some where near her.  Although we aren't supposed to go with them.  Dam [sic] these Army Rules.  Seems the officers want first pick.  But here was one time they didn't get it.

Well by this time Bet.[sic] is home.  Bet she sure is glad to be there.  Seems so nice to get out of work for a while.  Inclosed [sic] is a picture of Jackie as she is now.  I think she's it.

Well, we are working on our cabin again getting it ready for winter.  And it is snowing a little here now.  So it won't be long.  As yet we have no snap shots but I'll send thejm when we get them.

Well I guess I'll have to close now for a while but don't forget to write.  And again I'm sorry I didn't get to see you.

As always,

Envelope:  from - Pvt. Richard A. Cluff, 20 151 770, Utilities Section, 1468th A.A.F. Base Unit, A.P.O. 973 c/o PM, Minneapolis, Minn.; postmarked - Sep 8, 1944, U.S. Army Postal Service; to - Mr. Ralph Brewster, Cambridge, Vermont



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