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A.P.O. 980
Feb. 22, 1945

[APO 980 was Adak Island, Alaska from Aug. 3, 1942 to July 8, 1950]

Hello Payton:

How are you?  Everything is going all right here.  I have a little over 2 months to do then think I will be back in th States.  I wouldn't be surprised by what there is some jobs in the Philippines and So. Pacific by then so keep your ears open and see what you can find out.  I will try and come down and see you when I get back.  How do you like your job by now?  Had a letter from a timer who worked for me here.  He is in Inyokern, Calif. out in the Mojave desert.  I had a letter from Delphia and she hasn't heard from Carl for some time.  I am going to write dad a letter.  He never answered the last one I wrote him.  Guess I'll have to bawl him out.

Well good luck to you and drop me a few lines and let me know how you are doing.  So long.


Envelope: from - Loren W. Smith, G. F. A Co., A.P.O. 980 Unit #2, P.M. Seattle, Wash.; postmarked - U.S. Army Postal Service 980 Feb. 23, 1945; to - Mr. Payton J. Smith, San Francisco (2X), Calif. (forwarded to 1212 Hawes St., 1490); censor - Passed by Army Examiner, Base 1801.



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