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Killisnoo, Dec. 15th, 1888

Cousin Eva,

I am still alive if I have not answered your letter as quick as I intended.  We have got through fishing and the factory has stopped about two weeks making the  season about a month shorter than last year.

The last letter that I have received from you was dated Sept. 17th stating that when you had asked Mary Hathaway about the mail(?) you would write.  Have you found out and have you written?  If you have, I have not received the letter.  I would like you to write about it in your next letter.

Now in regard to those mats that I sent Miss Davis I did not intend to tell you the cost, but to let you imagine that they might be valuable and let it go at that knowing that if you did not know the value you could not return the price.  The mats I found in the store of the N. W. T. Co. and they had been bought from another place where some years before I came.  Where they had been received from the Indians in return for whatever they wanted from the store, what they paid for them I do not know.  The price that I paid for them was 4 cents apiece when taking a large number as I did at that time and about three months previous.  The postage on them I have forgotten.

Now do you wonder that I did not name any price for the mats for Miss Davis?

You ask what you shall send me or what you could do for me in return for what I have sent you.  I do not think of anything that you could send me or do for me at present.  I send the things thinking that you would enjoy them, without thinking of a return for them.

How did Sarah like that bundle of different kinds of moss. [sic]  What did she do with each kind. [sic]]  Our fishing was done in such a way that I did not have a chance to gather ferns at the time that they were shaded so I have not gathered any this year.

The business here this year has been done by the Manager of the N. W. T. Co. that was, and my two Brothers they had the use of what aparat___ that they wanted at the factory and they are paying the bills which were due to the men here that was not paid last year, so I guet e last year's pay and only lost the time that I have not been  at work.   I cut wood enough to to pay my board for the 4 months that I was not working for the Company.  I shall put into this letter some envelopes to be delivered to those that are named on them if that will be something that you can do for me.  A.H.B.



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