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April 7, 1943

Dear Mom,

Well, received my first letter from home today.  Real swell to hear from you folks and am glad to hear that everything's alright at home.

Before I go any further, I was surprised and shocked when you people said that I've finally wrote an intelligent letter. -- Well, here's hopeing [sic] I continue writing them.

Well, to start answering some of those questions, -- Anchorage and my job seem to be real swell, and, as I said before my boss, "Tiny" is real swell, -- which all the more makes the job more interesting. --

Anchorage as a whole is not a big place, about the size of Williston PK., but as I said in my previous letter it seems to have everything, in fact I was worried as to what I would do when I ran out of film, but I found that you can buy all you want and even cheaper than in the States. --

Meals here are very good, - the prices are about the same as in the states - the one item that seems to be the most expensive to us is rooms. -- That's because we haven't found any as yet, but hope to soon.  It has been rumored, and seems pretty definite that our company will start building a housing project soon, if that being the case our rooms would almost cost us nothing.

Incidently, [sic] thanks a lot for getting my suits etc. cleaned. -- by the way would appreciate if you could find out as to whether or not that coat I bought from Stahu could be dyed some dark color.  During the coming summer I may send down for some cloths, [sic] so hold on to the long underwear and those black shirts. -- In case you people should run into any bargains on socks, you know those long woolen ones up to your knees, would appreciate if you would buy them.

By the looks of thing [sic] I'll send you people two hundred dollars a month or more. -- I don't really give a darn what you want to do with the money only do spend it on shows & candy etc.  Incidently, [sic] speaking of shows, with this shift I'm on - 3 to 12 - I don't get any time to go to shows, in fact I've only been to one and that was the first night I was here.

I noticed you people spoke of some snapshots, well, I'm trying to have some taken at work, while I'm working, so, as soon as I get a few prints made I'll see to it to send them home immediately.  About the most expensive item here in Anchorage is liquor & beer.  I don't know what makes the people love their liquor so much, but they'd just as soon spend $10.00, just for a bottle of that bug-juice.  In fact the liquor stores here only stay open the day they receive their order, for, -- that very same day they sell out. -- This is no lie but there was actually a line 1 block long today waiting to buy the liquor. -- beer -- that's another thing they love.  It cost .50 a bottle but even that goes as fast if not faster than the liquor.

As yet I haven't seen any market on furs but I'm still looking -- especially "silver fox." --

By the way tell Doc to treat Walter Sikora nice so that in case worst comes to worst figush? will always have some place to go when something comes worst to worst with him.

I sent a letter to Frank Stepein the other day -- wrote quite a long letter, so as soon as I hear from him I'll write you what's what.

Received a letter from Fred Hallengren today.  He and his wife seem to be getting along pretty swell.  He claims that he may be going into the army soon as he has just been classified 1A.

Well, I really could keep writing on and on, but I can just picture you people at home now -- Roman's sitting in his chair with his head falling forward every two minutes but he won't go to bed. -- Mom reading "Vawy Swiat," and cussing everyone for bothering her and not giving her a chance to read -- then there's "ceha" sitting at the mangle, and oh yes, you can't see but you can hear Fig jump from one bed to another.

So I'll guess I'll close now, and let Doc fall asleep, and mom read her paper and "Cheha" do her mangling -- so, so long, will write again very shortly, until then my regards to all.


Envelope: from - Ed. Krawiec, c/o Alaska Star Airlines, Anchorage, Alaska; postmark - Anchorage, Alaska April 7, 1943 8 PM; to - Mrs. Anna Krawiec, 234 Jefferson Ave., Mineola, N.Y., U.S.A.




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