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Ketchikan, Jan. 23, 1916

Dear friends,

I suppose you have been wondering why I have not answered your letter before this.  I have always been a little slow at writing letters, I have been putting it off from day to day.  I hope you'll excuse my carelessness.  The boat I am on has been laid up since Christmas, but we are going to start out igan [sic] in a few days.  I am living with Clary's, they have a good big house.  I have a room upstairs.  It is very cold here at present; it was five below zero last night.  Clary is not working now but he have [sic] a good job in sight for the summer.

I saw Mike Scott here some time ago.  He was on the Manhattan.  He told me about the party you had out to [Lovely's?].  I went to a Norwegian dans [sic] last Saturday, a regular old country shindig.  We had a swell time, danced to 4 o'clock in the morning. 

I had a letter from Mrs. Vetter some time ago asking me if I wanted to rent the house.  I told her to do so if she could, as I don't expect to come down for some time, so it is no use to have it standing empty. 

How do you like the dry towns?  I have not taken a drink since I left Seattle so it would not make any difference to me.  Best wishes to you all from your friend Oscar Hubman c/o New England Fish Co, Ketchikan, Alaska.

Envelope: from - [no address given]; postmark - Ketchikan, Alaska; Jan 24, 1916; 1PM; to - Mr. E. Ellingsen, West Side Real Estate Co., Alki Ave, Seattle



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