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My dear Mrs. Bone,

We had surely missed our Christmas letter and were overjoyed to hear.  I had been at the Rustgard's just the day before mine came and read your letter to them, but mine had quite a little additional news.  I was delighted to hear of small David - such good news.  My heartaches for the unfortunate people who are not blessed with children.

There is so much I long to tell you.  Do you know that Frances is at Eugene and covering herself with glory - not spectacular glory -- but she is honor student both semesters and is taking both vocal and  instrumental music beside, for which she can receive no credits as she is carrying all the subjects that they allow and this last semester she is sitting in French class, for she could not work it in either but says if she can pass the tests at the end of the year she can take advanced next year which is what she wants.

I am hoping she will come to Southern California next year.  Frances has accompanied seven student recitals over the radio, but we have not been able to get them.  However the radio has enlarged our horizon amazingly.

Have you heard that Bri's now a flying mechanic, it is thrilling but I sometimes wish he had chozen [sic] a safer occupation however I glory in his industry and success.  He left in October and has put in a marvelous _____ of work and study and passed his test and thru special recommendation was awarded his lisence [sic] altho he had not had the required years of experience.  They say never was a boy so industrious and that they feel he is fully competent and now he is entrusted with the sole care of a marvelous Lockheed [Vega?], and the lives of his passengers to say nothing of his Pilot and himself.  He is a little awed at the responsibility but otherwise overjoyed, and to his own surprise, yesterday, after he had gone to the Hangar to take his bag and baggage to Ketchikan where he had been stationed he was told that they had switched him to Juneau.  So now I have him home again and you can imagine our joy.  Do you know that he is as enthusiastic a singer as Charles, and with more power and higher range.  He is only waiting until he can have his voice trained.  We do not expect to be ______ with any of the board but we surely have been made marvelously happy by each one.  Little Patricia now does very nicely with violin and I couldn't begin to tell about Philip.  Perhaps because he is the youngest, but we all think he is the prize.

I begin to feel as you say Shirley Anne felt about Marguerite, about my Frances - she has still to see the young man who is worthy of a second look.  She has great fun teasing me.  I am so fond of all ____ especially for tall girls.  So when we read about Marguerites young husband's tall brother, Frances said "well mother, don't you think you should really send me to Southern California.  That tall brother sounds interesting."  But I think that those things are all arranged better than we know.

Do you recall the day just after you had spent Christmas vacation with Marguerite at Seattle, that Mrs. Fisher and I called and you told us of Marguerite's vocal lessons, I want to tell that day much as I rejoiced in her progress I had great struggle with heartache, for I could not see far enough ahead, and I did not see how Frances could have the education that I knew she deserved.  I have often smiled at my lack of trust, for here she has had two years East, one and half at Rochester and a spring in Boston with even a better teacher and now this wonderful year at Eugene, and they discovered that she also has a voice, so I trust I have really learned my lesson.  I also had a struggle about Brien for he could not afford to go to prep school altho he and the alternate appointment for the Point last year, but he sat in his den and studied and passed his tests, surprisingly and then his Principal got in but it didn't bother him for he preferred aviation any how and now _____ he is in a position to some live enough to go where he chooses even further in aviation or chose another line.

So I shall not worry about the tall young man - and I know that when they right time comes the right man will come along.

I did so enjoy the letter about the commencement party and the wedding which Mrs. Smith so kindly let me read.

I can just see dear Marguerite in her new role and I can not see her fail in any role.  I shall never forget her sweetness to every one from the first day to the last of her Alaska stay and I am sure no one whoever enters the "Governors Mansion" while it was the Bone home, can forget its hospitality.  I can hardly go there since.  It seems an empty shell.

Belated spring at last - seems about to come.  Today my darling has been uncovering his garden and the crocus are opening in the chilly sunshine.

We had a very warm and _____ winter but our chilly spring has been really hard on the garden.

Give our love to all who remember us.  How I should love to see Mrs. Starr and the children - and Mr. Starr too.  I can never forget the evening they spent with us just before they left.  Ask John if he recollects that he sang on that occasion.  When any one sings at our house I trust they really feel at home.  We have had a marvelous _____, two lovely girls have tried to keep us from missing Fran. and Bri.  Miss Fisher the orchestra teacher in the school and her sister, who came up just before Christmas for a rest, and who is a beautiful violinist even an ______ student; have been with us almost every Sunday and we have reveled in the very best.  And _____  _____ have nearly all had an obligation as Miss _____ is such a student of counterpoint that she can ______ at sight. 

May the _____ of this show ____ very glad was to _____


Dorothea Harland

Envelope: from - Mrs. C. E. Harland, Box 1193, Juneau, Alaska; postmarked - Juneau, Alaska Apr 20, 1130AM; to - Mrs. Scott C. Bone, 826 Coronel, Santa Barbara, Calif.



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