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Dear Ceha,

Well, its just about time I started writing you people a few lines or so. - As usual every-thing up here is still the same, oh! incidentally, - got socked for two hundred dollars income tax the other day, but outside of that everythings [sic] ok.

Talked with the Supt. of the airlines the other day, - said there were six new mechanics coming up and wanted to know whether I would accept the position of crew chief, - but, I just sorta don't know whether to take it or not.

By the way, haven't heard from my draft board as yet, - sorta got me hanging in suspense cause it seems that fellas from the left and right, married or single are being drafted everyday.

Don't know whether I told you before or not but I received a letter from Eddie Dolegoski, he's somewhere in Ireland, sends his best regards.  He claims there['s] no place like home.

Well, I just can't think of much more to write about.  Hope to be hearing from all you people soon.



Included in the envelope is an article entitled Aviation News: Alaska Star Airlines -- There were no plane movements from Fairbanks today.

A plane left Anchorage for Fairbanks this afternoon with passengers and mail, it will return to Anchorage in the morning.

On schedule for tomorrow are trips to Circle Springs, Central and Circle City with mail and passengers, Anchorage, Whitehorse, Livengood and the Fort Mile.

Incoming passengers from the Fort Mile Saturday evening were: Arthur Steven, Harry David, C. P. Nelson, Mary Will, and Willy Juneby.

Passengers from Whitehorse Saturday were: John Almerigotti, John Gregory, Wendell C. Craven, Edward J. Karwic, Sigmund S. Jerzak and Richard LaCrosse.


Envelope: from - Ed. Krawiec, Alaska Star Airlines, Anchorage, Alaska; postmarked - Anchorage, Alaska March, 1943; addressed to -- Miss Jessie Krawiec, 234 Jefferson Ave., Mineola, N. Y., U. S.A.




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