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Golovin City, Alaska
Aug. 16, 1900

Dear Folks at Home

You will likely think I have got drowned or something else before this but I am well and hope you are all the same.

I would have wrote before but I was kind of disgusted with the Country when I first arrived and thought I would go back to the states this fall but I think I have got a chance to make a little money by staying here this winter.

I have been working since the 30 of June at $5 a day and found Artie (Rains?) is with me and the other two boys went back to Seattle about a month ago.  I go to work at four o'clock in the morning and work til eight and the same in the afternoon four hours on and eight off.

I don't think this is so bad a country to live in as they have it cracked up to be down there in the states.  They have changed the name of this town and call it Golovin City instead of Council.  There is a Post Office here now.  There is quite a lot of Soldiers here.

This creek I am working on is about three miles from town and is very ritch [sic] - the Old fellow that located [it] and is Superintending this claim has kind of taken a likeing [sic] to Artie and I and he is going to give us a lay on a piece of it to work this winter and next spring.  I had a real pleasant trip coming up here on the boat.

The whole country is steaked [sic] and resteaked [sic] til there _____ a ghoast [sic] at a _____ to get a claim.

I don't know whether or not you will get this letter in time to answer it or not but no matter write and tell me all the news.

I would like to be a good writer and could write a whole dictionary but just wait til a year from this fall and I think I will get back home again.

As in a hurry I will close for this time.

With Love to All

Envelope: no return address; postmark is rubbed but the work Council is penned in and the word Alaska can be read; addressed to - Mrs. Kate K. Gibbs, Barclay, Trumbull Co., Ohio, U.S.A.; on the back of the envelope are two postmarks - Nome, Alaska, Aug 22, 1900 and Barclay, Ohio, Sep 15, 1900



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