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Quinhagak, Alaska
Oct 22nd, 1928

My dear Mrs. Duggins -

I wish you could come in some Friday from 1 to 3 oclock or a Tuesday from 7 to 9 oclock Fri.& see our young married Women sewing & the girls Tues P.M.

We gave them the pieces you gave me for them to make work bags out of.  Those pieces were about the size of this sheet of paper.

I just wish you could have seen their happy faces when they looked at those pieces.

Do you remember those small pieces about 1x2 inches we gave each woman a package to take home & they seemed so glad.

The women never make any clothes for their expected babies & have to get someone make a few garments after they are born.  Mrs. Drebert & I thought it would be well to get these young women (to) make a set of clothes & when a new baby comes to town we can send the mother a box.

We have 2 women in this circle who will need a box before Christmas.  In the box we put a yard square of outing large enough to wrap the baby in, an outing gown, wool shirt made out of an old flannel shirt or out of the flannel apron I use to wear when bathing babies.

A pair of wool boots knit or crochette [sic]

a [sic] flannel band, 2 diapers & cake soap & small box of talcum.  We put some fancy stitches on the garment.

Our first box is ready now.

It seemed so funny to see the women put their thimbles on their first fingers.

We are now snowed in for the winter but I am so happy to be here.  The thermometer has gone down to 8 (degrees) above zero, the ground covered with snow & the Eskimos are busy with their dog sleds going 25 & 30 miles for their winter wood.

They bring about half of a horse wagon load.  It looks funny to see from 3 to 7 dogs hitched to a sled.  I believe they can go as fast as most horses under good conditions that is clear weather & ice trail.  They can make 100 miles a day, they only require dried fish in 24 hours the fish is about 15 inches long.  Some dogs are very fierce if a person slips & falls in the snow they will jump on them & bit or eat up.

One man never goes alone.

I wonder when you will get this letter it takes such a long time to go anywhere up here.  Please write me when you ca & please be sure & thank the lady who got these beautiful pieces for us.  Wish much love very truly.

Mamie L. Thomas

Envelope - postmarked Quinhagak, Alaska Oct 2_, 1928; addressed to Mrs. Fletcher Dug____, Park Ave., Winston Salem, N.C.



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