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Seward, Alaska
August 28, 1918

Dear Bob:

Your card mailed 27th, ult., received boat ago and was glad to hear from you, expect now that are beginning to get settled you will not (at least for a while) find much time to write as your spare time will be pretty much occupied.

Locally everything just about the same as you left it, and any minor exchanges you note in paper in ______.  I am going to let you in on a secret that is not yet public information.

You probably remember Adams.  He and Nell Shea were married on last Thursday.  They tried hard to keep it a secret, but in less than 15 min., after ceremony performed it was public information and they were given a reception, that cost Adams $6.00 to rid himself of the kids, it was the intention of the fellows to seperate [sic] Adams and Nell and to lock Adams up in the brig aboard ship, (which is in port) but by the time they were located hiding at Ellsworth, Nell was so frightened and near to hysteria they allowed them to rest in peace.

I think it was this that put motion into Alexander's head to marry he had been going for about five weeks with a Miss Van Slyke and it seems it was a "Love at first sight" case, for he took Margaret and I into his confidence ad confided his intention of getting married, outside of Mrs. Van Slyke,  We were only persons aware of his intentions, until all of us took your Father in, had him keep it a secret and last night they were married.

While it was a serious affair for the parties being married quiet [sic] a little comedy was present, which, all of us enjoyed to begin with Margaret and I were to be "Bridesmaid and Best man" Mrs. Romig and Elizabeth were unaware of what was happening and Margaret had to find an excuse for dressing and going down town, the Doctor also had to find a reason for being away and when he started downtown the Mrs. wanted to go along and he had to get her off the trail.  Ha!  Well Alexander and I met at Northern and he "broke out" the Wedding ring, giving it to me he charged me under penalty of getting shot not to loose [sic] it.  I put in my jumper p ocket and that was unsatisfactory as he was afraid some one would see it.  I finally hid it to his satisfaction and the wedding party began to gather, every time sone one smiled as looked straight at us we both felt guilty and were sure they knew.  we [sic] finally got together and started operations Margaret and I got before the Bridal couple then behind etc., until we straightened out.  I gets [sic] out the ring and was hoping I would not drop it, Margaret was looking very pensive, "Aleck" was pale as a gost [sic] and trembling.  Corine (Miss Van Slyke) was red as a beet and feeling for Alecks [sic] hand and on the Doctors forehead great drops of "Sweat" stood out as it as it was his first ceremony in some time.  Your dad said a few words and just about time he finished Corine got hold of Alecks [sic] hand and it was over.  they [sic] both stood there jaws agape waiting for something else, your Dad wiped his head and said "that's all."

I still had the ring and didn't know what to do with it, so I give it to Aleck and he put it, then, on her hand, and in an awe stricken voice she turned to her mother and said "Why Mother, "Aleck" didn't hold my hand." She thought she wasn't wedded unless he held her hand all the time.  Aleck looked funny & said "It's legal alright" and Doctor said "Oh yes! legal."  Then I began to laugh, we had Ice cream and cake and Dotor told us story of his wedding and embarrassment and then we went home.  Afterwards Corine made Aleck go through Methodist Ring ceremony with her.

I am going to give dope to papers Sunday and Gosh! won't Marg. and I catch it when Folks and Gang out here find out we were in on it.

Well now for myself, and its the same old tale, still here.  Took examination yesterday for Chief and sure I passed but haven't heard officially.  Expect to leave for States on Saturn [sic], but again have not heard definitely.  If I do and stop at Bremerton will probably perform for you in my new uniform, what!

And listen I'd like instructions from you in "How to successfully be a Brother" you should write a story under this title for the "American Magazine" they feature such stories, those sisters of yours rave continuously about you especially Margaret, but then I know her better, we have gotten to be quite a conspicuous couple since you left and I seem to have been or is (whichever is best English) the longest winded friend she's had.

If luck favors me and peace is declared before too long a time lapse, I might come up to you confidentially [sic] grasp you by coat lapels, or bars if you're wearing them, get red in the face, bluster, hum, haw, cough a little and in a squeaky little voice ask you to be a best man.  What would you say?

But we better let that wait until its proper time from the looks of the paper around her I am writing you with a vengenance [sic].  So if I can't write a letter I can at least give you a little time.  But as it works both ways and I also use yours I'd better shut down, so will conclude by asking you when you have time and inclination to drop us a line.

I remain my dear friend

Yours sincerely,
John B. Hannon

Envelope:  from J. B. Hannon, U.S.N., Seward, Alaska; postmarked - Aug 31, 1918, 9 AM, Seward, Alaska; To: Mr. Robert J. Romig, Finance Dept. I.M., Camp Lewis, Washington.



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