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Dear John,

Gosh, - its been one long time since I wrote to you.  I hope you'll excuse me, cause, as you can see, I'm one, that's not to [sic] crazy about this letter writing.

Well, every-thing up here is still the same, 6" of frozen snow just starting to thaw out, so you can just about guess the mess it is, - In fact its getting so bad that I'm sorta afraid to take off my over-shoes when I go to bed.

Incidently, [sic] my def-ferment [sic] expired the 21st of this month, - so I may be a buck private pretty soon.

I don't know whether I ever told you or not but I'm attending night school (aeronautical), have just finished navigation and you know for as little as I know about aritimetic, I did pretty good.

By the way I sorta have to compliment you on those brief type - written letters I received from you, they weren't long but contained every-thing, -- that's just the way I like to write mine.

Well, - just don't know what more to write about, so I think I'll cut it short by saying so - long.

--My regards to all, - will write again soon.


Envelope:  From - Ed. Krause, c/o Alaska Airlines, Anchorage, Alaska; postmark - Anchorage, Alaska, Feb 27, 1944 9 A.M.; to - Mr. John Krause, P.O. Box 201, Mineola, N.Y.




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