Compiled by Colleen Pustola

Today’s Alaska is a composite of old and new, with fur trappers, traditional sea mammal hunters, and dog teams living in a state with modern cities connected to the world by all the modern means of communication.

The following history of Alaska is quite extensive, although I have to admit I really didn't cover all the aspects that I could have.  Be that as it may, below you'll find an index to the history at this site.  I hope I have covered it well enough to answer any questions you might have.   I will be adding additional information on some of the pages by way of hyperlinks.  The only way to know which data is linked is to check the What's New? page - unless you'd rather visit the pages each day, that is. <g>


1. First, Beringia
2. First People, First Alaskans
3. Bering's Discovery & Alaska's Russian Period
4. Seward's Folly
5. The Era of Neglect
6. Gold Rush
7. Territorial Alaska  (under construction)
8. Twentieth Century, and the Struggle Toward Statehood (almost done)
9. The Years of World War II
10. Statehood!
11. Alaska... Since Statehood