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This page is an archive of additions and corrections to the site.  Upon subsequent visits, this is the first page you'll want to have a look at since this is where I enter all new additions, updates and corrections.

Should you discover any broken links, please let me know immediately.



16 Jul 2016 Added Births in Sitka and Other Places 1816-1867.  See this database in the Vital Records secction.
09 Jun 2016 Added over 500 Sitka marriages and other places, 1816-1866
19 May 2016 Added nearly 1600 Sitka burials, 1816-1866. Many children are given. See the database in the Vital Records section.
05 May 2016 Added 41 issues of the 1912 Fairbanks Daily News-Miner and Tanana Tribune to the In The News  section.
11 Apr 2016 Added the Alaska-Canada Dispute by Thomas Hodgins.
10 Mar 2016 Added a Change Detection box (upper right of this page).  Would you like to be notified when I add a page or pages?  Just fill in your email address and it'll go directly to Change Detection.  Nobody will see your register, not even me.
28 Feb 2016 Added 3 pages re: Merchant Marines in the Maritime section
16 Feb 2016 Added 33 issues of Volume 1 of the Fairbanks Daily Times.
28 Jan 2016 Added Volume 1 of Nome News, a total of 32 issues.
20 Nov 2015 Added Jan-Dec 1890 issues of The North Star newspaper to the In The News section.
12 Nov 2015 Added 44 issues of The Daily Alaskan newspaper.
14 Oct 2015 Uploaded the Anchorage Times Obituary Index, 1915-1965.  See In The News page.
03 Oct 2015 Broken links are repaired.  Because of search engine limitations, broke site in half - AlaskaWeb and its annex, AKWeb.  AKWeb will house projects that currently don't have names.  Check it out at <>.
25 Sep 2015 Repairing broken links.  This will probably take a week.  Please be patient.
22 Sep 2015 New section added, Dawson Y. T. Databases. 
17 Sep 2015 Added 30 issues of the 1907 Nome Pioneer Press.
26 Aug 2015 Added 16 issues of The Alaska Free-Press newspaper from Juneau, dates 1887 to 1888.
22 July 2015 Added a Placermining Claims Index.  See the Mining section in the Research Center for a 'new' link.
14 July 2015 Original design of index page was put back up, adding four links on top.
09 July 2015 Redesigned the index page, streamlining it.
01 July 2015 Added a new section, Aviation
29 June 2015 Added three new newspapers - The Esquimaux, the Yukon Press and the Aurora Borealis.
29 May 2015 Added 110 new obituaries.
27 May 2015 Opened a new section, Obituaries (newspaper) - 250 obits added
26 Apr 2015 Added a surname to the Register.
20 Mar 2015 Added a bio sketch for Arthur Nicholas
15 Mar 2015 Added an obituary for John Patrick Bunce; rearranged the miscellaneous section and created a vertical file; added to the vertical files are the Criminal Case Files Index, 1900-1955 and Bankruptcy Case Files Index, 1901-1952
14 Mar 2015 Added a new biographical sketch and a roster of the first Combat Intelligence Platoon of the Alaska Defense Command
07 Mar 2015 Added a mining accident database (1911-1936) and a report on the Alaska-Mexican Mine; added a surname to the Surname Register; added maritime news reports of the sinking of fishing vessels Brunvoll and Imperial
06 Mar 2015 Added a surname to the Surname Register
05 Mar 2015 Updated the census section and added an article to the military section (WWII)
04 Mar 2015 Updated six sections - see the Research page
23 Feb 2015 Broken links in the Letters from Alaska section are now repaired.
20 Feb 2015 Opened a new section, "Letters from Alaska," starting in 1888 and including letters from the family of Governor Bone, 1921-1925.
12 Feb 2015 Updated the Miscellaneous section.
09 Feb 2015 Made corrections to the FAQ section.
25 Jan 2015 Added a list of some Aleut deaths while in the internment camps.  See the Natives section.
23 Jan 2015 Opened a new section, "Immigration," with a database of Arrivals to Alaska, 1906-1956 - over 70,400 entries.
05 Jan 2015 Added the State Summary of World War II Casualties for Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard Personnel in the military section
04 Jan 2015 Added essay, "Aleut Internment During World War II," in both military and Alaska Native sections
10 Sep 2014 Repaired broken links and opened a new section on beginning genealogy
04 Sep 2014 Added 168 biographical sketches
21 Aug 2014 Added the 1886 Report of Education in Alaska by Sheldon Jackson with a description of Indian tribes
15 Aug 2014 Added five new yearbooks; and the 1883 Report of A Military Reconnaissance in Alaska by Frederick Schwatka which has a description of Indian tribes.
08 Aug 2014 Added two new sections - Religion and Yearbooks.  Added a list of mushers in the 1925 serum run in the Disease section.
01 Aug 2014 Added the 1870 List of Inhabitants for St. Paul; the 1870 Letter From the Secretary of War with a first-hand account of the bombardment of Wrangel; the 1870 letter from the Secretary of the Interior describing the condition of Wrangel prior to its bombardment; the 1875 Report of Affairs in Alaska with descriptions of the Indian tribes
18 July 2014 Added 60 community histories; 1st Bn/4th Infantry KIAs; Lest We Forget, Attu Memorial; opened a section on Disease
15 July 2014 Added a page on Alaska Native Naming Traditions in the Alaska Natives section.
11 July 2014 Opened a section on World War II on the military page and added 2 cemeteries on the cemetery page
08 July 2014 Added article, CSS Shenandoah: Civil War's Last Shots Were Fired in The Bering Sea
07 July 2014 Opened a section on Russian America
01 June 2014 In the process of fixing broken links
28 May 2014 Native Aleut List of Inhabitants for St. Paul Island, 1920-1929 added
16 May 2014 Added the list of interments for Jones Point Cemetery in Haines
15 May 2014 Added the 1870 census of Sitka, minus soldiers and Natives.
07 April 2014 Added 16,300+ World War I Draft Card names of those who registered in Alaska.  Also, repaired the WWI military personnel pages that had broken links.
02 Feb 2014 Reorganized the Native Alaska pages.  Add a list of Alaska Natives Employed in the Indian Agency Service.
31 Dec 2013 Added 367 Russian Orthodox marriages.  See the Vital Records page.
25 Oct 2013 Added seventeen issues of the Skaguay News to In The News.
07 Aug 2013 Added the 1900 Roster of Men, U.S. Army Troop Detachment Hospital, Camp at Port Valdez.
06 Aug 2013 Started Regimental Histories of Units Stationed in Alaska on the Military page.  Online now is the 24th Infantry Regiment history and the troop roster from Company L.
22 July 2013 Opened a Mining section.  Updated Maps, Cemeteries and In The News pages as a result of the new section. Slide Cemetery, begun as a result of the 1899 avalanche on Chilkoot Pass in Dyea is now online.  See the Research Center page.
01 May 2013 Added eleven issues of the Nome Gold Digger to In The News.
23 Apr 2013 Add transcribed newspapers section - See "In the News" on the Research page.
02 Mar 2012 Added nearly 500 obituaries and death notices from the Alaska Sportsman.  More to come...
27 Jan 2013 Added a page of recommended links
15 Jan 2013 Added a page to the Black Sheep project.  This is a start as support pages are next.
09 Dec 2012 Names on Alaska's Maritime Memorial in Juneau added to the Maritime section
01 Dec 2012 Princess Sophia passengers and crew on the day of 23 October 1918
28 Nov 2012 Alaska shipwrecks involving injury or casualty added to site
16 Nov 2012 Maritime section is opened
11 Nov 2012 Point Hope marriages from 1880-1935 are online on the Vital Records page.
01 Nov 2012 Alaskaobits is now launched.  Visit via the Obituaries from the Alaska Sportsman magazine link in the Research Center.
29 Oct 2012 Added Polk's 1923-24 Gazetteer & Directory (thanks to Katy Hestand)
29 Oct 2012 Added the number of service members per community in World War I
28 Oct 2012 Added Fairbanks Home Guard General Orders No. 1 and 4
26 Oct 2012 Extracts from some veteran's death records from World War I -- soldiers and 1 sailor
26 Oct 2012 Extracts from military personnel in World War I were added -- soldiers, sailors and marines.
03 Sep 2012 3 FAQ were answered and 2 look up volunteers were added.
01 Sep 2012 Four more Igloos were added today - Anchorage, Cordova, Fairbanks and Nome.  More to come....
31 Aug 2012 Added Pioneers of Alaska - 7 Igloos are now online with more to come
19 Aug 2012 Added to the Marriage Records, letters W, H, E, M, O; updated the Surnames page
18 Aug 2012 Gone for over a year, but I'm back.  Up for your review:  Alaska Searchlight (1894-1898) Index of Names
13 June 2011 Corrected broken links.  Added two national cemeteries - Sitka and Fort Richardson.
28 July 2010 Alaska's forts added to the military page.
28 June 2010 The city of Kaktovik added to the communities page.  The 1907 Lists of Inhabitants for St. George and St. Paul added to the census page.
14 June 2010 Letters H-Z of the Alaska Deaths Index is now online.  This completes the migration of the working deaths index over to alaskaweb.
09 June 2010 The Online Library is brought online.
08 June 2010 Records of Alaska Natives in Religious Archives added to the Alaska Natives section.  Thanks, Larry!
31 May 2010 The Military in Alaska section is now online, complete with a few pages.
26 May 2010 The Alaska Natives section is now online, complete with a few references.
14 May 2010 Removed drop down navigation and redesigned all main pages, installing new navigation; installed new Trails to the Past logo.  Navigation on all main pages appears at the bottom of each page.
23 Apr 2010 Welcome to the site for AlaskaWeb at