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1.  What is the largest (by weight) land mammal in the state of Alaska?  Be careful, most people guess wrong.

2.  What are the four basic colors seen in the Aurora Borealis?

3.  What is Alaska's most popular guessing game?

4.  How can anything as big and majestic as Mt. McKinley be hidden from view for three-fourths of the summer?

5.  Which of these three are not found in Alaska?  ice worms, penguins, polar bears?

6.  How many stars are on the Alaska flag?

7.  How can it be Saturday on Alaska's Little Diomede Island and Sunday on the Big Diomede Island just two and one half miles away?

8.  What are the two states that have less population than Alaska?

9.  How many ounces are in a pound of gold?

10. How many gallons constitute a barrel of oil flowing through the pipeline?

11. Do more earthquakes occur in Alaska or California?

12. Who can run faster, a brown bear or a horse?




1.  Bison (2000 lbs. -- Moose (1500 lbs.)  -- Brown bear (1400 lbs.) -- Polar bear (1400 lbs.)

2.  Green is the common color, with various shads of white, red, and blue mixed in to make the different hues of flickering streamers that are the Northern Lights.

3.  The Nenana Ice Classic.  You guess and bet on the day, hour and minute the Tanana River Ice goes out.

4.  Clouds.

5.  Penguins live in Antarctic.  If you see one in Alaska, it's a tourist just visiting.

6.  Eight gold stars on a field of blue.

7.  The International Date Line separates the two islands.

8.  Wyoming and Vermont.

9.  Twelve Troy ounces.

10. Forty-two gallons is the standard for a barel of oil.

11. Alaska.

12.  A brown bear can outrun a horse.  A charging brown bear can sprint up to 40 miles and hour for a short distance.




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