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The Gospel According To A Sourdough

1.  Thou shalt not wander through bear country with bacon breath, or with anyone who can run faster than you.

2.  Thou shalt not practice deep breathing while in the outhouse.

3.  Thou shalt not linger outside, half-naked, during mosquito season.

4.  Thou shalt not pan for gold in another man's sluice box.

5.  Thou shalt not try to take the antlers off a moose without his permission.

6.  Thou shalt not build a roaring fire inside your igloo.

7.  Thou shalt not swipe your neighbor's smoked salmon.

8.  Thou shalt not bite off more whale blubber than you can chew.

9.  Thou shalt not delay cutting firewood til you are shivering, and if you do, don't covet your neighbor's woodpile.

10. Thou shalt not neglect warm clothing to ward off frostbite.

11. Thou shalt not seek a bear hug from a grizzly bear.

12. Thou shalt not attempt to walk on water, unless it's frozen.




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