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Gold Rushes and Mining



Gold Rush Timeline

The Russian-American Period

Early Alaskan and Yukon Gold

Some Definitions Used in Gold Mining

The Klondike Gold Rush Begins
    Gold Madness
    To The Klondike
    Getting There
    Finally! Dawson and The Klondike

The Klondike Gold Fields by E. Leroy Pelletier

Map of Routes to the Klondike

Map of Chilkoot and White Passes

Map of the Klondike Gold Fields and Dawson

List of Provisions Required in the Klondike

Some Klondike Clothing

1897 Famine Threat

Avalanche! Special Bulletin
1898 Palm Sunday Avalanche
  Avalanche Victims
  Slide Cemetery in Dyea

1898 Map of the Alaska and Yukon Gold Fields

  King Solomon's Hill

A Journey To Dawson

The City of Gold: A Land of Living Hell 

Placermining Claims Index 

Prices in Dawson

Yukon Gold Fields

The Origin of the Gold

Why The Klondike Gold Rush Was So Intense

Some Whose Riches Were Not Made In The Mines

The Economics of the Klondike by Jack London

Impact of the Klondike Gold Rush

The Days of '98 Compared With the Days of '49

The Alaska-Mexican Mine 

Mining Accidents 1911-1936 






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