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Order of Battle
3-7 June 1942




Task Force 8
    RA Robert Alfred Theobald, USNA07

Task Group 8.6 Main Body
    RA Theobald


USS Indianapolis (CA-35) (F)       Capt. Edward W. Hanson, USN
USS Louisville (CA-28)                Capt. Elliot B. Nixon, USN
USS Nashville (CL-43)                 Capt. Francis S. Craven, USN
USS Honolulu (CL-48)                 Capt. Harold Dodd, USN
USS St. Louis (CL-49)                 Capt. George A. Rood, USN

Destroyer Division 11
    Cdr. Frederick Moosbrugger, USN

USS McCall (DD-400)                 Lt.Cdr. William S. Veeder, USN
USS Gridley (DD-380) (F)           Lt.Cdr. Fred R. Stickney, USN
USS Humphreys (DD-236)          Lt.Cdr. John K. Wells, USN
USS Gilmer (DD-233)                 Lt.Cdr. Herman O. Parrish, USN

Task Group 8.4 Destroyer Striking Group
    Cdr. Wyatt Craig, USN (ComDesDiv 6)

USS Case (DD-370) (F)               Cdr. Robert W. Bedilion, USN
USS Reid (DD-369)                     Cdr. Harold F. Pullen, USN
USS Sands (DD-243)                   Lt.Cdr. John T. Bowers, Jr., USN
USS King (DD-242)                     Lt.Cdr. Kenneth M. Gentry, USN
USS Kane (DD-235)                    Lt.Cdr. John J. Greytak, USN
USS Brooks (DD-232)                 Lt.Cdr. Charles T. Singleton, Jr., USN
USS Dent (DD-116)                    Lt.Cdr. Paul H. Tobelman, USN
USS Waters (DD-115)                 Lt.Cdr. Henry J. Armstrong, USN
USS Talbot (DD-114)                  Lt.Cdr. Edward A. McFall, USN

Task Group 8.2 Surface Search Group
    Capt. Ralph C. Parker, USNR [Kodiak]

Naval Air Stations
Dutch Harbor Naval Air Station     Cdr. William N. Updegraff, USN
Kodiak Naval Air Station              Cdr. John Perry, USN
Sitka Naval Air Station                Cdr. Jackson R. Tate, USN

Naval Ships

USS Charleston (PG-51)              Cdr. Gordon B. Sherwood, USN
USS Oriole (AM-7)                      Lt.Cdr. Mellish M. Lindsay, Jr., USN

Coast Guard Cutters

USCGC Haida (WPG-45)            Cdr. Norman H. Leslie, USCG [240’ class, 1,506 tons]
USCGC Onondaga (WPG-79)      Lt.Cdr. Stewart P. Mehlman, USCG [165’ class, 1,005 tons]
USCGC Cyane (WPC-105)          Lt.Cdr. Leslie B. Tollaksen, USCG [Argo class (165’) class]
USCGC Aurora (WPC-103)         Lt.(jg) Frank M. McCage, USCG [Argo class (165’) class]
USCGC Bonham                       Lt.(jg) William C. Gill, USCG [Active class (125’), 232 tons]

“Yippee Flotilla”
    Cdr. Charles E. Anderson, USNR [15 x YP boats]

Task Group 8.9 Tanker Group
    Capt. Houston L. Maples, USN

USS Sabine (AO-25)                 Capt. Maples
USS Brazos (AO-4)                   Cdr. Thomas J. Kelly, USN
SS Comet                                Irvin E. Larkin, master

Task Group 8.5 Submarine Group
    Cdr. Burton G. Lakes, USN

USS S-18 (SS-122)             Lt. James H. Newsome, USNA30 May, War Patrol 4, 51 days
USS S-23 (SS-128)             Lt. John Reeves Pierce, USNA23 May, War Patrol 2, 43 days
*USS S-27 (SS-132)           Lt. Herbert Lollis Jukes, USNA32 May, War Patrol 1, grounded & wrecked
USS S-28 (SS-133)             Lt. John Daniel Crowley, USN31 May, War Patrol 1, 40 days
USS S-34 (SS-139)             Lt.Cdr. Thomas Lincoln Wogan, USNA31 May, War Patrol 2, 29 days
USS S-35 (SS-140)             Lt. James E. Stevens, USNA30 May, War Patrol 2, 35 days


Task Group 8.1 Air Search Group
    Capt. Leslie Edward Gehres, USN (ComPatWing 4)

Navy Patrol Squadrons

VP-41         Lt.Cdr. Paul Foley, USN                  10 x PBY-5A [ASV]
VP-42         Lt.Cdr. James S. Russell, USN         10 x PBY-5A [ASV]


USS Casco (AVP-12)         Cdr. Theda S. Combs, USN Cold Bay, 4 x PBY-5As
USS Gillis (AVD-12)            Lt.Cdr. Norman F. Garton, USN Dutch Harbor, 12 PBY-5As
USS Williamson (AVD-2)    Lt.Cdr. Frederick N. Kivette, USN Sand Point, 4 x PBY-5As

Kodiak Naval Air Station

Detachment, 36th BS(H)/28th CG        2 x LB-30 [ASV] AL613, *AL622
                                                      1 x B-17E [ASV] *1-9084

Cape Field, Fort Glen, Otter Point, Umnak

Detachment 36th BS(H)/28th CG         Capt. Russell Cone, USA 1 x B-17B [ASV] 38-216 “Old Seventy”

Task Group 8.3 Air Striking Group
    BG William O. Butler, USA (CG, 11th Air Force)

Thornborough Field, Fort Randall, Cold Bay, Unimak

Detachment 11th FS                          12 x P-40E
Detachment 12th FS                            9 x P-40E
Detachment 73rd BS(M)/28th CG          6 x B-26A

Cape Field, Fort Glen, Otter Point, Umnak

11th FS (-)                                         Maj. John S. Chenault, USA         12 x P-40E
Detachment 77th BS(M)/28th CG Capt. Owen Meals, USA                          6 x B-26A

Kodiak Naval Air Station

12th FS (-)                                                                      17 x P-40E
Detachment 18th FS                                                           5 x P-36A
Detachment 42nd FS/54th FG                                              3 x P-39D
Detachment 36th BS(H)/28th CG                                          3 x B-18A

Elmendorf Field, Fort Richardson, Anchorage

Provisional Interceptor Command
    Lt.Col. Norman D. Sillin, USA
18th FS                                                                3 x P-36A
                                                                           2 x P-40E
54th FS/55th FG                                                   24 x P-38E
54th FG                  Col. Phineas K. Morrill, USA 1      5 x P-39D
42nd FS/54th FG  Maj. Wilbur G. Miller, USA
56th FS/54th FG   Capt. William P. Litton, USA
57th FS/54th FG   Capt. Ward W. Harker, USA
28th CG                 Lt.Col. William Olmstead Eareckson, USMA24
73rd BS(M)/28th CG Capt. Jack Donohew, USA         5 x B-26A
77th BS(M)/28th CG Maj. Robert O. Cork, USA          6 x B-26A
36th BS (H)/28th CG                                             9 x B-18A
                                                                          7 x B-17E [ASV] (arrived 3/6/42)


  • A bracketed numbers after an officer’s name indicates his "Flag Number" seniority rating per the 1 July 1942 list.
  • Asterisks indicate the men and ships lost in the battle.
  • For ships in TF 16, the notations [E] and [H] specify the ships allocated as escorts to Hornet and Enterprise.
  • A parenthetic notation after the number of aircraft in a unit indicates those that are operational. Note that certain PBYs were dedicated to search or strike functions. British ASV equipment had been installed in several Aleutian aircraft; some Midway-based PBys had it as well, though details are lacking.





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