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Combat Intelligence Platoon
Alaska Defense Command, 1941-1943

The roster of the Combat Intelligence Platoon of the Alaska Command, World War II, is derived from the personal records and memories of former members Ed Walker, George Bishop and Bob Garr, as well as Army payroll rosters for August and December 1943.

Under Colonel Lawrence Castner's instructions, the platoon below was recruited from Alaska Scouts -- trappers, hunting guides, commercial fishermen, miners, prospectors, Eskimos and Indians.  The platoon would become known as "Castner's Cutthroats."

Their assignment was to scout and head reconnaissance missions, particularly on the Japanese-occupied islands of Attu, Agattu, and Kiska, the Alaska Peninsula and the Bering Sea.  During the American recapture of Attu, Alaska Scouts led fighting units ashore, across rugged Attu and into battle.  The battle of Attu was considered one of the most costly American battles in the Pacific, ranking second only to Iwo Jima.



*Colonel Lawrence V. Castner *Captain Robert H. Thompson
*Lieutenant Colonel William J. Verbeck  Lieutenant Earl C. Acuff


*Daniel Wayne ("Red") Adney *Rex H. Langham
*Theron G. ("Glick") Anderson  George Lapp
 Joe Apodruk  Chadwick B. Leighton
*Daniel W. ("Eddie") Bagby  Albert L. Levorson
 William B. ("Sam") Bates *Harry D. Lyons
 Larry Beloff  Marvin M. Mancil
 Rhinehart M. Berg  James F. Maxwell
 Alfred A. ("Al") Brattain *Joe ("Trader Joe") Mello
*George ("Pop") Bishop *Frederick J. Miller
 Ralph B. Bonney  J. V. Nelson
*William H. ("Billy") Buck *Bernard O'Leary
 Donald W. Buck  Charles A. O'Leary
*John L. ("Jack") Bullock  Norton Olshausen
*Wilbur A. Church  Woodrow W. L. Page
 Raymond F. Conrad  Charles J. Pericone
 Leros E. ("Ross") Cook *Clyde K. Peters
 John J. Cornellison *Leonard ("The Quill") Peterson
*Willis ("Bad Whiskey Red") Cruder (KIA, Attu) *James F. ("Big Jim") Picken
*Andries A. Curtain  Simeon ("Aleut Pete") Pletnikoff
 Stanley J. ("Moosejaw") Dayo  James N. Radford
 Drafin ("Buck") Delkettie  Gerald Revard
 Hubert W. ("Dirty Dick") Dickinson  George E. Ruef
 Thomas J. Donavan  Joseph C. Rosenauer
*Truman ("Slim") Emberg  Thomas H. Sandford
 Woodrow W. ("Hank") Farrington *Martin Sather
*Elmo George ("Quicksilver") Fenn  William L. ("Diamond Jim") Seaton
 Daniel R. Ganske *Ernest C. Shupert
 Robert L. Garr *Dale D. Sims
*George R. Gray *Ivar Skarland
 Paul Gunderson *Donald Spaulding
 William R. Harvey *Jaccob A. ("Jake") Stalker
 Nels Hedlund *Leslie J. Storey
 John G. ("Jack") Heiman *Fuller S. ("Bucko") Thompson
 Kenton B. Hill *Joseph D. ("Indian Joe") Traversie
 Herbert V. Holmes  Pete Trefon
 Severt ("Big Jake") Jaobson  James F. Twohy, Jr.
*James C. ("Jimmy") Johnson *Arthur R. Upickson
 Sievert Johnson  Edgar M. ("Hiram") Walker
 Elmer L. Jones  William ("Billy") Westddahl
*Joseph D. ("Gentleman Joe") Kelly *Aden E. Winkelman
 Philip W. ("Doc") Kendrick  Morris D. ("Waterbucket Ben") Young
 Vincent J. Kerdook  




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