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World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

Wo - Wy


Name Birth Date Birthplace Registered At Notes
Alexis Benjamin Woche 25 Feb 1888 Kodiak, Alaska Seward  
William Woerner 14 Aug 1883   Anchorage Relative lives in Westchester County, New York
Horace A. Woessner 9 Aug 1896 Dawson, North Dakota Ketchikan  
Lee Woey 15 Jul 1885   Juneau  
Ole Woge 9 Jun 1891 Norway Ketchikan  
Alstrom Martin Nilsen Woie 20 Jul 1891 Lofotem, Norway Juneau  
Joe Woitek 24 Sep 1893 Balitch, Austria Anchorage  
Dan Wokway 10 Mar 1886   McCarthy Relative lives in Bailer, Herzegovina, Austria
Peter Wolarich 19 Jan 1887 Verbuik, Otokirk, Austria Sitka  
Carl Wold 22 Feb 1889 Bergen, Norway McCarthy  
Conrad Martin Wold 26 Dec 1892 Holland, Norway Nome  
Jans Wold 7 Mar 1889 Strovanda, Norway Anchorage  
Wilhelm Herman Wold 10 Jan 1892 Egersund, Norway Petersburg  
Einar Woldseth 4 Oct 1890 Vold, Norway Ketchikan  
Albert August Wolf 8 Apr 1880   Anchorage Relative lives in Antigo, Wisconsin
Benjamin Harrison Wolf 27 Jun 1889 Washington, Pennsylvania Nome  
John Wolf 3 Feb 1878   Ruby  
Ludwig Wolf 16 May 1887 Flensburg (Elensburg?), Germany Douglas  
Walter Maximilian Wolf 16 Feb 1881   Cordova Naturalized citizen.  Lives in Cordova, Alaska; a self-employed painter in Cordova; no relative given
Charles Henry Wolfe 21 Apr 1877   Eagle Mother, Mrs. Mary J. Hughes, lives in Ceres, Washington
George William Wolfe 26 Aug 1882   Cordova Relative lives in Miles City, Montana
Victor Wolfe 9 May 1893 Denver, Colorado Fairbanks  
Arthur Wolff 5 May 1898   McCarthy Citizen of Denmark
August Charles Wolff 27 Sep 1876   Fairbanks Mother, Mrs. August Wolff, lives in Seattle, Washington
Charles Wolff 2 Jun 1875   Anchorage Relative lives in  Cloud, Michigan
William Albert Wolfgram 19 May 1899   Skagway  
Nick Wolkoff 3 May 1894 Kodiak, Alaska Seward  
Peter Wolkoff 22 Jun 1896 Kodiak, Alaska Seward  
Anton Andreas Woll 21 Apr 1884   Petersburg Relative lives in Tacoma, Washington
Christ Woll 2 Mar 1881   Petersburg Relative lives in Tacoma, Washington
Sam Woll 17 Jun 1873   Nome Naturalized citizen.  Lives in Nome; is a prospector in Haycock, Alaska; relative, Jack Orom, lives in Nome (relationship not given)
Harry Wollum 16 Jan 1890 Taltan?, Norway Anchorage  
Olaf Wollum 20 Sep 1886 Christiansen, Norway Ketchikan  
John Wolsted 29 May 1887 Horstad, Trondinas, Norway Ketchikan  
Eric Wilhelm Wolstrom 27 Jul 1895 Helsingfjord, Finland, Russia Ketchikan  
Albert Wood 21 Sep 1897   Juneau  
Bert Lean Wood 15 Mar 1874   Cordova Wife lives in Harmon, Illinois
Bob Wood 20 May 1892 Mountain City, Tennessee Anchorage  
Charles Arnzon Wood 27 Jul 1877   Wrangell Daughter lives in Eugene, Oregon
Charlie Wood 1889   Nome Indian (Alaska Native).  Lives in Haycock, Alaska.  No other information on this card.
Edward Wood 29 May 1874   Valdez Relative lives in Rapid City, South Dakota
Elbert Harvey Wood 31 May 1884   Fairbanks Wife lives in Long Beach, California
Francis Judge Wood 28 May 1890 Plattsmouth, Nebraska Ketchikan  
Frank Pixley Wood 27 Jan 1892 Tombstone, Arizona Fairbanks  
Fred B. Wood 19 Aug 1882   Valdez Relative lives in San Jose, California
Guy Knox Woodard 22 Sep 1881   Anchorage  
Harry Tooruk Wood abt 1887 Kotzebue, Alaska Nome Eskimo.  Lives in Shungnak; works in mining; supports his mother; single
Henry Franklin Wood 14 Dec 1891 Fayetteville, ArkansasArkansas Fairbanks  
Ira Wood 15 Oct 1873   Petersburg  
Ira Farrington Wood 1 May 1876   Iditarod Relative lives in North Elba, New York
Jesse Hiram Wood 23 May 1895 Morton, Washington Ketchikan  
John Crockett Wood 20 Apr 1878   Fairbanks  
Richard Crowley Wood 15 Dec 1876   Fairbanks Mother, Martha Jane Wood, lives in San Francisco, California
Thomas Wood abt 1890 Kobuk Lake, Alaska Nome Indian (Alaska Native). 
Vern Wood 24 Oct 1878   Ketchikan  
Winfield Scott Hancock Wood 15 May 1882   Ketchikan  
Guy Knox Woodard 22 Sep 1881   Anchorage  
John Jacob Woodard 21 Sep 1888 Hanford, California Juneau  
Martin L. Woodard 30 Jul 1889 Harmon, Illinois Juneau  
Robert Martial Wooden 11 Oct 1874   Nome Citizen of Scotland
Christopher Woodhouse 12 Mar 1883   Anchorage Naturalized citizen.  Lives in Anchorage; is a surgical assistant with the Alaska Engineering Commission Hospital at Turnagain Arm, Co. 83, USRR; relative, Mary Elizabeth, lives at Co. 83, TA USRR (relationship not given)
Charles Edward Woodin 9 Oct 1893 Point Arena, California Ketchikan  
William A. Woodin 25 Dec 1879   McCarthy  
George Walter Woodruff 16 May 1878   Ketchikan  
Alfred Lyman Woods 2 Oct 1882   Tanana  
Eugene Peck Woods 27 May 1890 Bloomingsone, Texas Juneau Lives in Juneau; a chauffeur for the Nosha Road Commission in Juneau; spent four years in the U.S. Navy (no rank given)
George Woods 20 Mar 1888 Alaska Juneau Indian (Alaska Native).  Lives in Native Village, Juneau, Alaska; unemployed fisherman; wife, May
George Washington Woods 22 Feb 1876   Nenana  
James Ferguson Woods 4 Jul 1883   Juneau Mother, Mrs. N. J. Woods, lives in Cedar Rapids, Iowa
John Woods 24 Dec 1893 Inniskien, Monaghan, Ireland Fairbanks  
Lester C. Woody 31 Dec 1886 Crittenden County, Kentucky Cordova  
Edgar Riley Wooldridge 22 Apr 1894 Wescott, Nebraska Fairbanks  
John Edward Hugh Wooll 20 Dec 1875   Tanana Lives in Wiseman, Alaska; relative lives in London, England
Clayborn Ford Woolley 2 May 1879   Anchorage Relative lives in Garden Grove, California
Ray M. Woolsey 5 Apr 1891 Little Falls, Minnesota Cordova  
Russell Woolsey 5 Mar 1888 Gilson, Illinois Seward  
Harold S. Worcester 31 Jul 1891 Arvada, Colorado Juneau  
Howard Lamont Worcester 5 Apr 1879   Anchorage  
Robert M. Worcester 16 Nov 1891 Seattle, Washington Anchorage  
Tony Worklan 29 Jul 1898   Anchorage Citizen of Croatia, Austria
George Charles Worth 3 Aug 1890 Bremerton, Washington Fairbanks  
Robert Norman Worth 12 May 1893 Washington?  Trayceton, North Carolina? Anchorage  
William Elmer Worth 18 Apr 1891 Provincetown, Massachusetts Petersburg  
John Worthington 29 Jan 1888 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Sitka  
Richard Percy Worthington 11 Aug 1886   Wrangell Sister, Miss Rosalie Worthington, lives in Dublin, Ireland
Charles Edward Wortman 9 May 1895 Douglas, Alaska Douglas  
John Carl Wounsch 26 Aug 1890 Stromstad, Sweden Ketchikan  
Joe Woytek 24 Sep 1893 Austria Anchorage  
Peter Oscar Wranstedt 1 Jul 1879   Nenana Naturalized citizen.  Lives in Nenana, Alaska; is a longshoreman with the Alaskan Engineering Commission in Nenana; relative, Mrs. Marie Wranstedt, lives in Nenana (relationship not given)
Axel Wretling 4 Jan 1891 Sweden Anchorage  
Alfred Johnson Wright 28 Feb 1879 Sweden Cordova Sister, Mrs. A. R. Anderson, lives in Seattle, Washington
Arthur Francis Wright 29 Oct 1875   Nome Relative lives in Denver, Colorado
Clyde Bennett Wright 12 Dec 1887 Milo, Iowa Ketchikan  
Edward Alfred Wright 14 Apr 1876   Juneau  
Erwin Eugene Wright 29 May 1894 Tacoma, Washington Anchorage  
Floyd Emery Wright 15 May 1879   Wrangell Sister, Mrs. Lottie Thompson, lives in Richmond, Oregon
Fred Wright 13 Dec 1878   Anchorage Naturalized citizen.  Lives in Anchorage; is a self-employed cook in Anchorage; wife, Ida, lives in Anchorage
Lawrence Boynton Wright 13 Mar 1892 Chicago, Illinois Douglas  
Sam Johnson Wright 10 Feb 1889 St. Paul, Minnesota Iditarod  
Thomas Wright 15 Apr 1887 Wiipuri, Finland Ketchikan  
Thomas Bullock Wright 11 Aug 1890 Lake Weir, Florida Tanana  
Thomas Herbert Wright 20 Jun 1876   Fairbanks Father lives in Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Walter Wright 12 Jan 1877   Anchorage Mother, Fannie Wright, lives in Malcolm, Lancashire, England
William Chester Wright 24 Jul 1884   Skagway Relative lives in Retsil, Washington
William Leonard Wright 21 Sep 1888 Delta, Ontario, Canada Cordova  
Mike Wuich 2 Aug 1890 Nish, Serbia Anchorage  
Mike Wuis 12 Jan 1884 Austria Cordova  
Andrejs Wukichevich Nov 1881   Cordova Citizen of Montenegro
John Wukmira 1888 Vroveice?, Austria Anchorage  
Mike Wulich 2 Feb 1884   Valdez Father lives in Danilovgrad, Montenegro
Rade Wuno 11 Dec 1885   Anchorage Relative lives in Agram, Croatia,
Otto Wuorenpa 9 Oct 1883   Juneau Father lives in Turenki, Finland
Henry Wurgler 3 May 1881 Switzerland Fairbanks Cousin lives in Tacoma, Washington
Matt Wutanen Feb 1875 Finland Juneau Relative lives in Douglas, Alaska
Charles Harrison Wyatt 9 Oct 1889 S____ Bend, Missouri Cordova  
Josiah Minor Wyckoff 12 Apr 1883   Ketchikan  
Hubert A. Vanolen Wyer 14 Dec 1893 Brussels, Belgium Douglas  
Claud Wyland 9 Jul 1890 Myrtle Point, Oregon Juneau  
Frederick L. Wylie 1 Jan 1882   Juneau Father lives in Seattle, Washington
Robert Wylie 4 Feb 1979 Ireland Sitka Sister, Mrs. A. Higgins, lives in Seattle, Washington
Thomas Jefferson Wynne 2 Jan 1885   Cordova Fathe lives in San Jose, California




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