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World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918



Name Birth date Place of Birth Registered At Notes
William Cameron Quayle 19 Dec 1887 Isle of Man Nome  
Iver Quenboe 1 Oct 1880   Fairbanks Brother lives in Nenana, Alaska
Higinio Querada 11 Jan 1880   Petersburg Relative lives in Guadalajara, Mexico
Richard H. Queskey 23 Sep 1885   Nome Naturalized citizen
William Henry Quick 24 Oct 1973   Juneau Father lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan
Frank Layfette Quiett 5 Feb 1899   Tanana  
Edwin W. Quigley 8 Jul 1880   Nome  
James Joseph Quillan 17 Mar 1879 Lindsay, Canada Nome  
Ceamieon Abello Quimpo 28 Jan 1898   Ketchikan Father lives in Capias, Philippines
Arthur Quinn 8 Dec 1877   Valdez Mother, Mrs. Catharine Quinn, lives in Milford, Armagh, Ireland
Bernard Quinn 31 Oct 1882   Valdez  
Omar James Quinn 11 Jan 1882   Iditarod Relative lives in Anchorage, Alaska
Emelio Quintero 14 Jun 1877   Ketchikan Relative lives in Culiacan, Mexico
Thomas Henry Quirk 15 Aug 1876   Fairbanks  
Morris James Quirt 15 Mar 1895 Blaine, Washington Ketchikan  
William Quitsch 22 Mar 1884   Valdez Relative lives in Hitchcock, South Dakota





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