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World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918

Ch - Cl


Name Birth Date Birthplace Registered At Notes
Mike Chabitnoy 9 Apr 1895 Sand Point, Alaska Seward Lives in Kodiak, Alaska; employed in fishing for the Norton Fishing Company in Kodiak; single
William D'Arcy Chace 31 Oct 1873   Nome  
Alex Chacoff 16 Sep 1884 Russian Anchorage  
Horace B. Chaffee 25 May 1893 Waverly, New York Juneau  
Alphonse Chaffin 3 Mar 1879   Valdez Relative in Tavaux, France
Nick Chaleagos 20 Jun 1890 Caristos, Greece Cordova  
Oscar Fabian Challman 14 Dec 1883   Eagle Mother, Mrs. Augusta Challman, lives in Oskarshamn, Sweden
Harry Challstorp 7 Feb 1884 Sweden Anchorage Relative lives in Seattle, Washington
Erick Alfred Chalman 19 Nov 1880   Anchorage Relative lives in Wastanfors, Sweden
Clarence Aubham? Chamberlain 20 Aug 1884   Juneau  
Henry Myron Chamberlain 18 Sep 1889   Fairbanks Father lives in Valley Center, Kansas
John D. Chamberlain 26 May 1888 New York City, New York Anchorage  
Aubrey Lyle Chamberlin 29 Mar 1893 Portland, Oregon Ketchikan  
Elijah Chambers 23 Nov 1877   Anchorage Relative lives in Washburn, Wisconsin
Richard George Chambers 8 Sep 1885   Anchorage  
Walter L. Chandler 12 Jan 1875   Nome Relative lives in Wabash (Co.?), Indiana
John Chanquist 1 May 1892 Jom, Sweden Anchorage  
Samuel Robert Changaist 25 Apr 1875   McCarthy Relative lives in Woodbury County, Iowa
George Nicholas Chantes 25 Nov 1876   Anchorage Relative lives in Kalambobetas Island, Samoa
James Edward Chapados 10 Oct 1883   Sitka Citizen of Canada
Franklin H. Chapin 19 Aug 1889 China Anchorage Lentsing, China
George Albert Chapin 16 Oct 1879   Iditarod Relative lives in Seattle, Washington
Theodore Sheffield Chapin 25 Apr 1876   Anchorage  
Charles Brittington Chapman 2 Sep 1882   Ketchikan Cittizen of Canada
Ellis Walter Chapman 18 Oct 1893 Ozark, Illinois Cordova  
Frederick James Chapman 8 Feb 1878   Ketchikan Naturalized citizen.  Lives in Ketchikan, Alaska; self-employed laundry proprietor in Ketchikan; sister, Mrs. C. B. Chapman, lives in Ketchikan
Elicune Marie Chappot 23 Dec 1887 Liddes, Valais, Switzerland Nome  
Archie Albert Charawell 3 Apr 1886   Juneau Relative lives in Port Townsend, Washington
Louis Charcor 22 May 1887 Greece Anchorage  
Francisco Charez 1889 Mexico Seward  
David Charles 22 May 1893   Sitka Indian (Alaska Native).  Lives in Hoonah; employed as a fisherman by the Tee Harbor Packing Company in Tee Harbor; relative, Mrs. Anna B. Charles, lives in Hoonah (relationship not given)
George Charles 7 Aug 1891 Howkan, Alaska Ketchikan Indian (Alaska Native).  Lives in Hydaburg; an independent fisherman; single
Gilbert Charles 15 Aug 1899   Ketchikan Indian (Alaska Native).  Lives in Hydaburg; not employed; relative, Mrs. Sallie Charles, lives in Hydaburg (relationship not given
Harry Charles 15 Jun 1889   Sitka Indian (Alaska Native).  Lives in Hoonah; employed by Northwestern Fisheries, Dundas, Alaska, as a fisherman; cannot write, made his mark X on the card
Louis Charles 22 May 1887 Greece Anchorage  
James Walter Scott Charles 31 Jan 1876   Nome Relative lives in Detroit, Michigan
Louis Charles 22 May 1887 Greece Anchorage  
Powell Charles 14 Aug 1886 Howkan, Alaska Ketchikan Indian (Alaska Native).  Lives in Hydaburg; employed by the Southern Alaska Packing Company, Rose Inlet, as a fisherman; supports his wife and five children; 1/4 blood Native
Fred Harvey Charlesworth 10 Jul 1886   Petersburg Relative lives in Seattle, Washington
Sam Charley 1878   Fairbanks Indian (Alaska Native).  Lives 7-1/2 miles below Chena, Alaska; self-employed wood cutter at the Tanana River; wife is Annie Sam; lives with registrant
Andrew Charlie 1895 Alaska Juneau Indian (Alaska Native).  Lives in Killisnoo, Alsaka; unemployed fisherman; wife, Mrs. Mary Hanson, lives in Killisnoo
Solota Charlie 1883   Valdez Indian (Alaska Native).  Lives in Gulkana; no occupation given; relative, Dedda Charlie, lives in Gulkana (relationship not given)
Armand Verne Charpie 29 Aug 1881   Ruby Relative lives in bivilard, Switzerland
Alfred Joseph Charron 23 Dec 1872   Ruby Relative lives in St. Celiatin, Quebec, Canada
Hugh Maritan Charter 16 Mar 1878   Eagle Brother lives in Northport, Michigan
Felix Charton 25 Dec 1873   Ruby Relative lives in Guedon, Meuse, France
Royden D. Chase 28 Feb 1875   Anchorage  
William Henry Chase 19 Jan 1874   Cordova  
John Simon Chastek 4 Jan 1886   Petersburg  
William Arthur Chatland 22 Aug 1887 London, England Nome  
Leonard Chatman 17 Nov 1878   Fairbanks  
Peter Chatos 1896 Greece Anchorage  
Leon Chatriand 1 Oct 1886 Laytron, Valais, Switzerland Fairbanks  
Francisco Chavez 1889 Parrol, Mexico Seward  
Joce Encarnacion Chavez 15 Jun 1894 El Frisno, Mexico Ketchikan  
Frank Cheattum 20 May 1874   Anchorage Father lives in Tassville, Tennessee
Alexis Checkoyiak 4 Mar 1890 Nelson Island, Alaska St Michael Native (Alaska Native).  Lives in Stebbins, Alaska; employed as a laborer for the American Yukon Navigation Company at St. Michael; single
Andrew Checktisow 17 Oct 1886 Christenskoi, Russia Anchorage  
Steve W. Cheek 16 Nov 1880 Austria Anchorage Relative lives in Kellogg, Idaho
Pete Cheglo 1890 Catoice, Russia Anchorage  
Alex Chekoff 1893 Russia Anchorage  
Swan Chellstorp 30 Sep 1886 Gottenberg, Sweden Anchorage  
Peter Chelos 25 Apr 1893 Vayea Despeon, Greece Anchorage  
Thomas Chenard 23 Nov 1875   Juneau Citizen of Canada
Thomas Albert Chenard 2 Aug 1899   Juneau  
Attilio Chenet 13 Sep 1885   Ruby Relative lives in Billuno, Agoode, Italy
Frank Doyne Cheney 25 Oct 1876   Wrangell Father lives in Stellacoom, Washington
Victor Ivan Cheney 18 Jan 1891 Overton, Nebraska Ketchikan  
Altiles Chennet 13 Sep 1885   Ruby  
Harry Chenoff 20 Nov 1897   Nenana Citizen of Russia
Jim John Chepot 21 Sep 1880   Iditarod Relative lives in Atna, Kazan, russia
Tom Cherchesoff 15 Mar 1889 Russia Anchorage  
Vasily Cherchesoff 21 Mar 1874   Iditarod Relative lives in Darnf?, Koh, Russia
George Chernikoff 6 May 1875   Seward Indian (Alaska Native).  Lives in Kodiak (Ouzinkie); employed by O.L. Grimes in fishing; relative, Mrs. Agrifinia Chernikoff, lives in Ouzinkie; cannot write, made his mark X on the card
Stantcho Petroff Chernoeff 8 Nov 1874   Nenana Relative lives in Poppovo, Bulgaria
Peter J. Chernoff 29 Jun 1883 Sitka, Alaska Juneau  
Steve Chernoff 13 Feb 1885   Petersburg Relative lives in Sitka, Alaska
Timothy Chernoff 22 Feb 1895 Kodiak, Alaska Seward Indian (Alaska Native).  Lives in Kodiak; employed as a laborer with the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries in Afognak;  single; supports father, mother, sister; Caucasian/mixed blood
Alex Chernwoski 24 Mar 1892 Hrvodecka?, Austria, Horodenka McCarthy  
Milisav Cherovich 15 Aug 1891 Moraca, Montenegro Douglas  
Alfred Joseph Cherron 23 Dec 1872   Ruby  
Mike Chesky 15 Dec 1892 Russia Valdez  
Joseph Chesno Mar 1873 Russia Fairbanks Brother lives in Baltimore, Maryland
Freeman Chessey 4 Sep 1882   Anchorage Relative lives in Seboeis, Maine
Henry Jasper Chesson 19 Aug 1873   Nenana Citizen of Great Britain
Philip Roy Chesson 9 Nov 1895   Eagle Relative lives in Fair Oaks, California
Lee Ellsworth Chesterfield 23 Apr 1892 Lincoln, Nebraska Anchorage  
Bozo Chetkovich 23 Dec 1888 Lubotin, Montenegro Valdez  
Nikoli Marko Chetkovich 10 May 1885   Valdez  
Pero Marko Chetkovich 10 May 1876   Valdez Relative lives in Riiko, Montenegro
Joe Chew 26 Oct 1891 Canton Sing Woy, China Ketchikan  
Satirios Chiamis 8 May 1895 Theras, Greece Anchorage  
Enrico Chiarani 18 Aug 1879   Fairbanks Relative lives in Drena, Austria
William Chichenoff 17 Dec 1890 Yagnak (Yakutat?), Alaska Seward  
Nick Chigaras Feb 1888 Efpalian, Greece Anchorage  
John Chikovich 24 Oct 1874 Austria McCarthy Relative lives in Mountain View, California
George Childs 14 May 1886   Juneau Father lives in Memphis, Tennessee
William James Childs 28 Nov 1879   Juneau Wife lives in Seattle, Washington
John Chileagos 15 Jan 1888 Caristos, Greece Cordova  
Nick Chilogos 20 Jun 1890 Caristos, Greece Cordova  
Antonio Chimento 13 Jun 1880   Anchorage  
Harry K. Ching 19 Nov 1891 Honolulu, Hawaii Ketchikan  
Richard David Chinnah 8 Jun 1885 Canada Eagle Indian (Alaska Native).  Lives at Fort Yukon, Alaska; citizen of Canada; a trapper; relative, Elisibeth Chinnah, lives  in North Bend, British Columbia, Canada (relationship not given)
Joe Chinugh 15 Mar 1879   Fairbanks Citizen of Austria
Antonio Chiolerio 27 Feb 1886   Anchorage Relative lives in Valprat_, Italy
Samuel Chirich 15 Feb 1893 Nrvich?, Montenegro, Serbia Anchorage  
Pete Chirovich 14 Aug 1883   Sitka Relative lives in Trebinje, Herzegovina
Albert Sam Chisel 20 Dec 1886 Antigo, Wisconsin Haines  
Alexander Chisholm 31 Aug 1887 Sunnybrae, Nova Scotia, Canada Seward  
Alexander Buchan Chisholm 21 Jul 1881 England Douglas Relative lives in Academy, California
Mike chiskey 15 Dec 1892 Grodna, Russia Valdez  
Harrison Hatfield Chittenden 10 Oct 1891 Vacaville, California Fairbanks  
Fred Chivenkoff   Magono, Russia Nenana  
Chester Chivik   Kevlina, Alaska Nome Esquimo.  Lives in Kivilina; employed in deer herding with the U.S. Bureau of Education in Kivilina; supports a wife and two children
Pietro Stefano Chivilo 18 Oct 1885   Ruby Relative lives in San Georges, Della Rosa, Italy
Wen Choon Choi 25 Mar 1884   Sitka Relative lives in foon Son, Korea
Lee Choonel 15 Sep 1873   Ketchikan Relative lives in Korea
Adolph Choquette 8 Oct 1879   Wrangell Sister, Mrs. G. C. Clark, lives in Ketchikan, Alaska
Cyril Alexander Choquette 27 Oct 1898   Wrangell  
Frederick Miller Choquette 2 Apr 1895 Wrangell, Alaska Wrangell  
Chris Manthan Choutouras 14 Nov 1887 Aranova, Greece Anchorage  
John Ezra Chovin 11 Mar 1874   Anchorage Wife lives in Seattle, Washington
Nick H. Chrisanth 11 Jan 1893 Ke_p__, Greece Valdez  
David Henry Chrisie 3 Sep 1888 Nevada City, California Douglas  
Steve Christ 5 Jan 1881   Anchorage Citizen of Bulgaria
John Christell 21 Aug 1888 Miola Dipine, Tirol, Austria Anchorage  
Paul Christen 11 Aug 1888 Switzerland Tanana  
Guy Douglas Christian 8 Sep 1880   Juneau  
Andrew Christensen 1 Jun 1879   Anchorage  
Anton Christiansen 24 Jan 1887 Christiana, Norway Seward  
Anton C. Christiansen 25 Jun 1895 Denmark Anchorage  
Anton Carl Christensen 25 Jun 1895 Aalborg, Denmark Anchorage  
Carl Christensen 24 Jun 1883   Juneau Sister, Mrs. Anna Burns, lives in Los Angeles, California
Christ Christensen 24 Apr 1880   Petersburg Relative lives in Dale Soendfjord, Norway
Christ Edward Christiansen 12 Mar 1886   Ketchikan Brother lives in Kragero, Norway
Christian Neilsen Christensen 29 Oct 1883   Fairbanks Brother lives in Egan, South Dakota
Edward Sigard Christensen 27 Apr 1887 Drammen, Norway Anchorage  
George Christiansen 21 Apr 1890 Bronno, Norway Ketchikan  
Hans Brodahl Christensen 23 Jun 1890   Iditarod Relative lives in Tonsberg, Norway
Henry L. Christensen 18 Apr 1889 Manti City, Utah Juneau  
Herman Frank Christiansen 25 Dec 1896 Stafford, Oregon Ketchikan  
John Albert Christenson 15 Mar 1889 Gore, New Zealand Cordova  
John Emil Christensen 22 Apr 1881   Juneau Relative lives in Lawrence, Washington
John Sekam Christenson 14 Jul 1882   Nome Relative lives in Copenhagen, Denmark
Laurids Christensen 16 Jul 1888 Abling, Denmark Anchorage  
Ludwig Christiansen Dec 1873   Valdez Naturalized citizen.  Lives in Latouche, Alaska; employed as a blacksmith by the Prince William Sound Copper Company in Latouche; no relation listed
Niels Christian Christensen 16 Feb 1895 Flio, Denmark Ketchikan  
Oscar Alfred Christensen 25 May 1885   Seward Relative lives in Marysville, Washington
Paul Fred Christensen 9 Jul 1888 Gohtenborg, Sweden Seward  
William David Christenson 6 Mar 1894 Vikso, Denmark Seward  
William Syford Christiensen 19 Aug 1879   Fairbanks  
Charles Christianson 20 Aug 1877   Nenana  
Gustaf Christenson 13 Oct 1895 Sweden Ketchikan  
Hans Christian Christianson 17 Oct 1872   Cordova Brother lives in Durham, Wyoming
John Christianson 22 Aug 1878 Norway Cordova Brother lives in Milan, Washington
Patrick Christenson 16 Apr 1893 Houf, Sweden Ketchikan  
Paul Fred Christenson 9 Jul 1888 Gohtenborg, Sweden Seward  
Petr Christianson 20 Mar 1887 Bergen, Norway Cordova  
George Christie 27 Sep 1898   Anchorage  
James Christie 3 Jan 1873   Douglas Relative lives in San Francisco, California
William Christie 1 Jun 1885   Anchorage  
Walker Harold Christmas 26 Jun 1874   Anchorage Mother, Mrs. Sarah Christmas, lives in Boonville, Indiana
Nickolas Christodoulou 27 Feb 1893 Ikertahron?, Greece Anchorage  
James Christoe 3 Jan 1873   Douglas  
David Henry Christoe 3 Sep 1888 California Douglas  
John Christoferson 23 Jan 1888 Mo Hilgeland, Norway Douglas  
Tony Christoff 1880   Cordova Citizen of Bulgaria
George Jan Christoforos Jul 1890 Perers, Greece Anchorage  
Frederick Albert Christopher 4 Mar 1874 Norway Ketchikan Relative lives in San Francisco, California
Lewis (Louis) Christopher 9 Aug 1888 Fruitport, Michigan Nome  
Louis Christopherson 24 Sep 1890 Trondheim, Rissen, Norway Anchorage  
Nels Christopherson 26 Jan 1875   Eagle Wife lives in Dawson, Yukon Territory, Canada
Joe Chrnugh 15 Mar 1879   Fairbanks  
Steve W. Chuck 16 Nov 1880   Anchorage  
George Chudolar 3 Dec 1887 Memel, Prussia, Germany Cordova  
Spiridon Paul Chulik 25 Dec 1892 Kodiak, Alaska Juneau  
Yee Wing Chung 20 Sep 1887 Canton, China Ruby  
Albert Church 22 Sep 1879   Anchorage Father lives in San Juan County, Washington
Michael Peter Church 28 Mar 1896   Sitka Indian (Alaska Native).  Lives in Sitka, Alaska; employed as a fisherman by the Deep Sea Salmon Company in Chicagof; wife, Jennie Church, lives in Sitka
Mike Church 20 Jun 1879   Anchorage Citizen of Austria
Tom Church 24 Sep 1894 Cernabar, Serbia Anchorage  
David Churchill 16 Sep 1895 Alaska Ketchikan  
Frank Churchill 7 Feb 1891 Douglas, Alaska Wrangell  
Marion Melver Churchill 9 Dec 1874   Ketchikan  
Roy Churchill 2 Jun 1893 Wrangell, Alaska Wrangell  
Mike Churich 20 Jun 1879   Anchorage Citizen of Austrias
Ferdinando Ciaccia 11 Apr 1893 Somdoli, Italy Anchorage  
Carmine Ciarvarella 8 Sep 1890 St. Marco, Lamis, Italy Anchorage  
Santi Cicato 16 Dec 1894 Vector Traviss, Italy Anchorage  
Nickolas Begdov Cicovich 19 Dec 1890 Serbia Anchorage  
George B. Cicovich 25 Feb 1894 Morin, Austria Anchorage  
John Joseph Cignetti 18 May 1873   Fairbanks Brother lives in Strombeno, Italy
Giulio Cimo 2 Oct 1882   Anchorage Citizen of Italy
Stanley Joseph Ciszek 25 Apr 1888 Wojnilou, Kalusz, Austria Valdez  
Martin Joseph Claich 24 Sep 1873   Fairbanks Brother lives in Conavla, Dalmatia, Austria
Charles Ignatius Clair 23 Apr 1883 Germany Fairbanks Relative lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Nels Clarbarg 18 Nov 1875   Juneau Relative lives in Seattle, Washington
Alfred McKenna Clare 29 May 1875   Juneau Naturalized citizen.  Lives in Juneau; employed as a foreman with the J. H. Long Packing Company in Juneau; wife, Dora May Clare, lives in Juneau
Donato Clarito 22 Dec 1893 Cebu, Philippines Juneau  
Charles A. Clark 21 Sep 1888 DuBois, Pennsylvania Ketchikan  
Charles F. Clark 20 Jan 1892 Eureka, California Anchorage  
Edwin Percy Clark 13 Dec 1884   Wrangell  
Fred Ellis Clark 2 Dec 1882   Tanana  
Geo Mc Farlane Clark 11 Nov 1888 Balloch, Dumbarton, Scotland Ruby  
Harry Clark 11 Jun 1890 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Juneau  
Herbert Hunt Clark 13 Sep 1875   Seward  
Ivan Clark 12 Feb 1888 Hardin County, Ohio Anchorage  
Jacob W. Clark 1894   Juneau Indian (Alaska Native).  Lives in Juneau; rather deaf; employed as a fisherman by the Tenakee Fisheries Company in Tenakee; wife, Mrs. Louisa Clark, lives at the Sitka School in Sitka, Alaska
Jay Dudley Clark 22 Dec 1884   Petersburg Relative lives in Seattle, Washington
Jimmie Clark 1875 Alaska Juneau Indian (Alaska Native).  Lives in Indian Village, Juneau; self-employed as a boat builder and fisherman in Juneau; wife, Mrs. Jinnie Clark, lives in Indian Village
John Albert Clark 24 Apr 1876   Fairbanks Relative lives in San Antonio, Texas
John Lawrence Clark 4 Jul 1882   Nenana  
Joseph Elmer Clark 7 Sep 1876   Fairbanks  
Robert Clark 15 May 1896 Selawik, Alaska Nome Eskimo.  Lives in Candle Alaska; father born in Buckland, Alaska; employed by the Foss Boat House Company in Tacoma, Washington; relative, Susie Clark, lives in Kwewalik, Alaska
Sidney Wilmot Clark 31 Jan 1892 Sitka, Alaska Ketchikan  
Walter Franklin Clark 26 Aug 1876   Anchorage Mother, Mrs. Mary E. Clark, lives in Springfield, Ohio
William H. Clark 14 Aug 1892 Perishville, New York Juneau  
Earl Maxfield Clarke 24 Jan 1892 Wynot, Nebraska Nenana  
Edward Inglis Clarke 14 May 1888 Birkenhead, England McCarthy  
Harry Arthur Clarke 12 Jan 1874   Ruby Naturalized citizen.  Lives in Ruby; is a hotel proprietor; wife, Mary Williams Clarke, lives in Ruby
James Christopher Clarke 21 Nov 1894 Staten Island, New York Cordova  
James William Clarke 19 Sep 1893 Denver, Colorado Ketchikan  
John Stanley Clarke 25 Oct 1891 Ipswich, England Ketchikan  
Albert Clarno 16 Jan 1876   Nenana Relative lives in Coupeville, Washington
Elbert Virgil Clary 27 Dec 1889 Nevada, Missouri Ketchikan  
William Clary 25 Sep 1891 Athens, Oregon Wrangell  
Rudolph Clatich 18 Apr 1895 Klenorscate, Austria Juneau  
Charles Albert Claussen 14 Sep 1884   Fairbanks  
Chris Clausen 13 Dec 1876   Nenana Naturalized citizen.  Lives in Nenana; employed as a saw setter with the Alaskan Engineering Company in Nenana; relative, Mrs. Anna Clausen, lives in Nenana (relationship not given)
Christian Clausen 17 Mar 1887 Vevestad, Norway Anchorage  
Edgar Clausen 23 Dec 1883   Fairbanks  
Emil Christian Clausen 10 Apr 1877   Fairbanks Brother lives in Breacker, Schles-Holstein
John Clauson 6 Apr 1876 Norway Juneau Sister, Mrs. J. M. Thorning, lives in East Stanwood, Washington
Victor Carlyle Clauson 31 May 1887 Forest City, Iowa Juneau  
Charles Albert Claussen 14 Sep 1884   Fairbanks Sister, Mrs. Clara L. Dumfries, lives in Chesterfield, Illinois
Gus Claussen 13 Aug 1875   Anchorage Citizen of Germany
Peter Frederick Claveau 16 Feb 1879 Yreka, California Cordova  
Andres Claver 30 Nov 1890 Escarilla, Spain Juneau  
Walter George Clayton 2 May 1873   Haines Brother lives in Grand Forks, British Columbia, Canada
Benjamin Cleary 25 Feb 1875   Fairbanks Brother lives in San Diego, California
Francis Joseph Cleary 4 Sep 1879   Nenana Relative lives in Seattle, Washington
Grover Cleary 4 Mar 1894 Mount Vernon, Washington Sitka  
Andres Cleaver 30 Nov 1890 Spain Juneau  
John Clecak 14 Jun 1887 Ragusa, Dalmatia, Austria Skagway  
Cecil Hunter Clegg 9 Jun 1873   Fairbanks Naturalized citizen.  Lives in Fairbanks, Alaska; self-employed as a lawyer; wife, Mrs. Jessie M. Clegg, lives in Fairbanks
Oscar Clemenson 11 Sep 1886 Karlshamm, Sweden Anchorage  
Clemens Jacob Clemensson 14 Jun 1877   Ketchikan Naturalized citizen.  Lives in Ketchikan, Alaska; is a self-employed concrete worker; wife, Johana, lives in Ketchikan
Thomas Clemensson 25 Nov 1874   Ketchikan Citizen of Ireland
Job Clement May 1896 Bedford City, Virginia Ketchikan Black (Negro).  Lives in Ketchikan; employed as a laborer; single
Fred C. Clements 7 Aug 1895 Kingston, Washington Juneau  
Nels Clemmetsen 19 May 1875   McCarthy  
Basil Clemons 22 Jul 1887 Green Hill, Alabama Ruby  
John D Cleondis 4 Feb 1896 Liros, taly Anchorage  
Victor Clese 19 Jan 1892 Eruzen, Rhine, Germany Valdez  
Charlie Cleveland     Nome Indian (Alaska Native).
George Earl Cleveland 16 Dec 1892 Colebrook, New Hampshire Juneau  
Howard Cleveland 6 Feb 1894 Colebrook, New Hampshire Juneau  
Lloyd Francis Cleveland 3 Jul 1891 Langford?, Kansas Ketchikan  
Robert Cleveland Nassuk abt 1888 Alaska Nome Indian (Alaska Native).  Lives in Shungnak; self-employed as a trapper; supports his wife and three children; one forefinger partly stiff
Benjamin Clifford 29 Mar 1893 Bristol, England Ketchikan  
Elmer Leo Clifford 21 Mar 1887 Rich Hill,  Missouri Iditarod  
James Climis 27 Jun 1877   Tanana Lives in Rampart, Alaska
Albert Clinkinbeard 26 Jan 1882   Wrangell Father lives in Dellvale, Kansas
John Olelin Clippen 4 May 1877 Belgium St Michael Relative lives in Tacoma, Washington
Mike Clipper 12 Jan 1885   Ketchikan Citizen of Austria
Antonio Cloccelce 17 Jan 1894 San Marco, Benevento, Italy Fairbanks  
James Bowman Clock 7 Sep 1875   Valdez Brother lives in Marysville, Washington
Thomas W. Cloninger 8 Jul 1876   McCarthy  
Archie Alexander Cloninger 25 Jun 1888 Scappoose, Oregon Cordova  
Gifford Howard Close 6 Feb 1885   Ketchikan  
John Clarence Close 11 Nov 1895 Olympia, Washington Ketchikan  
John Clarence Close 11 Nov 1895 Olympia, Washington Ketchikan  
Victor Close 19 Jan 1892 Eruzen, Rhine, Germany Valdez  
Thomas Walter Cloudman 8 Sep 1892 near mouth of Copper River, Alaska Valdez Indian (Alaska Native).  Lives in Ellamar, Alaska; self-employed in fishing in Prince William Sound; supports his wife and two children; half blood native
Charles Lester Cloudy 3 Aug 1899   Ketchikan  
Francis Anthony Cloudy 19 Dec 1874   Ketchikan Relative lives in Startup, Washington
George M. Cloudy 20 Nov 1886 Kent, Washington Juneau  
Wallace Cliford Cloudy 26 Nov 1900   Ketchikan Relative lives in Startup, Washington
George Frederick Clouse 16 Sep 1881   Cordova Sister, Mrs. A. D. Sias, lives in Tacoma, Washington
Samuel Clow 7 Oct 1879   Nenana Naturalized citizen.  Lives in Hot Springs, Alaska; self-employed as a prospector in Hot Springs; "no knowledge of any relative living"



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