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Officers of U.S. Revenue Cutter Richard Rush
during the Spanish American War


U.S.R.C. Richard Rush, a.k.a. Rush, was built by Atlantic Works, East Boston, Massachusetts.  She was launched on March 14, 1873 and commissioned on July 21, 1874, The vessel carried 40 crewman and three guns in her battery.


Rush served with the Pacific Squadron protecting vessels traveling between San Francisco and the Klondike gold fields during the Spanish American War.

List of officers of  U.S.R.C. Richard Rush during the Spanish American War:

Captain W. H. Roberts, commanding
First Lieutenant James Louis Sill, executive
Second Lieutenant Aaron Lichtenberg Gamble, navigator
Third Lieutenant L. T. Cutter
Third Lieutenant Eben Barker
Chief Engineer David McFrench
Second Assistant Engineer W. L. Maxwell
Second Assistant Engineer Waller Taylor
Surgeon Robert McAdory