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U.S.S. Jamestown Warship and Her Personnel, 1880 and 1881


The Jamestown sloop of war was present during the hoisting of the U.S. flag over Sitka on October 18, 1867, which turned the new territory over to the United States following its purchase from Russia. A fire destroyed the USS Jamestown on January 3, 1913.


  1880 1881
Commander Lester A. Beardslee Henry Glass
Lieutenant-Commander Charles H. Rockwell Charles H. Rockwell
Lieutenants F. M. Symonds; E. P. McClellan F. M. Symonds and E. P. McClellan
Masters G. C. Hanus and Frank Guertin G. C. Hanus and Frank Guertin
Ensigns J. O. Nicholson; N. R. Usher; E. M. Katz; James C. Gillmore; Henry Minett J. O. Nicholson; N. R. Usher; J. C. Gilmore; H. Minett
Midshipman   --- Selim E. Woodworth
Passed Assistant Surgeon N. McPherebee N. McP. Ferebee, and David 0, Lewis
Passed Assistant Paymaster James A. King James A. Ring
First Lieutenant of Marines H. G. Ellsworth  ---
Second Lieutenant of Marines   --- G.R. Benson
Boatswain Peter H. Smith Peter H. Smith
Gunner Charles Stuart Charles Stuart
Carpenter Luther L. Martin Luther L. Martin
Sailmaker Thomas O. Fassett Thomas O. Fassett