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Roster of Men

Detachment Company L, 24th Infantry stationed at Fort Wrangel, Alaska

Southern District 4, enumerated 7-9 April 1900

Detachment Commander: 1st Lieutenant Isaac C. Jenks*


Washington, James Acting 1st Sergeant Acting 1st Sergeant 36 W Warrenton, VA May 1862 Alabama
Hanson, William Sergeant Sergeant 48 B Bloomington, IN Aug 1851 Kentucky
Hayes, Allen Sergeant Sergeant 37 B Earlington, KY Oct 1862 Cherokee Co, NC
McGee, Allen Corporal Corporal 39 B Franklinville, NC Nov 1860 North Carolina
Cotton or Collon, Robert R. Corporal Corporal 38 B Michellsburg, KY May 1861 Boyle Co, KY
McClinton, Willis Corporal Corporal 26 B Little Rock, AR June 1873 Russell Co, AL
Payne, George M Corporal Corporal 27 B Good Hope P.O., DC Oct 1872 Washington, DC
Nash, Joseph A. Musician Musician 29 B Richmond, VA Feb 1871 London, OH

Altmann, Webster Private Soldier 23 B New York City,  NY Mar 1877 Coney Island, New York
Andrews, Harry Private Soldier 30 B Philadelphia, PA Jan 1870 Philadelphia, PA
Bracy, George Private Soldier 22 B Jacksonville, FL Feb 1878 Jacksonville, FL
Caughman, David Private Soldier 21 B Columbia, SC Feb 1879 Columbia, SC
Daily, William Private Soldier 31 B Columbia, SC July 1868 Sumter, SC
Davis, Reid W. Private Soldier 22 B St. Augustine, FL Feb 1878 St. Augustin, FL
Fletcher, Charley Private Soldier 38 B Richmond Co. NC Mar 1862 Richmond CO. NC
Green, Benjamin Private Soldier 24 B Dayton, OH Aug 1875 Piqua, OH
Howard, William Private Soldier 27 B Philadelphia, PA May 1873 Greencastle, PA
Jennings, William Private Soldier 32 B Princeton, NJ May 1868 Somerset Co, NJ
Jones, Thomas J. Private Soldier 20 B Nashville, TN Oct 1879 Tennessee
Jordan, Harry V. Private Soldier 32 B Boston, MA Dec 1867 Virginia
Knox, Elijah H. Private Soldier 28 B New Bedford, MA June 1871 New Bedford, MA
Mack, Thomas Private Soldier 27 B Franklin, VA Feb 1873 Franklin Co, VA
Martin, Henry C. Private Soldier 20 B Mobile, AL Aug 1879 Mobile, AL
McIntire, David Private Soldier 19 B Benicia Barracks, CA Jan 1881 Masschusetts
Merritt, Edgar Private Soldier 21 B Evansville, IN Jan 1879 Hopkinsville, KY
Morton, Thomas Private Soldier 32 B Burbon Co, KY May 1868 Burbon Co, KY
Pate, William Private Soldier 21 B Worchester, MA May 1879 New Berm, NC
Pon, Jacob A. Cook/Private Soldier 26 B Orangeburg, SC

Aug 1873

Orangeburg, SC
Rudisell, William Private Soldier 20 B Mobile, AL Oct 1879 Williamtown? TN?
Simmons, Esau Private Soldier 22 B Indianapolis, IN Apr 1878 Dugan Co. NC
Slone, Leroy H. Private Soldier 25 B Chillicothe, OH Apr 1875 Clinton, OH
Swanson, Eugene Private Soldier 31 B Chicago, IL Dec 1868 Chicago, IL
Taylor, John Private Soldier 21 B Macon, GA Jan 1879 Macon, GA
Williams, Herbert Private Soldier 20 B Columbus, OH July 1879 Columbus, OH


* 1LT Jenks was from Massachusetts; age 33, white, born February, 1867.  He had been with the regiment since 1892 and in Alaska since May, 1899.