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Following is a list of some early Alaska photographers. This list is compiled from the 1901 directory of businesses and from local histories. As the photos database builds, more photographer's names will come from the orphan photos which have been submitted, and from submitters’ own family photographs.  Some dates will also be obtained by the style of dress and/or any date listed on the photograph.  The purpose of the index is to help others date photographs they own.

You can help add to this index. Just send a list of the Alaska photographers (along with their location) which appear on your old family photographs. If you can give an approximate date for when the photo was taken, this will provide a time frame for the photographer at a given location.

Send your list of photographers to me. Please insure Alaska Photographers is in the subject line.


If a photographer's name is emboldened, that means there is additional information.  Just click on the name.

Photographer Name Location Approximate Era