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This section is a work in progress.  It is a database of Alaska marriages collected from a variety of sources including birth, marriage, and death records, obituaries, queries, Bible records,  genealogies, family group sheets, online databases, pedigree charts, family history articles, letters, wills, biographies, and manuscript genealogies.

No guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of the records in this database, and therefore should be accepted as a secondary source.  This data should used to record possible marriage dates and names.  These records may contain errors or misreported data, and users of the indexes may discover misspelled names, incorrect dates, or missing data. Again, this index should be considered only an aid in locating names and the records upon which they are based. 

Researchers finding helpful data in this index should next visit census and other vital records to find clues to additional details.  Additionally, you are always urged to seek the original court entry for confirmation of the data. 

Corrections can be made to this database simply by contacting me.

If you would like to submit your Alaska family marriages for any time period BEFORE 1950, please email them here. The format that is used in the database is - Full Name, Spouse, Place of Marriage, and Date of Marriage. I will use your email as a reference for other researchers to contact you.

You can enter your Alaska marriages into the database by using the form provided or sending me an email. Remember, this work is an index only and should help you search for the original record.  

For the convenience of those visitors with older machines, I have broken the database down into individual pages by letter.

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Getting Conflicting Marriage Date Information?
This may be why...

The Alaska Citizen
Fairbanks, Alaska
Monday Morning, March 30, 1914

Many Alaska Marriages Believed to be Illegal

Misunderstanding of Law is Blamed for Failure of People to Wait a Year After Being Divorced Before Remarrying, as Required by Law --
Supreme Court Decision Quoted.

That illegal marriages abound in Alaska, as a result of a general misunderstanding of the divorce laws of the Territory, is the opinion of some of the best informed attorneys of Fairbanks, and to prove this condition, the law and a supreme court decision are quoted.

According to the strict interpretation of the law, no divorced person can legally be married to any other person than the one from whom the divorce was obtained within the period allowed by law for an appeal in the case, and that period is one year.

The law in this regard is one of the Oregon laws which were made applicable to Alaska by an act of congress, and a supreme court decision of Oregon holds that a divorce under the provisions of that law is not effective until after the period of possible appeal has expired. Thus it is held that a divorced person, if married within a year after the decree is granted is subject to legal prosecution on a charge of polygamy.

Another cause for illegal marriages in Alaska, as well as in some other places, is the way ex-ministers, who have no longer a legal right to perform marriage services, are called upon to conduct marriage ceremonies.

People who have found themselves to be illegally married can easily correct the mistake by having a new ceremony performed following the expiration of the time that is necessary to make the marriage legal.  (more...)