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Arctander, John William Apostle of Alaska : the story of William Duncan of Metlahkatla The story of the missionary who served as a teacher and spiritual guide for the Natives of the Alaska Territory.   In HTML. ---
Barsukov, Ivan P. Life and Work of Innocent, Archbishop of Kamchatka, the Kuriles and the Aleutian Islands The story of John Veniaminov, Russian Orthodox missionary who was the first priest at Unalaska, the first Orthodox bishop in Alaska, head of the Orthodox Church of Russia, and later canonized a saint St. Innocent. 2.06 MB
Chapman, John W. & Pliny E. Goddard Ten'a Texts and Tales from Anvik, Alaska Athabaskan stories recorded by Rev. John W. Chapman during 1887-1905 in Anvik. 32.85 MB
Corser, Harry P. Totem Lore of the Alaskan Indians   11.42 MB
Higginson, Ella Alaska : The Great Country A combination of guide book and history.   In HTML. ---
 Hodgins, Thomas The Alaska-Canada Dispute   ---
Jones, Livingston French Study of the Thlingets of Alaska   31.72 MB
MacLean, Edna Ahgeak Culture and Change for Inupiat and Yup'iks of Alaska The lives of the Inuit historically and culturally.  No total
Nelson, Edward W. Eskimo About Bering Strait, The A rich source of information on 19th-century Yup'ik Eskimos.  47.97 MB
Niblack, Albert P. Coast Indians of Southern Alaska and Northern British Columbia Based on the personal observations of the writer in connection with the survey of Alaska in the seasons of 1885, 1886 and 1887. 22.77 MB
Sniffen, Matthew K. Indians of the Yukon and Tanana Valleys   5.96 MB
Wood, Charles E. S. Among the Thlinkits in Alaska An account of the author's visit to Alaska. 1.38 MB