Here you'll find listed pertinent historical documents relevant to Alaska beginning with her purchase from Russia.  These records are not solely Federal or Territorial/State documents, but are blended in by the date of their enactment.  Some of the documents are copies of the originals, while others are transcribed.  Click on the name of a document to access it.


Date of Enactment Purpose of Document Federal or Terr/State
30 Mar 1867 Treaty for the purchase of Alaska from the Empire of Russia Federal
20 Jun 1867 Treaty of Cession transferring possession of Alaska to the United States Federal
01 Aug 1868 Cancelled check and receipt for the purchase of Alaska Federal
17 May 1884 District [First] Organic Act Federal
07 Jul 1958 Alaska Statehood Act Federal
03 Jan 1959 Proclamation 3269--Admission of the State of Alaska into the Union, officially bringing Alaska into the Union as the 49th state. Federal