This is a great project!  How can I help?

I get many pieces of e-mail every week asking this question. It is difficult for me to "make assignments," however, I have been known to ask for volunteers to help with a specific project.  I would love to see this website continue to grow, but I need your help. I would like to give all of you a few ideas on how you can help to make this county page one of the best on the Web!

1. Send in those obituaries that you have collected over the years doing your family research.

2. Send in those family stories and biographies that you have either written yourself or found in various publications. I know that you all have copies of biographies for your Alaska ancestor. Take a few minutes to type it up and e-mail it to me.

3. Do you have copies of entries from a birth, marriage or death register. I know that many of you have photocopies of a "whole page" of entries, because that page contains information on your ancestor. Take a few minutes to transcribe the whole page and send it to me. If we all send in transcriptions of what we have, we will soon have quite a collection.

4. Church documents - Do you have copies of "all of the Smith's" baptized, or married or buried from one of the local churches? Often times we researchers acquire a lot of information that does not pertain to our families. But, this might be very valuable information to another researcher. Why don't you take a few minutes to transcribe this information and send it on - I will see that it is posted for all of the county researchers. "One person's trash is another person's treasure."

5. Cemeteries - this is going to be a huge project that will probably only be completed by a number of people in bits and pieces. I can't imagine anyone walking all of the cemeteries in the county again to update these records. But, do you have information of people buried in any of the cemeteries that is not included in the information already on-line? Please send this to me. Little by little, we will soon have a nice collection.

6. Newspaper articles. Many researchers have whole pages copied from various county newspapers. Take a few minutes to transcribe all of the articles on that page and send them to me for posting!

7. Census Records - Again this is one of those situations where many of us have photocopies a whole page of a census because our ancestor's name is on the page. Take a few minutes to transcribe the whole page and send it in!

8. Did your grandmother keep a scrap book or a diary? There is a wealth of information sitting in someone's attic! See if you can find any of these old articles and get them transcribed. I would be more than happy to post these articles.

9. Do you have a copy of a will that was probated in Alaska? If you don't already have it transcribed, take a few minutes to do it and send it to me! I would love to build a page just for transcribed wills.

10. Have you collected a number of names while looking for military information on your ancestor? Why not share these lists with the rest of us?

11. Do you own one of the old county plat maps? I would sure like to see someone take one of these maps and transcribe all of the property owners. Do you have any other land record information that you can share?

12. Do you have any old copies (that are not under copyright) from any of the early genealogical societies? Transcripts of these would be great.

13. Do you have any ideas of things that might help this website to grow? Please let me know. I am sure that many of you have ideas of things that I have not mentioned here. Please let me know about the things that you would like to see on this website.