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 Frequently Asked Questions

This section was created to give you questions and answers to some common queries. Each question opens the answer in a pop-up.  Some questions have not been responded to yet.  Those questions have been grayed out.  As the answers are brought online, the grayed questions will be darkened.

  1. I want to research my family.  Where do I start?
  2. Boroughs? Census Areas?  What are they?  What happened to 'county'?
  3. My ancestor went to Alaska during the Gold Rush.  Can you help me find him?
  4. How can I find out if there is any information about my ancestors on these pages?
  5. My ancestor lived in XXXXX Borough/Census Area. What should I do to find more about him?
  6. I know what town my ancestor lived in but I don't know which county that town is in.
  7. I know my ancestor is buried in XXXXX Cemetery. Why isn't he or she listed in your records?
  8. Where can I find local birth, marriage or death records?
  9. How can I find out about a place in Alaska?
  10. How can I find out about a cemetery or about the burials of my relatives?
  11. I'd like to ask some of the other local researchers about my family. What's the best way to do that?
  12. I am adopted and know that I was born in Alaska. Can you help me find my family?
  13. Where can I post my Alaska surnames?
  14. I found an item at a rummage sale which is from Alaska and I want to return it to its proper home. What can I do?
  15. I'd like to link to your site.  How do I go about doing that?
  16. How can I get someone to do research for me in Alaska?
  17. What time is it in Alaska? What is Alaska's time zone?
  18. I'm traveling to Alaska in May and am wondering how warm it will be?
  19. How many hours of daylight does Alaska have?
  20. What does a 2 bedroom apartment rent for in Anchorage?
  21. How expensive is it to live in Alaska?
  22. I'm planning to move to Alaska. How do I find a job there?
  23. This is a great project!  How can I help?
  24. What if I have additional questions?