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The Cancelled Check and the Receipt for Purchase of Alaska

Dft. No. 9759 Treasury Warrant No. 927
Treasury of the United States
Washington August 1st, 1868

AT SIGHT, Pay to Eduoard de Steckl, Envoy Extraordinary at order Seven Million Two Hundred Thousand Dollars.

Treasurer of the United States    

No. 9759 Registered August 1st, 1868  $7,200,000

Asst. Treasurer U.S.
New York

Register of the Treasury.   

Stamped: Paid By Treasurer Aug. 1, 1868


The undersigned,  Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary of His Majesty the Emperor of all the Russias, do hereby acknowledge to have received at the Treasury Department in Washington Seven Million Twohundred thousand dollars (:$.7,200,000:) in coin, being the full amount due from the United States to Russia in consideration of the cession, by the latter Power to the former, of certain territory described in the Treaty entered into by the Emperor of all the Russias and the President of the United States on the 30th day of March 1867.

Washington, August 1st 1868.