The list below represents the materials that are available for Alaska.  All of the titles listed here have information about the people or places of Alaska. Most of these books can be borrowed from your local library through their Inter-Library Loan (ILL) program.  Contact your local librarian for more information.

Many of the current publications are still available from the publisher of the work or other indicated source. The last page of this publication notes some bookstores in the state that may have the more obscure current Alaskan titles. Also, visit their websites, which often offer titles at discount prices.  Kindly note that this web site does not offer books for sale.


Adney, Tappan. The Klondike stampede / Vancouver : University of British Columbia Press, 1994. 471p. Reprint edition of 1899 classic with new introduction by Ken Coates. Journalist Adney spent one year in the North at the beginning of the Gold Rush of 1897, and chronicled the peoples, events, places, routes. ISBN0774804904. LC95-100641. $19.95.

Adventures through Time : Readings in the Anthropology of Cook Inlet, Alaska : Proceedings of a Symposium/ compiled and edited by Nancy Yaw Davis and William E. Davis (Anchorage, AK : Cook Inlet Historical Society, 1996), 284 p., cloth, $40.00, ISBN1878462024 (121 West 7th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501-3696). LC96-85078.

Affleck, Edward L. A Century of Paddlewheelers in the Pacific Northwest, the Yukon and Alaska (Vancouver : Alexander Nicolls Press, 2000), 98 pp., paper, $20.00 postpaid, ISBN 092003408X, #208, 2250 S.E. Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC V5P 2S2. Brief technical descriptions and summaries of the careers of hundreds of sidewheel and sternwheel steamboats.

Akrigg, G. P. V. and Helen B. Akrigg. British Columbia Place Names, 3rd edition (Vancouver, B.C. : UBC Press, 1997), 304 pp., cloth, $49.95, ISBN0774806362, University of British Columbia, 6344 Memorial Road, Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z2. A new edition of the BC classic to which the authors have dedicated over 40 years. Fascinating for browsers and an invaluable source for historians.

Alaska : a Great Past, a Rich Future (Kirkland, WA : Wyndham Publications, 1995), 320 p., cloth, $49.95, ISBN0963410032 (PO Box 45, Kirkland, WA 98083-0045). LC94-062215. "This book is intended to offer an overview of the past, the present, and the potential of Alaska, in an eclectic mix of chapters by various authors, covering almost every aspect of life in what has come to be known as the Great Land."

Alaska Ascents : World Class Mountaineers Tell their Stories, compiled by Bill Sherwonit (Anchorage : Alaska Northwest Books, 1996), 289 p., paper, $16.95, ISBN0882404792 (PO Box 10306, Portland, OR 97210). LC96-3021. Denali and other peaks in Alaska challenge the best of the mountain climbers.

Alaska at War Symposium (1993: Anchorage, Alaska). Alaska At War, 1941-1945: The Forgotten Front Remembered: Papers from the Alaska at War Symposium, Anchorage, Alaska, November 11-13, 1993 / edited by Fern Chandonnet (Anchorage: Alaska at War Committee, 1995), 455 p., cloth, ISBN: 0964698005, $39.95 plus $3.95 postage, Alaska Humanities Forum, 421 West lst Avenue, Suite 210, Anchorage, AK 99501. Text, illustrations, and maps for over sixty papers given at the November 1993 "Alaska at War" conference in Anchorage. wln95173564.

Alaska Department of Community and Regional Affairs. Community information summaries / Juneau, AK : DCRA (Laura Walters, POB 112100, Juneau AK 99811-2100). Provides a brief overview of each community, including descriptions of the location, history, culture, climate, transpiration, economy, unemployment, income, poverty, schools and local contacts in each town. The information in also available on on-line on SLED.. wln94-382379. $25.00.

Alaska Geographic / Penny Rennick, ed. (Anchorage: Alaska Geographic Society, 1996). A periodical, but each issue is usually cataloged as a separate book.

Four issues published yearly, paper, non-member price is $21.95 per issue (PO Box 93370, Anchorage, AK 99509-3370). Each issue is on a single topic that is described with colorful photos and articles that explore the subject's historical, cultural, social, economic, and physical geography. 1996 (vol. 23) issues:

  1. Anchorage, Volume 23, Number 1, ISBN1566610303, wln96-144475.
  2. Native Cultures of Alaska, Volume 23, Number 2, ISBN1566610311, wln96-328424.
  3. The Brooks Range, Volume 23, Number 3, ISBN156661032X, wln97-062121.
  4. Moose, Caribou and Muskox, Volume 23, Number 4, ISBN1566610338, wln97-123785.

Alaska Gold Rush Pioneers of Juneau-Douglas Area, 1880-1921 (Juneau : Juneau Pioneers of Alaska Igloo & Auxiliary No. 6, 1998), 70 pp., paper, $10.00 plus postage, order from Marie Darlin, 415 Willoughby #506, Juneau, AK 99801. An illustrated brief history of early Juneau mining, followed by fifty single-page biographies of Juneau pioneers.

Alaska Gold Rush Trails Time Line: Ghost Towns, Routes to the Gold Fields, Stories of the Past (Juneau, AK : Alaska Division of Tourism and Alaska Office of History and Archaeology, 1995), 1 folded sheet printed on both sides, $3.00, Alaska Division of Tourism, P.O. Box 110801, Juneau, AK 99801-0801. This colorful poster commemorates the centennial of the 1890s gold rushes to the Yukon and Alaska. Routes to the gold fields and lists of historic buildings and relics appear on one side of this poster, while a timeline and snapshot stories of people, places, and events appear on the verso. sln95-92386.

Alaska Goldrush National Historic Landmarks : the Stampede North prepared by the National Park Service Alaska System Support Team (Anchorage : National Park Service, Alaska System Support Office, 1998), 16 pp., paperback, 2525 Gambell Street, Room 107, Anchorage, AK 99503-2892. An overview of the five sites of gold-rush-related National Historic Landmarks in Alaska, including information on accessing each and its historic background.

Alaska in Maps : A Thematic Atlas / edited by Roger W. Pearson and Marjorie Hermans (Fairbanks : University of Alaska Fairbanks ; Alaska Department of Education ; Alaska Geographic Alliance, 1998), 99 pp., spiral bound, $35.00. ISBN1887419020, order from Cook Inlet Book Company, 415 West Fifth Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501. Over fifty maps focus on the geographic characteristics of Alaska. Many charts and graphs with explanatory text are also available in this informative book for students from upper elementary grades through college. (Also listed in the Juvenile section.)

Alaska Newspapers on Microfilm, compiled by Mary C. Nicolson with Mary Anne Slemmons (Juneau : Alaska Newspaper Project, Alaska State Library, 1998), 301 pp., paperback, $25.00, Alaska Historical Collections, Alaska State Library, P.O. Box 110571, Juneau, AK 99811-0571. Exhaustive listing giving holdings, history, and publication information. Extremely useful charts show Alaskan and regional newspapers published for each location chronologically for easy identification of titles covering a specific time.

Alaska on My Mind. (Helena, Mont. : Falcon Publishing Inc., 1998), 120 pp., cloth, $29.95, ISBN1560443820, P.O. Box 1718, Helena, MT 59624, 1-800-582-2665. With photographs and classic quotes, provides a visit with Alaska's many faces, landscapes, creatures, and social life.

Alaska Passages : Voices from Above the 54th, edited by Susan Fox Rogers (Seattle, WA : Sasquatch Books, 1996), 238 p., paper, $15.95, ISBN1570610460 (615 Second Avenue, Seattle, WA 98104). LC96-019611. "Contemporary writers tell original, true stories of adventure, work, life and place in the last frontier."

Alaska Roadhouse Recipes : Memorable Recipes from Roadhouses, Lodges, Bed and Breakfasts, Cafes, Restaurants and Campgrounds Along the Highways and Byways of Alaska and Canada (Bellevue, Wash. : Vernon Publications, Inc., 1997), 224 pp., paperback, $16.95, ISBN1878425595, 3000 Northup Way, Suite 200, Bellevue, WA 98004-1446, 1-800-726-4707. Recipes (and some stories) from a vast assortment of traditional Alaskan eateries.

Alaska State Museum. Search for the Northwest Passage : a bicentennial exhibition on the voyages of George Vancouver / Juneau, AK : Alaska State Museum, Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums, Department of Education (395 Whittier St., Juneau, AK 99801-1718), 1994-. 15p. Catalog of the Vancouver exhibit held in 1994. wln94-297095. $6.00.

Alaska Stories : Tales from the Wild Frontier, edited by John and Kirsten Miller (San Francisco : Chronicle Books, 1995), 182 p., paper, $11.95, ISBN0811806760 (275 Fifth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103). LC94-015574. Introduced by Michael Doogan, columnist for the Anchorage Daily News, this volume gathers great fiction and non-fiction by authors such as John McPhee, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Jack London, and Margaret Murie.

The Alaskan, November 1885-March 1887 : Newspaper Excerpts of Genealogical and Historical Interest, edited by Elizabeth Richardson (Ward Cove, Alaska : E.S. Richardson, 1997), 150 pp., paperback, ISBN0966039602, P.O. Box 662, Ward Cove, AK 99928. The editor has transcribed articles in their entirety from The Alaskan, at one time Alaska's only newspaper, and selected them primarily for their inclusion of names.

Alaskan Wilderness, edited by Tricia Brown (Bethesda, Md. : Discovery Communications, 1999) pp., paper, $19.95 + postage, ISBN: 1563318377, 1-800-889-9950. An overview of the natural history and geographic information about the Alaskan wilderness, enhanced with photographs, expert advice, and travel tips.

Alaska's ghosts, enigmas, outlaws and things that go bump! : folklore of the last frontier / compiled and edited by Mary J. Barry / Anchorage, AK : MJP Barry (323 West Harvard Ave., Anchorage, AK 99501), 1994. 136p. Legends and tales. Includes bibliographical references. ISBN0961700939. LC94-94998. $12.00pbk.

Alaska's Southern Panhandle . Volume 24, Number 1ofAlaska Geographic (Anchorage : Alaska Geographic Society, c1997), 96p., $19.95 plus $4.00 postage, ISBN 1566610354, P.O. Box 93370PR, Anchorage, AK 99509-3370. Wln97212115. Geography and cultural history of this region, including Ketchikan, Prince of Wales Island, Metlakatla, and Hyder

All That Glitters: A Centennial Exhibition on the Alaska-Yukon Gold Rushes Kenneth DeRoux, guest curator (Juneau, AK : Alaska State Museum, 1996), 35 p., paper, , $10.00 (Alaska State Museum Store, 395 Whittier Street, Juneau, AK 99801). LC96-9622419 Exhibit catalog with colorful illustrations with information on the journey to the Klondike, supplies needed, helpful hints, maps, mining methods, and a timeline on the major gold discoveries in the Yukon and Alaska.

Allen, David K. Kenai pathways : a guide to the outstanding wildland trails of Alaska's Kenai Peninsula / Anchorage, AK : Alaska Natural History Association (605 W. 4th Ave. Suite 85, Anchorage, 99501), 1994. 37p. Notes access, trail conditions, recreation and special considerations along the trail, wildlife to see, and USGS quad map number. ISBN0930931149. wln9516934. $4.95pbk.

Anchorage pioneer family album / Cook Inlet Historical Society / Anchorage, AK : The Society (121 West 7th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501-3676), 1994. Loose-leaf collection of photographs and historical information about 72 Anchorage pioneer families. "At least one member of each family lived in Anchorage before 1925 and at least one descendent member of the family continues to reside in the city." wln95-10121. $50.00.

Ancient Aleut Personal Names = Kadaangim Asangin / Asangis : Materials from the BillingsEexpedition 1790-1792, edited and interpreted by Knut Bergsland (Fairbanks : Alaska Native Language Center, 1998), 202 pp., paperback, $16.00, ISBN1555000657,Alaska Native Language Center, University of Alaska, P.O. Box 757680, Fairbanks, AK 99775-7680. A linguist interprets 1,140 names from a census taken by the expedition, giving a glimpse of Aleut culture and values otherwise lost through the introduction of Christian names at about the same time.

Anders, Joyce J., as told to Rosalie E. L'Ecuyer. Anders of Two Rivers : A California Family Homesteads in Alaska (Fairbanks, AK : Jenny M. Publishers, 1997), 121 pp., paper, $9.95 plus $4.00 postage and handling, ISBN0965584402, PO Box 10901, Fairbanks, AK 99710. wln97-248007. Story of Anders family who, beginning in 1959, homesteaded in Two Rivers, a small community outside of Fairbanks.

Anderson, Douglas. Gold in Trib 1 Flying, Hiking and Gold Prospecting Adventure in Wild, Present - Day Alaska (Anchorage, AK : Publication Consultants, 1997), 195 pp., $12.95, ISBN188812511X, PO Box 221974. Anchorage, AK 99522-1974. wln97-12031. Two modern adventurers prospect for gold in the Ladue River region of interior Alaska.

Anderson, James "Andy," as told to Jim Rearden. Arctic Bush Pilot : From Navy Combat to Flying Alaska's Northern Wilderness (Kenmore, WA : Epicenter Press, 2000), 255 pp., paper, $16.95 plus postage, ISBN 0945397836, P.O. Box 82368, Kenmore, WA 98028. Memoirs of a former Navy pilot who pioneered bush plane service in the Koyukuk River area in the 1950s and 1960s.

Andresen, Decema Kimball. Memories of Latouche (Anchorage: Publication Consultants, 1997), 38 pp., paper, $8.95 plus $4.00 postage, ISBN 1-888125-17-9, order from Cook Inlet Book Company, 415 West Fifth Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501. wln98-011484. The author grew up at the Prince William Sound copper mine on Latouche Island.

Andrews, Susan B. and John Creed. Authentic Alaska : Voices of its Native Writers (Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, 1998), 177 pp., cloth, $35.00, ISBN0803210418, 312 North 14th Street, Lincoln, NE 68588-0484. Anthology of writing by over 40 contemporary Natives attesting to a spirit of survival despite the turmoil of cultural upheaval, bearing witness to significant change among their people.

Annabel, Russell. Alaskan Adventures: Volume I -The Early Years (Huntington Beach CA: Safari Press, 1996), 280 p., cloth, $50.00 plus postage (15621 Chemical Lane, Bldg. B, Huntington Beach, CA 92649-1506). First of a projected four-volume series which will collect the noted outdoor writer's hunting stories, from the 1930s to 1970s. [Already out of print, per call to publisher in October 1996.]

Arctic Information and Data : a Guide to Selected Resources compiled and edited by Martha Andrews and members of the US Polar Information Working Group. 2nd edition (Fairbanks, AK : Arctic Research Consortium of the United States, 1996), 56 p., paper, (ARCUS, 600 University Avenue, Suite 1, Fairbanks, AK 99709).. wln96-145821. Lists libraries, resource people and basic bibliographic sources for the study of the Arctic.

Armstrong, Robert H., and Marge Hermans. Alaska's Natural Wonders : a Guide to the Phenomena of the Far North (Portland : Alaska Northwest Books, 2000), 94 pp., paper, $12.95 plus postage, ISBN 0882405268, Graphic Arts Center Publishing Company, P.O. Box 10306, Portland, OR 97296-0306. Natural history and folklore of glaciers, aurora borealis, earthquakes, volcanoes, bore tides and more.

Arts and Architecture in Alaska's Past: Papers Presented at the Annual Meeting of the Alaska Historical Society, Sitka, Alaska, November 9-12, 1989 (Anchorage: Alaska Historical Society, 1996), 150 p., comb-bound, ISBN 0-940521-075, $16.00 for members, $19.00 for non-members, plus $2.00 postage (PO Box 100299, Anchorage, AK 99510-0299). wln97-057178.

Aspen, Jean. Arctic son : Fulfilling the Dream (Birmingham, AL : Menasha Ridge Press, 1995), ISBN 0897321731, $19.95, 3169 Cahaba Heights Road, Birmingham, AL. Living in the Brooks Range, the author passes wilderness values on to the next generation; complements her 1988 book, Arctic Daughter: a Wilderness Journey. LC 94-43621

Associated General Contractors of Alaska. Alaska's Builders: 50 Years of Construction in the 49th State (Anchorage : Publication Consultants, 1998), 239 pp., paper, $29.95 plus postage, ISBN188812539X, P.O. Box 221974, Anchorage, AK 99522-1974. An illustrated tribute to "the proud tradition and contributions of the builders of Alaska."

Averill, Lloyd J., and Daphne K. Morris. Northwest Coast Native and Native-style Art : a Guidebook for Western Washington (Seattle, WA : University of Washington Press, 1995), 215 p., paper, $19.95, ISBN0295974680 (PO Box 50096, Seattle, WA 98145-5096). LC95-21962. Includes Washington dealers who carry Alaska native arts and crafts.

Backhouse, Frances, and Adrian Dorst. Hiking with Ghosts : the Chilkoot Trail, Then and Now (Vancouver : Raincoast Books, 1999), 129 pp., paper, $18.95 plus postage, ISBN 1551922762, 9050 Shaughnessy Street, Vancouver, BC V6P 6E5. Overview of favorite hiking trail then and now.

Backhouse, Frances. Women of the Klondike (Vancouver : Whitecap Books,1995), 212 p., paper, ISBN 1551103753, $16.95, 351 Lynn Avenue, North Vancouver, B.C. V7J 2C4. Account of women who joined the gold rush to the Klondike at the turn of the century. wln95-214022.

Bader, Chris. Strange Northwest : Weird Encounters in Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Oregon and Washington  (Surrey, B.C.; Blaine, WA: Hancock House, 1995), 144 p., ISBN 0888393598, paper, $11.95, 1431 Harrison Avenue, Blaine, WA 98230-5005. Bizarre tales from newspapers that feature Bigfoot, aliens, UFOs among others. cn95-9101519.

Bailey, Ronald T. Frozen in Silver: The Life and Frontier Photography of P. E. Larson (Athens, OH : Swallow Press, 1998), 287 pp., cloth, ISBN0804009996, $44.95 plus postage, or paper, ISBN0804010005, $24.95 plus postage, Scott Quadrangle, Athens, OH 45701. Swedish immigrant, P. E. Larss (later Larson), became a frontier photographer, working his way West through Minnesota, California, and British Columbia before joining the Klondike Gold Rush and making his fortune. He later set up his studio in Nevada and eventually settled in Oregon.

Balzar, John. Yukon Alone : the World's Toughest Adventure Race (New York : Henry Holt, 2000), 304 pp., cloth, $25.00, ISBN 0805059490. "An inside look at the world's most grueling contest follows participants in the Yukon Quest International Sled Dog Race on a 1,023-mile race across frozen rivers, icy mountain passes, and state-sized tracts of uninhabited land to complete the course."

Barer, Burl, Murder in the Family (New York : Kensington Pub. Corp., 2000), 319 pp., paper, $6.50, ISBN 0786011351, 850 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10022. Recounts 1987 killings of mother and two children in Anchorage and subsequent arrest and trial of killer, a relative of the Newman family.

Barney, Amy Lou. Amy Lou's Alaska : An Intimate Portrait by Photographer and Pilot Amy Lou Barney/ photographs by Amy Lou Barney; text by Renee Guerin (Juneau AK: A .L. Barney, 1997), 73 pp., paper, $ , PO Box 20886, Juneau, AK 99802. Wln97075790. Selection of over a hundred black and white images the reflect the rich diversity of Alaskan life from Ketchikan to Goodnews Bay, 1937-1951.

Barry, Mary J. A History of Mining on the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska, revised edition, (Anchorage: M.J.P. Barry, 1997), 296 pp., paper, ISBN 0-9617009-5-5, $30.00 plus postage, 323 West Harvard Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501. LC 96-095346. Expanded edition of the author's 1973 classic.

Barry, Mary J. Jack and Nellie Brown : Pioneer Settlers of Anchorage, Alaska (Anchorage : MJP Barry, 2000), 142 pp., paper, $25.00 plus postage, ISBN 0961700971, order from Cook Inlet Book Company, 415 West Fifth Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501. Life stories of the first permanent residents of Anchorage, who arrived on their honeymoon in 1912 and stayed until their deaths six decades later.

Barry, Mary J. Seward, Alaska: A History of the Gateway City, Volume III: Growth, Tragedy, Recovery, Adaptation, 1924-1993 (Anchorage: MJP Barry, 1995), 400 p., paper, ISBN O961700947, $37.50 plus postage, 323 West Harvard Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501. LC 86-071202.

Barske, Dianne. Mostly Music : the Story of Lorene C. Harrison, Alaska's Cultural Pioneer (Anchorage : Publications Consultants, 2000), 248 pp., paper, $19.95 plus postage, ISBN 1888125616, order from Cook Inlet Book Company, 415 West Fifth Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501. Life story of Anchorage's first music teacher, who has actively served the community for seven decades.

Barsukov, Ivan. Innokentii mitropolit Moskovskii i Kolemenskii : bpo ego sochineniiam, psimam i razskazam sovremennikov (Italy: FimaAlesia Press, 1997), 769+ pp., price unknown, ISBN5871630111. wln97-321736. In Russian; originally published in 1883. Life of Veniaminov who became St. Innocent, reprinted to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the saint's birth. Facsimile edition commissioned by the Orthodox Brotherhood of St. Innocent, Moscow, and financed by the Yakutia House and government of the Yakutia Republic.

Beairsto, Shelagh, project coordinator, Rampart House, Stories Told by Our Elders: Stories Collected, Edited and Published by the Students at Te'sek Geht'roonatun Zzeh College (Old Crow: Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation Lands & Resources Department, 1993), 70 pp., paper, P.O. Box 102, Old Crow, YT Y0B 1N0. Students of Old Crow College interview elders and visit the site of this abandoned border community on the Porcupine River.

Beck, Mary Giraudo. Ka'gun'da : George James Beck, Alaskan Pioneer Teacher, Missionary, Leader (Ketchikan : Rocky Point Publishing, 1999) 142 pp., paper, $14.95 + postage, ISBN0966947819, 2855 Tongass Avenue, Ketchikan AK 99901. Biography of a teacher who began his Alaska career at the Presbyterian Sitka Training School in 1895.

Belov, M. I. Russians in the Bering Strait, 1648-1791, / translated by Katerina Solovjova and edited and with an introduction by J. L. Smith (Anchorage : White Stone Press, 2000), 138 pp., cloth, $15.00 plus postage, ISBN 0962672726, 2314 Marian Bay Circle, Anchorage, AK 99515. Originally published in Moscow in 1956, Belov's book was titled Arctic Voyages from Ancient Times to the Middle of the Ninetenth Century. Added as appendices are four other newly translated short historical pieces about Russian eighteenth century voyages to North America.

Bender, Norman J. Winning the West for Christ: Sheldon Jackson and Presbyterianism on the Rocky Mountain Frontier, 1869-1880 (Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1996), 265 pp., cloth, ISBN 0-8263-1670-0, $40.00 plus postage, 1720 Lomas Avenue, NE, Albuquerque, NM 87131-1591. LC96-004421. The early career of Alaska's most famous Protestant missionary, up to the time when he started his Alaska mission work.

Benice, Ronald J. Alaska tokens / Lake Mary, FL : Token and Medal Society (POB 951988, Lake Mary, FL 32795), 1994. First issued in 1980, this is the 2nd edition of book about Alaskan numismatics, much expanded. It is "specifically about unofficial monetary substitutes, or tokens, issued and used in Alaska before statehood." Well organized, authoritative with some Alaska territorial history. ISBN0918492106. LC93-61240. $39.95.

Bennett, Bo. Rods & Wings : a History of the Fishing Lodge Business in Bristol Bay, Alaska (Anchorage : Publication Consultants, 2000), 384 pp., cloth, $39.95 plus postage, ISBN 1888125624, order from Cook Inlet Book Company, 415 West Fifth Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501. History of the role of float planes and their pilots in developing world-class sport fishing in southwestern Alaska.

Bercee, Loverne. A Story of Glacier Valley : True Tales from the Top of Mt. Alyeska, Girdwood, Alaska (Anchorage : Professional Colorgraphics Printing & Publishing, Inc., 1998) 119 pp., paper, $12.50 + postage, P.O. Box 465, Girdwood, AK 99587. A compilation of personal stories about life in Girdwood and Mt. Alyeska, including the 1964 earthquake.

Berger, Thomas R. Village Journey: The Report of the Alaska Native Review Commission (New York: Hill & Wang, 1995), 201 p., paper, ISBN 080901579X, $10.95 plus postage, 19 Union Square West, New York, NY 10003. Reprint of the 1985 edition with a new six-page preface by the author. LC 94049572.

Bergsland, Knut. Aleut dictionary: unangam tunudgusii: an unabridged lexicon of the Aleutian, Pribilof, and Commander Islands Aleut languages / Fairbanks, Alaska: Alaska Native Language Center, University of Alaska (POB 757680, Fairbanks, AK 99775-7680), 1994. 739p. A major work of scholarship divided into two major parts: basic words and derivatives and suffixes, plus many appendices which explain and demonstrate Aleut culture and contacts with outsiders in the age of exploration. ISBN1555000479. LC92-44852. $37.50.

Bergsland, Knut. Aleut Grammar = Unangam Tunuganaan Achixaasixˆx : a descriptive reference grammar of the Aleutian, Pribilof, and Commander Islands Aleut Language (Fairbanks: Alaska Native Language Center), 360 pp., paper, University of Alaska Fairbanks, PO Box 757680, Fairbanks, AK 99775-7680. LC97-38814. Series: Alaska Native Language Center Research Papers, no. 10.

Bergsland, Knut, editor and interpreter. Ancient Aleut Personal Names = Kadaangim Asangin/Asangis : Materials from the Billings Expedition, 1790-1792 (Fairbanks : Alaska Native Language Center, 1998), 202 pp., paper, $16.00 plus $4.50 postage, ISBN 1555000657, P.O. Box 757680, Fairbanks, AK 99775-7680. A glimpse of Aleut culture through an examination of Russian-American tax records.

Black, Lydia, ed. A Good and Faithful Servant : the Year of Saint Innocent : an exhibit commemorating the bicentennial of the birth of Ioann Veniaminov, 1797-1997, edited by Lydia Black, assisted by Katherine L. Arndt (Fairbanks: University of Alaska Fairbanks & Alaska State Veniaminov Bicentennial Committee, 1997), 87 pp., paper, $10.00 plus $4.00 postage. wln98-053250. Catalog for an exhibit commemorating the bicentennial of the birth of Ioann Veniaminov, early Russian missionary, translator, architect and finally, head of the Orthodox Church of Russia.

Black, Lydia. A History and Ethnohistory of the Aleutians East Borough (Fairbanks : Limestone Press, 1999) 385 pp., cloth, $37.50 + $4.00 postage, ISBN 189590126X, P.O. Box 756240, Fairbanks AK 99775-0860. Provides a comprehensive view of the history of each Borough community and its economic development.

Bleakley, Geoffrey T. A History of the Chisana Mining District, Alaska, 1890-1990 (Anchorage: National Park Service, 1996), 148 pp., paper, order from Wrangell-St. Elias National Park/ Preserve, PO Box 439, Mile 105.5 Old Richardson Highway, Copper Center, AK 99573. Includes a list of names for the district from the 1920 census.

Blender, Emmalee. Streets to the Past : The Historic Street Name Guide for Petersburg, Alaska (Petersburg : Clausen Memorial Museum, 1999) 132 pp., paper, $11.00 + postage, P.O. Box 708, Petersburg AK 99833. Illustrated with photographs; most are of fishing boats, which seems appropriate for this southeast Alaskan fishing community.

Boaz, Franz. Wealth of thought: Franz Boaz on Native American art / edited by Aldona Jonaitis / Seattle : University of Washington Press, 1994. Edited by the director of the University Museum at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, this volume brings together the writings of the well-known ethnologist who focused much of his energy on the Pacific Northwest. ISBN0918492106. LC94-61240. $50.00hbd.; $24.95pbk .

Bockstoce, John. Whales, Ice and Men (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1995), 400 p., paper, ISBN 0295974478, $29.95 plus postage, P.O. Box 50096, Seattle, WA 98145-5096. "Reprint with corrections" of this classic illustrated account of Yankee whaling in the western Arctic. wln96-037177

Bodeau, Jean. Katmai : National Park and Preserve, Alaska (Anchorage : Alaska Natural History Association : Greatland Graphics, 1992), 205 pp., paperback, $14.95 + $3.00 shipping, ISBN0936425164, Alaska Public Lands Information Center, 605 West Fourth Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99501. Complete guide to one of the nation's premiere national parks, including photos, maps, and supplemental information on four adjacent conservation areas.

Bolkhovitinov, Nikolai N. Russian-American Relations and the Sale of Alaska, 1834-1867, translated and edited by Richard A. Pierce, (Fairbanks: Limestone Press, 1996), 394 pp., cloth, $35.00 plus $3.50 postage, ISBN 1895901065, P.O. Box 756240, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, AK 99775-6240. Cn97016077. First published as Russko-Amerikanskie otnosheniiai prodazha Aliaki, 1834-1867 in 1990, study details the antecedents and the execution of the sale of Russian America to the United States. Extensive bibliography and documentation; no. 45 in Alaska History series.

Book of the Tongass, edited by Carol Servid and Don Snow (Minneapolis, Minn. : Milkweed Editions, 1999) 297 pp., paper, $18.95 + postage, ISBN 1571312269, 1-800-520-6455. Thirteen Alaskans describe the region's spectacular forest and wildlife, its economic opportunities, and in two pieces by Tlingit storytellers, its oral history.

Boucher, Caroline. Empreinte : presence francophone au Yukon (1825-1950); t.1: Liste alphabetique; t.2 Recueil historique (Whitehorse, YT : Association Franco-Yukonnaise, 1997), 2 vol., paperbound, $17.50US, ISBN2922348008 (v.1), ISBN2922348016 (v.2), C.P. 5205, Whitehorse, YT Y1A4Z1. Wln98089285. Name list and biographies of French-speaking settlers in the Yukon, with the source of the information noted after each entry.

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The Kohklux Map, (Whitehorse: Yukon Historical & Museums Association, 1995), 39 p., CN$12.95 plus CN$6.00 postage, ISBN 0921114087, (order from Mac's Fireweed Books, 203 Main Street, Whitehorse, YT, Canada YIA 2B2). cn95-900082. History of an 1867 map of the Yukon's interior, drawn by a Tlingit Chilkat chief; includes a large reproduction of the map.

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London, Jack. The Call of the Wild , annotated by Daniel Dyer, (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1995),284 p., (ISBN 0806127570), $30.00 cloth or $19.95 paper plus postage, P.O. Box 787, Norman, OK 73070-0787. Text of the classic 1903 story, plus maps, illustrations, and 200 pages of annotations. LC 95-15717.

Loomis, Frederic; compiled by Lee Sims. Miner, Preacher, Doctor, Teacher : Stories of an Odyssey from Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Ketchikan, Alaska, to a Pioneering Medical Career in Oakland, California (Walnut Creek, CA : Hardscratch Press, 2000), 128 pp., paper, $19.50 plus $3.00 postage, ISBN 0962542997, order from Wizard Works, P.O. Box 1125, Homer, AK 99603-1125. Alaskan portion includes a description of turn-of-the-century life at the Prince of Wales Island mining camp of Dolomi.

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Lowder, Norma. We Gratefully Come, Remembering, Rejoicing (Houston : The Author, 1998), 54 pp., comb-bound, 7480 Beachnut, #127, Houston, TX 77074. Illustrated history of the Jesse Lee Home at Unalaska, written on the occasion of placing a commemorative marker at the site of the orphanage and school. 

Lowenstein, Tom. Ancient land, sacred whale : the Inuit hunt and its rituals / New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1994. 189p. Describes the cycle of life throughout the year which culminates in the spring whale hunt. Lowenstein includes a sequence of poems detailing the ritual year. Includes bibliographical references. ISBN0374104972. LC9342941. $20.00

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Lundberg, Murray. Fractured Veins & Broken Dreams: Montana Mountain and the Windy Arm Stampede (Whitehorse : Pathfinder Publications, 1998), 160 pp., paper, $19.95 plus $6.00 postage, order from Mac's Fireweed Books, 203 Main Street, Whitehorse, YT Y1A 2B2. Story of a 1905 silver strike in the area between Windy Arm and Carcross in southern Yukon.

Lynge, Aqqaluk. Inuit : Inuit Issittormiut Kattuffiata oqaluttuassartaa = histoire de la Conference Circumpolaire Inuit = the story of the Inuit Circumpolar Conference / Nuuk : Atuakkiorfik (Postboks 840, 3900 Nuuk, Greenland), 1993. 121p. The story of the establishment of the Inuit circumpolar Conference, which stretches from Siberia to Greenland and explores some of the issues facing the Inuit. In English, French, and Inuit. ISBN8755806422. wln94-324085. Est: $58.00 for book plus postage.

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MacDonald, George F. Haida Art (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1996), 256 p., cloth, $60.00 plus $4.00 postage, ISBN029597561X (PO Box 50096, Seattle, WA 98145-5096). "The definitive book on Haida art provides an informed overview of Haida art in a historical, cultural, and cosmological context."

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