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This section is a very long way from being completed and will always be under some sort of construction or repair.  I figured you'd rather have it online with at least a start than still sitting here in my computer.  I decided that since Alaska is so big, with so many cities and villages, that I would attempt to gather the different agencies into groups (see navigation to left) AND put them into their respective boroughs and census areas.  You can see what I mean by looking at the navigation to the left, but this could prove to be a more daunting task than originally thought out; we'll see how well I can maintain this.

I should also let you know here that I'm not one for outside (my Web site) links because they change all the time and the webmaster (meaning, me) ends up with a broken link.  If I have too much trouble with constantly broken links, I'll remove the address book from the site.  So PLEASE... if you have a link here and it's been changed, or know of one that's here and been changed, help me keep this section current by alerting me

Have I neglected to add a subject?  Please let me know.




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