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Record of Deceased Workers



12 June 1798 by Manager of the Company [A. A. Baranov].
No Later Deceased No Living Wives of the Deceased Age  
  Timofei Iakovlev 15 Pelageia Ivanova




  Andrei Terent'ev 16 Marem'iana Pavlova American
  Foma Tatarkin 17 Malaniia Iakovleva

Stepdaughter Anna


  Filip Tiapkin 18 Fëkla Ivanova

Son Ivan


  Fëdor Anisiforov 19 Anis’ia Ivanova

Stepdaughter Marfa


  Pavel Fëdorov 20 Avdot'ia Ivanova 30 Russian


No. Deceased No. Where and why
1.  Aleksandr Baranov.
2.  10 J[une] 1798.
 1 Dmitrii Molochkov On Unalaska was left and died by some unknown illness
 2 Timofei Iakovlev In Kenai from fever and boils in 1797
 3 Ivan Tatarkin In 1795 on Kodiak from fever
 4 Stepan Valuiskii In 1795 on Kodiak from fever
 5 Sava Stolbtsov In 1796 at Karluk of boils and cancer
 6 Semën Vologdin 1796 on Kodiak
 7 Iakov Volchenkov 1


Wife Avdot'ia Yakovleva died in a shipwreck in 1796 in Kamyshak Bay

Wife of Isakov the Russian Marina Iakovleva with stepdaughter Anna and son Pavel in Yakutat from scurvy and asthenia

 8 Pavel Fëdorov 1797 in Yakutat of scurvy
 9 Fëdor Anisiforov 1797 in Yakutat of scurvy
10 Filip Tiapkin 1796—also of scurvy
11 Foma Tatarkin 1796—also of scurvy
12 Andrei Terent'ev  
13 Miron Fedotov 1796 and 1797 in Yakutat of scurvy
14 Semën Ivanov  

Source: AVPRI, f. Snosheniia Rossii s Angliei, op.356, d.507, ll.8-8ob.




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