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Fay Ransom



Mrs. Calvin Mills of Christie received the sad news from White Horse, Alaska, that her son, Fay Ransom, was drowned on the 12th of October on the steamer Godard, which was only ten miles from shore and that was out in a gale.

Fay Ransom was well known by many of the old settlers of Neillsville and other parts of the county. In the spring of 1899 on the 14th day of April he bade his parents goodbye, telling them he was going out into the world for himself. Starting from here he went to the Black Hills and cooked on a baggage

train. Alex Cross from Neillsville was driving team on the same line. He stayed in the Black Hills for some time and prospered in all lines of business, leaving that place for Montana. During his stay in Montana he was engaged in different branches of business until he became one of the most prosperous businessmen in state, the wheel of fortune always turning his way,

thus enabling him to accumulate a nice income. In the spring of 1898, there was a syndicate of 50, the best men of the state of Montana, he being one of them, sent to San Francisco. They bought their own boats and, provided with merchandise and eatables, they started out, arriving at Woldise landing some time in the month of May. No gold was to be found, everything was dark before them. They drifted apart; some came home, others stayed, but he did not get discouraged.

In all his letters to his mother he says, "I am going to stay another year," also, "there is something for me here yet; there is plenty of gold if I am lucky enough to find it." Fay Ransom has been at all the gold fields in Alaska, but all proved a failure.

Fay Ransom was born in Campbellsport, Fond du Lac county, in 1850, and came to Clark county with his parents in '70. He was brought up on the old homestead of Calvin Mills and went to the first school in Christie, which was taught by Miss Mason, now Mrs. Wm. Burt. He leaves a brother, who is living in Leesburg, Idaho, and a step-father, a mother and a half brother, who live at Christie. He was a loving son and brother, always having a smile and a good word for everyone.

The funeral services of Fay Ransom, who was drowned in Alaska Oct. 12, was held at the M. E. church at Christie Sunday, Nov. 17, by Rev. W. E. Kloster of Greenwood.

Source: Greenwood Gleaner, 11/29/1901




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