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Jennie Keamasook Ahyolook Omedelina

Our loving mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, and granny, Jennie Keamasook Ahyolook Omedelina was born December 14, 1904 at Cape York near Wales, Alaska. She was known by many as “our Granny” or “Granny.” She survived the 1918 flu epidemic and cared for her two siblings: Carrie Weyapuk and Harold

Ahmasuk, Sr. In her early teens she married Johnnie Omedelina Sr.

During her lifetime she cared tremendously for her family and all their needs. She always thought of others and was always willing to share food and wanted to feed everyone that came through the door. Jennie lived in Wales, Brevig Mission, and relocated to Nome in the 1950s and remained in Nome until her death.

She lived a subsistence lifestyle; picking greens, berries and preserving all her native foods, for the long winter months ahead, generously shared by relatives and friends.

When she moved to Nome she was employed at Polet Skin Sewers’ store. She sewed parkas, mukluks, mittens, slippers and other cold weather garments. Over the years she sewed various items for individuals as well, she was physically able until the early 1990s.

Jennie had a sharp memory and was a very gifted storyteller. She was very kind, generous, a good friend to many and had a wonderful sense of humor. A very strong and faithful Lutheran church member, she truly believed and loved her God. She prayed faithfully for the safety and well-being of all her family, friends and the sick. She always wanted others to have good health before her, always concerned of others’ needs.

Her husband Johnnie Omedelina Sr. preceded her in death, sister Carrie Weyapuk and brothers Harold Ahmasuk Sr. and Peter Sokienna, also five sons and five daughters.

She is survived by her daughters Molly Seetot of Brevig Mission and Agnes Ivanoff of Kotzebue; and one son Daniel Omedelina of Wales. She leaves over 200 grandchildren through six generations, whom she loved dearly.

“God bless you richly and we know you are in good hands with our Heavenly Father, rest in peace, Gram.”

Source: Nome Nugget, 23 July 2004



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