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Records of Alaska Natives in Religious Archives


George Green of Eek with his Yupik Script Bible, 1956.
(Alaska State Archives. RG 298 Engineering and Health Division. SR 584 Village Safe Water Project Files,)



Prepared By Larry Hibpshman, Archivist
Alaska State


June 11, 2003






Orthodox missionaries arrived in Russian America in 1794, and many religious groups have sent missionaries to Alaska since that time.  Alaska Natives have been members of numerous churches and religious bodies over the years.  Religious organizations provided churches, schools, hospitals, and youth camps.  They often assembled important collections of records that document both Alaska Native Cultural History and the personal lives of Native Alaskans. 

This is a list of known organizations that have significant collections of records generated by religious bodies that are of interest to Alaska Natives.  It isnít meant to be comprehensive.  Valuable Alaska Native Collections are probably not included, because we didnít know about them when we prepared this guide.  A good publication to consult for Alaska genealogical resources of all kinds is: 

Connie Bradbury and David Hales.  Alaska Sources. A Guide to Historical Records and Information Resources.   North Salt Lake, UT: Heritage Quest, 2001.

If you are aware of other pertinent religious or denominational records that should be included, please contact us at the following addresses:


  Alaska State Archives
141 Willoughby Avenue
Juneau, AK 99801-1720
907-465-2241(v); 465-2465(f)


Here are the resources that Alaska State Archives staff have uncovered:


Alaska Childrenís Services

Alaska Childrenís Services is a Cooperative agency of the American Baptist, Disciples of Christ, Evangelical Lutheran, and United Methodist churches.  Records may be confidential.  Contact: 

  Agency Relations Coordinator
Alaska Childrenís Services
4600 Abbott Road
Anchorage, AK 99507


Baptist Churches

American Baptist Churches:  The Historical Society of the American Baptist Churches holds Church Missionary Society and Womenís Missionary Society collections, which include records that relate to Alaskan mission activities.  Historical records include correspondence and photographs of the Baptist Childrenís Home on Woody Island near Kodiak.  Contact: 

Historical Society of the American Baptist Churches
Post Office Box 851
Valley Forge, PA 19482-0851
610-768-2269(v); 768-2266(f)
For contact: 


  American Baptist Historical Society Samuel Colgate Historical Library
1106 South Goodman Street
Rochester, NY 14620-2532
phone: (585) 473-1740
fax: (585) 473-1740

See also the listing for Alaska Childrenís Services. 

Southern Baptist Convention:  The Southern Baptist Convention operated the Turnagain Childrenís Home on OíMalley Road in Anchorage.  The Home, begun April 1943, became an Alaska Baptist Convention service agency August 1956.  The Turnagain Children's Home no longer exists, and the convention now provides residential care and other social services for minors through Alaska Baptist Family Services, which began operating May 2, 1974.  To locate records generated by these institutions, contact: 

  Executive Director
Alaska Baptist Family Services
1600 OíMalley Road
Anchorage, AK 99516


Catholic Church

Archdiocesan, Diocesan and Parish Records:  The Catholic Church in Alaska does not have a central archives, although the Fairbanks and Juneau Dioceses have archivists.  Most parish records remain in individual parishes.  Other records may be available from one of the diocesan chancery offices, or from one of several educational and missionary organizations. 

Anchorage Archdiocese.  Contact:

  Chancery Office, Archdiocese of Anchorage
225 Cordova Street
Anchorage, AK 99501


Juneau Diocese.  Each church in the Juneau Diocese maintains its own sacramental records.  The diocesan archivist maintains non-sacramental records, including material for all fourteen parishes in the diocese.  Diocesan records includes correspondence and administrative records including church administration and programs, parish Sunday bulletins, building information and diocesan special events such as the Rosary Walks of 2003 and 2004. 



Diocesan Archivist
Chancery Office, Diocese of Juneau
Suite 300
415 Sixth Street
Juneau, AK 99801
907-586-2227, ext. 27(v); 463-3237(f) 


Holy Name Catholic School Ketchikan:  Current student records of Holy Name Catholic School in Ketchikan are located at the school.  Student records are transferred to the Ketchikan School district when students transfer to middle school.  For information contact: 

  Andrea Wick
Holy Name School
433 Jackson Street
Ketchikan, AK 99901


Fairbanks Diocesesan Archives.  Diocesan records begin with an 1886 entry from Nulato.  The archives also documents names, from early Catholic pioneers to the present day.  Of particular note, student records of Saint Maryís Catholic High School, Saint Marys Alaska, which closed in 1987, are now are located at the Fairbanks Diocesesan Archives.  Access is restricted to former students or their legal representatives.  Only written inquiries received by conventional mail are accepted, and should be addressed to the chancery office: 

The Fairbanks Diocesan Archives primary purpose, however, is to maintain sacramental records Ė records of baptisms, confirmations, marriages, deaths and funerals.  The dioceseís 47 parishes keep their own sacramental records, but annually report them to the Diocesan Archives.  Baptismal Certificates can be used as proof of age for social security purposes. 

Sacramental records include private information, and the documents arenít open to the public.  The archivist will search for specific information, unless requests involve fragile documents.  If relevant information is found the archivist can issue an official Sacramental Certificate, in one of four types: 

Baptism Certificates include Confirmation Certificates include



Baptized personís name
Parentsí names Parentsí names
Baptized personís birth date and place of birth 
Date and Place of Baptism 
Godparentsí names 
Officiating Priestís name


Confirmantís Name
Confirmation Name
Date and Place of Confirmation
Date and Place of Baptism
Sponsorís name
Officiating Priestís name
Marriage Certificates include:   Death/Funeral Certificates include:


Individualís name 
Parentsí names 
Date and Place of Marriage 
Individualís Date and Place of Baptism 
Spouseís name 
Spouseís Parentsí Name 
Spouseís Date and Place of Baptism 
Officiating Priestís name


Deceasedís name
Deceasedís birth place
Deceasedís age
Spouseís Name
Sacraments Received
Date of death and burial
Officiating Priestís name


To request sacramental information, by Mail, Phone, Fax, or On-line: 

It is very important to plan ahead, to give the archivist time to search.  It is also important to provide as much information as possible when you request a search.  To request sacramental information on the Internet go to the diocesan web site, fill out, and send the On-Line Sacramental Request Form.  You can also download and print the Sacramental Request Form, to submit a search by mail or fax.  Requests can also be made by telephone. 

Office hours are 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday through Friday.  Contact: 

Chancery Office, Diocese of Fairbanks
1316 Peger Road
Fairbanks, AK 99709-5199
907-374-9500 (v); 74-8009(f)


Sisters of Providence:  The sisters of providence established Anchorage Providence Hospital, (1938, now Alaska Medical Center), Fairbanks Saint Joseph Hospital (1910-1968) and Nome Holy Cross Hospital (1902-1918).  Sisters of Providence medical work in Alaska became the Providence Health System, and records of the following institutions were transferred from Nakoyia Health Systems to Providence Health Systems: 


Providence Alaska Medical Center (established 1938)

  Providence Extended Care Center (established 1983)
  Mary Conrad Center (established 1987)
Seward: Providence Seward Medical Center (established 1996)
Kodiak: Providence Kodiak Island Medical Center (established 1997)
Providence Valdez medical Center Valdez began services in 2005 


Some Alaska records are located at the Provincial and Corporate Archives is in Seattle.  The Provincial and Corporate Archives website includes an online service request form.  Contact: 

  Providence Archives
Mother Joseph Province
4800 37th Avenue, SW
Seattle WA 98126



Sisters of Saint Anne:  The Sisters of Saint Anne began as a French speaking order in Canada. Known in the West and North as Sisters of Saint Ann, the order ministered in several areas in Alaska and the Yukon Territory.  Both the Mother House Archives in Lachine, Quebec, and the Western Regional and Northwest Province in Victoria, British Columbia have archival collections. 

Northwest Provincial Archives holdings include Records of Juneauís Saint Annís Hospital.  As of 2004 the archives in Victoria are closed to the public, but will respond to requests by telephone, fax or email, when possible.  Contact: 

Sisters of St. Anne
Northwest Province Archives
1550 Begbie Street
Victoria, BC V8R 1K8


Sisters at the Mother House Archives answer their telephone in French, but English Language inquiries are accepted.  Contact: 

Sisters of St. Anne
Mother House Archives
1280 Saint Joseph Boulevard
Lachine, Quebec H8S 2M8
514-637-4616, ext. 212


Society of Jesus, Oregon Province:  Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington holds the Jesuit Oregon Province Archives.  Provincial archives include the Alaska Mission Collection and the Alaska Native Language Collection.  Both collections have been microfilmed and are available in Alaska.  Other materials include Alaska Prefecture records, oral histories, photographs and moving picture film.  Contact: 

Oregon Province Archives
Special Collections, Foley Center
Gonzaga University
Spokane, WA 99258-0001


Marquette University:  The Marquette University Archives has four collections that contain records relating to Alaska Natives: 

Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions Records, (1848-Present) include Alaska Mission records, particularly relating to Inuits and Athabaskans.  Holdings include both texts and photographs, and relate to a number of different orders.  Records date from the late Nineteenth Century through the present. 

Tekakwitha Conference Records, (1939-Present).  Tekakwitha Conference is an organization for Native American Catholics.  Native Alaskan involvement has been significant since the 1980ís. 

Mary Ewans, O.P Papers, (1882-1987) include research notes about Native Catholic women who were religious sisters.  The Ewans papers are restricted, and new additions to the collection currently are pending. 

Anne M. Scheurman Collection, (1973-1977) includes color photographs and video recordings of celebrations in Canada, the United States and Rome that pertain to Catholics and/or Indians.  The collection includes some Alaska Native materials from 1980. 

The Marquette Archives web site includes a general narrative description of its Native Catholic collections and links to the inventories of the Bureau of Catholic Indian Missions Records, including microfilmed series, which are available via interlibrary loan. 


The archives was recently awarded a federal grant to create an online guide to Catholic records about Native Americans in the Western States, comparable to a current guide to Catholic sources in the Midwest.  The Midwest Guide includes some sources about Alaska.  Contact: 

  Archivist, Marquette Special Collections University Archives
Raynor Memorial Libraries
1355 West Wisconsin Ave.; POB 3141
Milwaukee, WI 53201-3141
414-288-5904(v); 288-6709(f)


Alaska and Polar Regions Department, University of Alaska Fairbanks:  The Alaska and Polar Regions Department has diaries form two Catholic Missions located at Nulato, Saint Peter Claver (1935-50), and Out Lady of Showers (1950-60). The Polar Regions Department also has microfilm copies of the Society of Jesus Oregon province Indian Language and Alaska Catholic Missions Collections (see Gonzaga University listing).  Contact: 

  Alaska and Polar Regions Department
Elmer E. Rasmuson Library
University of Alaska Fairbanks
310 Tanana Drive
Fairbanks, AK 99701
907-474-7261(v); 474-6365(f) 


British Columbia Archives:  The British Columbia Archives have limited records relating to Catholic missions in Alaska, and the Yukon and Northwest Territories.  The British Columbia Archives is unable to respond to requests unless you provide complete address information.  A valid Internet email address should consist of both your email user name, and the machine on which you have a working email account (this may not necessarily be the same machine or Internet IP address from which you are accessing this service). Valid email addresses are typically in the following form: 


Conventional mailing address information should include: number, street, city, province/state (or other region), country, and postal code. A form that contains all of these elements is provided on the BC Archives web site. Contact: 

  BC Archives
Royal BC Museum
675 Belleville Street
Victoria, BC CANADA V8W 9W2
250-387-1952(v); 387-2072(f) 


Disciples of Christ:  See the listing for Alaska Childrenís Services. 

Episcopal Church

Alaska and Polar Regions Department, University of Alaska Fairbanks:  The Alaska and Polar Regions Department serves as the official Episcopal Church Archives in Alaska.  Record types vary for individual parishes.  Please Note:  The Episcopal Church Collection is restricted and permission for access must be obtained from the Episcopal Church at the address listed below: 

The Polar Regions Departmentís microfilm collection dates 1900 through 1989, and includes records of the following parishes: 

Allakaket Chena Fort Yukon Nenana Shageluk **
Anvik Eagle Huslia Nome Sitka
Bethel Fairbanks Ketchikan Point Hope* Tanancross

* Point Hope church records also include records for Candle, Kobuk, Nome, Deering, Kotzebue, Point Lay, Kivilina, Noatak, Wainwright and White Mountain
** Shageluk includes church service register only

The Polar Regions collection has Episcopal Church records other than parish records, 1899 through 1976 for the following communities: 

Arctic Village, Fort Yukon, Juneau, Nenana, Skagway 

The collection includes two publications; The Alaskan Churchman (Fairbanks Episcopal Church, -1980) and Alaskan Epiphany (Episcopal Diocese of Alaska, from 1980).  Contact: 

  Alaska and Polar Regions Department
Elmer E. Rasmuson Library
University of Alaska Fairbanks
310 Tanana Drive
Fairbanks, AK 99701
907-474-7261(v); 474-6365(f)   


For permission to use the Alaska and Polar Regions Departmentís Episcopal Church Collection contact:


  Archives of the Episcopal Church, USA
606 Ratherview Place

POB 2247
Austin, TX 78768


Evangelical Covenant Church

Two important Covenant Church missionaries to Alaska were Edward and Jennie Olson Rasmuson.  Mr. And Mrs. Rasmuson were the parents of prominent Alaskans Elmer Rasmuson and Evangeline Rasmuson Atwood.  Edward and Elmer Rasmuson were both presidents of the National Bank of Alaska and its predecessor institutions.  Evangeline Atwood was the wife of Robert Atwood, publisher of the Anchorage Daily Times.  

North Park University.  Evangelical Covenant Church Headquarters are in Chicago, and the Covenant Archives and Historical Library at North Park University is the denominationís archival repository.  Evangelical Covenant Church records of interest to Alaska Natives include correspondence, minutes, and reports of denominational departments, including Home Missions (now Church Growth and Evangelism) and World Missions (now World Mission).  Missionaries and their activities in Alaska are documented in correspondence with the Church.  Much of the material written before 1925 is in the Swedish Language. 

Collections are available onsite for consultation, by appointment only.  Contact:

  Director of Archives and Special Collections
North Park University, Archives and Special Collections.
3225 W. Foster Avenue
Chicago, IL 60625
773 244 6223(v); 773 244 4891(f)


Alaska and Polar Regions Department, University of Alaska Fairbanks.  The Alaska and Polar Regions Department has the following collections relating to the Evangelical Covenant Church in Alaska: 

Evangelical Covenant Church Records, Unalakleet, 1888-1981.  Records of baptisms, marriages, births deaths, yearly meetings, conferences, church membership, annual school reports, and family records.  Records of the Unalakleet Church sometimes contain entries for other villages, including: 

Egawik Marshall (Fortuna Ledge) Nunivak Island (Mekoryuk)
Hooper Bay Mountain Village  Scammon Bay
Klickatarik Nome Shaktoolik
Koyak   White Mountain

This material is available on microfilm at the University of Alaska Anchorage. 


Unalakleet Alaska Mission Daybooks and Logbooks, 1892 through 1915.  Includes daybooks of David Johnson (1893-95) and Axel Karlson (1894-97) and the Covenant Mission logbooks.  Some records are in Swedish while others are in English. Records document funerals, marriages, prayer meetings, visitors, and other mission and school activities. Contact: 

  Alaska and Polar Regions Department
Elmer E. Library
University of Alaska Fairbanks
310 Tanana Drive

Fairbanks, AK 99701
907-474-7261(v); 474-6365(f) 


Alaska State Archives.  The Alaska State Archives has student records of the former Covenant High School in Unalakleet.  Access is restricted to former students and their fiduciaries.  Written inquiries only, should be addressed to: 

  Alaska State Archives
141 Willoughby Avenue
POB 110525
Juneau, AK99811-0525
907-465-2241(v); 465-2465(f) 


Society of Friends (Quaker)

Evangelical Friends Church, Southwest:  The Evangelical Friends Church Southwest holds Alaskan Friends Mission Diaries, 1897-1905.  Contact: 

  Evangelical Friends Church Southwest
Box 1607
Whittier, CA 90609 


Alaska and Polar Regions Department, University of Alaska Fairbanks:  The Alaska and Polar Regions Department has an Alaskan Quaker Documents Collection, 1892 through 1897.  It includes microfilmed mission diaries and documents, individual missionary papers, Douglas Monthly meeting records, ethnic stories, and copies of the Alaskan Messenger. 

The Polar Regions Department also has the diaries of Margaret E. Hadley, a Friends Missionary to Kotzebue, 1899 through 1903.  Contact: 

  Alaska and Polar Regions Department
Elmer E. Rasmuson Library
University of Alaska Fairbanks
310 Tanana Drive
Fairbanks, AK 99701
907-474-7261(v); 474-6365(f)


Lutheran Church (American Lutheran Church):  See the listing for Alaska Childrenís Services 

United Methodist Church

Records for the United Methodist Church and its predecessors are at the United Methodist General Commission on Archives and History.  Contact: 

  General Commission on Archives and History
United Methodist Church
36 Madison Avenue
Madison, NJ 07940


Questions relating to the Jesse Lee Childrenís Home may be directed to the Alaska Childrenís Services.  The Alaska State Archives has a photograph album created in 1940 by the Jesse Lee Home staff.  Questions about the album should be directed to the State Archives staff 

Moravian Church

Alaska Province:  Most records created by the Moravian Church in Alaska are located at Province Headquarters in Bethel.  Contact: 

  Alaska Moravian Church
Alaska Province
POB 545
Bethel, AK 99559


Aleknagik and Dillingham Moravian Church Records:  Records of Moravian churches in these two communities are located at the Dillingham church.  Contact: 

  Dillingham Moravian Church
POB 1350
Dillingham, AK 99576

The Moravian Archives in Bethlehem Pennsylvania has collections that document Alaska Natives, including documents deposited by Rev. Ferdinand Drebert December 1, 1958, John H. and Edith Romig Kilbuck Papers and the Alaska Childrenís Home in Kwethluk.  Record types include correspondence, historical files, minutes, ecclesiastical acts, photographs, reports, statistics, diaries-journals, printed index cards and material. The Drebert and Kilbuck Collections date roughly 1880s through 1920s; the Childrenís home records date 1939-1971. 

Copies of the Moravian Archives finding aids are on deposit at the Alaska State Archives and the Alaska State Library Historical Collections.  For more specific information contact: 

  Moravian Archives
41 West Locust Street
Bethlehem, PA 18018-2757
610-866-3255(v); 866-9120(f)


Parachurch Organizations

Many religious and mission activities are not tied to specific denominations.  Some ďparachurchĒ organizations sponsored religious activities among Alaska Natives. Locating these records can be quite difficult but here are a few suggestions. 

Victory High School Student Records:  Victory High School located at Mile 95 Glenn Highway, which closed in the 1980s was an agency of Arctic Missions. Arctic Missions became InterAct Ministries. InterAct business offices are located in Boring, Oregon and Palmer, Alaska.  The Palmer Office has most Victory High School transcripts and Doug Prins, is the Palmer Office Manager. Former students may request copies at the following contact points: 

  InterAct Ministries, Palmer Office
16453 East Clark Road
Palmer, AK 99645

907-745-3124(v); 745-7661(f) 


Wheaton College:  One good resource for locating Alaska parachurch mission records is the Billy Graham Center Archives at Wheaton College. The Bill Center Archives has a number of collections with materials that deal with independent Protestant Missions in Alaska, including the following organizations:

Collection 36 Records of Gospel Recordings

The Gospel Recordings organization prepared brief recordings of evangelistic programs, including message, music and scripture readings.  Each recording made by an indigenous speaker was recorded in that particular tongue.  The Archives Collection includes tapes, and some notes on various Alaska Native Languages. 

Collection 136 Records of Mission Aviation Fellowship

Mission Aviation Fellowship provides air transportation to missionaries in remote locations.  This collection includes correspondence between Central Alaska Mission and the Moravian Church in Alaska

Collection 177 Papers of Zoe Ann Alford

Ms. Alford was a missionary to India.  Her oral history interview (transcript on the web) includes a very small section on the support she received from an Alaskan orphanage for Native American children.

Collection 178 Papers of Donald and Mary McGavran

Mr. And Mrs. McGavran were missionaries in India and Donald a very prominent teacher, and theorist, about church growth.  His papers include correspondence with workers at the Alaska Moravian Mission and the Central Alaska Mission

Collection 237 Records of Slavic Gospel Association

The SGA worked primarily with Russian speaking people in North and South America and Europe.  Their Alaska work included missions to Russian-speaking Aleuts. 

Collection 381 Interview with Peter Deyneka Jr.

An oral history interview with a missionary.  His interview (transcript o online) includes a description of his year as a pastor at an Aleut church.

Collection 406 Records of SEND International

SEND International, an independent Christian mission working in several parts of the world took over the work of the Central Alaska Mission in 1971.

Collection 407 Records of Arctic Missions

Arctic Missions, Inc. (formerly Alaska Missions Inc.) is a group of nondenominational missionaries in Alaska and Canada, principally British Columbia.  The organization began rural evangelistic work in Alaskan villages and participated in founding of Victory Bible Camp in 1947.  In 1959 they founded Victory High School, a boarding high school for the Aleut and Inuit young people, and Arctic Bible Institute, a Bible college, in 1976. The group began work in British Columbia in 1967 and eventually established a Bible school there as well. 

The collection includes correspondence, reports, brochures, and other material.

To access any of these collections contact: 

  Billy Graham Center Archives
Wheaton College
500 College Ave., 3rd floor
Wheaton, IL 60187-5593


Presbyterian Churches

Presbyterian Historical Society:  The Presbyterian Historical Society has an online catalog, which can be accessed with an XML-compatible browser.  The Society had two offices, with records for denominational and predecessor organizations. Location generally was determined by affiliation with the former Northern and Southern Presbyterian Churches.  The Southern Presbyterian archives (Montreat, NC 28757) recently was closed and all inquiries should be directed to the Philadelphia archives: 


  Presbyterian Historical Society
425 Lombard Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147



Princeton Theological Seminary:  Dr. Sheldon Jackson was a major figure in early American Alaska.  His papers are located at Princeton Seminaryís Speer Library.  Contact: 

  Princeton Theological Seminary Libraries
Special Collections
Luce Library
POB 111
Princeton, NJ 08542
609-497-7953(v); 497-1826(f) 


Alaska and Polar Regions Department, University of Alaska Fairbanks.  The Alaska and Polar Regions Department has Presbytery of the Yukon Church Registers for the following Alaska Presbyterian Churches: 

Anchorage:   Barrow Utquiagvik (1960-96)
  Faith (1947-60)   Fairbanks University Community Church (1950-94)
  First (1952-95)   Gambell (1940-95)
  Immanuel (1952-95)   Kaktovik 1953-93)
  Jewel Lake Ecumenical Parish (1971-94)    Nuigsut Kuukpik (1975-90)
  Trinity (1960-93)   Palmer United Protestant Church (1967-95)
Eagle River (1951-89)    Savoonga (1940-89; includes Savoonga Session Minutes, 1940-63)


The Polar Regions Department has a microfilm copy of the Record Book of the Juneau Native Presbyterian Church, 1894 through 1919.  The original document is at the Presbyterian Historical Society.  Contact:  

  Alaska and Polar Regions Department
Elmer E. Rasmuson Library
University of Alaska Fairbanks
310 Tanana Drive
Fairbanks, AK 99701
907-474-7261(v); 474-6365(f) 


Presbytery of the Yukon Microfiche Project

In 1999, the Presbytery of the Yukon celebrated its centennial.  Looking towards that anniversary, the Presbytery evaluated its archival holdings and investigated ways to preserve the records as well as to make them available to the public. 

At present the churches of the Presbytery possess approximately 110 registers of vital statistics from a number of different locations.  These volumes come from 22 churches. 

The information found in the vital statistics are valuable to historians, genealogists, anthropologists, and other others, but until now the records were not readily available to the public.  A few registers are in a central repository in Anchorage, but most are housed in their respective home churches, making them difficult to access. 

Apart from the issue of accessibility is a concern for the preservation of the information in these volumes.  There were no copies of these registers, except in rare instances where a photocopy had been made.  If fire, flood, or other natural disasters were to destroy any of the local churches, the vital statistics would probably suffer the same fate.

Microfiche was decided upon as the best way to preserve and make these valuable records accessible. The Presbytery of the Yukon Microfiche Project was a joint project between the Presbytery of the Yukon and the Alaska and Polar Regions Department.  The Presbytery Historian, Rev. Diane OíConnell provided guidance on the project. Marvin Washington, of the Alaska and Polar Regions Department, filmed the records, and Mary Ann Larson, Acting Curator of Oral History, Alaska and Polar Regions Department, acted as Liaison between the Church and the University. 

Copies of the microfiche are available at the archives at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the University of Alaska Anchorage, the Loussac Library in Anchorage, the Alaska State Library in Juneau, the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, and the Presbyterian Historical Society in Philadelphia.  Other community libraries can obtain copies at a nominal cost. 

Brief Guide to the Records on Microfiche

Not all the churches in the Yukon Presbytery participated in having their records microfiched.  The churches that participated in the project are: 

Anchorage: Eagle River Presbyterian Church
  Faith Presbyterian Church  Fairbanks University Community Presbyterian Church
  First Presbyterian Church Gambell Presbyterian Church
  Immanuel United Presbyterian Church  Kaktovik Presbyterian Church
  Jewel Lake Presbyterian Church Nuiqsut Kuupik Presbyterian Church
  Trinity United Presbyterian Church North Pole New Hope Presbyterian Church
  United Protestant Church Utqiagvik Presbyterian Church


Only vital statistics records were included in the microfiche project were.  A complete set of vital statistics includes the following, information, in alphabetical order: 

Affiliated Members Elders  Role of Communicants
Baptized Members Marriages Suspended Members
Deacons Pastors  Trustees
  Deaths Roll   



  Alaska and Polar Regions Department
Elmer E. Rasmuson Library
University of Alaska Fairbanks
310 Tanana Drive
Fairbanks, AK 99701
907-474-7261(v); 474-6365(f)


Russian Orthodox Church

Saint Hermanís Seminary:  The seminary has a small archival collection.  It includes Russian Colonial and American Period church records, liturgical records, pastoral and episcopal correspondence and journals  The collection also includes correspondence of Saint Innocent (Ivan Viniaminov) and Yakov Netsvetov.  Contact: 

  Office of the Dean
Saint Hermanís Seminary

414 Mission Road
Kodiak, AK 99615


Library of Congress: In 1927 the Russian Orthodox Church in Alaska transferred its records to the Library of Congress.  The Library of Congress online catalog lists this collection as the Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church of America Diocese of Alaska Collection.  Contact: 

  Manuscript Division, Library of Congress
James Madison Memorial Building
101 Independence Avenue, SE
Washington, DC  20540-4680
Telephone:  202-707-5387
Web Site: 

The Alaska State Library Historical Collections has microfilm copies, and a printed inventory, which is also available at the following other institutions:  Alaska and Polar Regions Department, University of Alaska Fairbanks; University Archives, University of Alaska Anchorage; the Alaskana Section, Anchorage Municipal Libraries (J.Z. Loussac Library).  .  Contact: 

  Alaska State Library Historical Collections
Division of libraries, Archives and Museums
POB 110571
Juneau, AK 99811-0571

Alaska and Polar Regions Department

Elmer E. Rasmuson Library
University of Alaska Fairbanks
310 Tanana Drive
Fairbanks, AK 99701
907-474-7261(v); 474-6365(f) 

Consortium Library

University of Alaska Anchorage
3211 Providence Drive
Anchorage, AK  99508 

Anchorage Municipal Libraries
Z.J. Loussac Library
3600 Denali Avenue
Anchorage, AK 99503 


Alaska State Archives:  The State Archives has Russian period birth, death and marriage records for Southeast and Southcentral Alaska, ca. 1818 through 1912.  The Kodiak and Sitka churches probably provided this information when the Alaska Bureau of Vital Statistics was established in 1913.  All birth records less than seventy-five years old and all marriage records less than fifty years old are restricted by Title 18.50.310, Alaska Statutes.  Contact: 

Alaska State Archives
141 Willoughby Avenue
Juneau, AK 99801-1720
907-465-2241(v); 465-2465(f)\ 


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