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Appendix A
Task Organization for the Assault on Kiska, 15 August 1943

Attack Force Command Group
    One battleship:
      Pennsylvania, (F, Rear Admiral Rockwell), Capt. William A. Corn.
    One destroyer:
      Ammen, Lt. Comdr. Henry Williams, Jr.

Support Group

    Two battleships:
      Idaho, Capt. Horace D. Clarke.
      Tennessee, (F, Rear Admiral Kingman), Capt. Robert S. Haggart.
    One heavy cruiser:
      Portland, Capt. Arthur D. Burhans.
    One light cruiser:
      Santa Fe, Capt. Russell S. Berkey.
    Six destroyers:
      Abner Read, Comdr. Thomas Burrowes.
      Bache, Comdr. Frank M. Adamson.
      Beale, Comdr. Joe B. Cochran.
      Brownson, Comdr. Joseph B. Maher.
      Hutchins, Lt. Comdr. Edwin W. Herron.
      Phelps, (F, Capt. Ruthven E. Libby), Lt. Comdr. John E. Edwards.

Transport Group

    Five attack transports:
      Zeilin, Comdr. Thomas B. Fitzpatrick.
      Doyen, Comdr. Paul F. Dugan.
      Harris, Comdr. Albert M. Van Eaton.
      Heywood, Capt. Herbert B. Knowles.
      J. Franklin Bell, Capt. John B. McGovern.
    One attack cargo vessel:
      Thuban Comdr. James C. Campbell.
    Two transports:
      St. Mihiel, Comdr. Edward B. Rogers.
      U.S. Grant, Capt. Charles L. Hutton.
    Two fast transports:
      Kane, Lt. Comdr. Freeman D. Miller.
      1 LST.
    Eight merchant ships used as transports:
      Richard March Hoe
      George Flavel

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      David W. Branch
      President Fillmore
      Henry Failing
    Three merchant ships used as cargo vessels:
      George W. Julian
      Josiah D. Whitney
    Nine screening destroyers:
      Farragut, Lt. Comdr. Edward F. Ferguson.
      Aylwin, Lt. Comdr. Ray E. Malpass.
      Monaghan, Lt. Comdr. Peter H. Horn.
      Dewey, Lt. Comdr. Joseph P. Canty.
      Hull, Lt. Comdr. Andrew L. Young, Jr.
      Dale, Lt. Comdr. Charles W. Aldrich.
      Bush, Lt. Comdr. Thurmond A. Smith.
      Daly, Comdr. Richard G. Visser.
      Mullany, Comdr. Baron J. Mullaney.
    Control unit--two light minelayers:
      Pruitt, Lt. Comdr. Richard C. Williams.
      Sicard, Lt. Comdr. William J. Richter.
    Salvage unit--two tugs:
      Cree, Lieut. Percy Bond.
      Ute, Lieut. William F. Lewis.

Landing Ship Group

    Three destroyers:
      Bancroft, Lt. Comdr. Ray M. Pitts.
      Caldwell, Lt. Comdr. Horatio A. Lincoln.
      Coghlan, Lt. Comdr. Benjamin B. Cheatham.
    13 LSTs.
    9 LCI(L)s.
    19 LCT(5)s.
    1 harbor tug:

Minesweeper Group

    Three destroyer minesweepers:
      Chandler, Lt. Comdr. Harry L. Thompson.
      Long, Lt. Comdr. Paul F. Heerbrandt.
      Perry, Lt. Comdr. Bernhart A. Feitsch.

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