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Ninilchik, Alaska

Dec. 10, 1948

Dear Miss Fallows,

Thank you for your long and interesting letter of Nov. 29, which I just received.

In regard to my representation of the Dept. of Elem. School Princ., thanks for your congratulations, but it is my second year with that work, nothing new, just a routine job, which I mentioned as my "additional" jobs, which I like to carry on, just to be busy all the time.

You will find parts of your letter published in the enclosed last issue of my school paper.

You must understand that my work here in Ninilchik faces, many times, ignorance, indifference, even vicious attitudes of some people.  The whole work of the P.T.A. is carried by a very small group of people.  The rest - well, they feel that [the] teacher can try things until he will get tired, or will leave our village, then, everything will come to the "old order."  Most of them do not want any changes even if they know those changes will be for the better.

Liquor is and ill be the "chief occupation" of most of them.  It is that truth which one has to speak, if he supposes to be frank and sincere about his work here in Alaska.  My conditions are not different from many, many other Alaskan communities.

Yet, I see a real goal in my work, and will remain in Alaska for many years to come - just teaching.

Sincerely yours,

Roman Malach

Envelope:  from - Territorial School, Ninilchik, Alaska; postmark - [rubbed out], Alaska, [rubbed out], 1949; to - Miss Mary Fallows, Grove Street, East Berlin, Conn.



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