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Ninilchik, Alaska

Nov. 20, 1948

Dear Miss Fallows,

Thank you for your last letter.  Yes, I prepare my meals, because I not find a housekeeper this year.  Last year, I had a combination of housekeeper-janitor, but that lady left for Seattle, where she lives now.  This year, I haired one, but kept her only for one month, and told her: "Thank you."  Yes, I do all my school work, paper work, a lot of correspondence work.  I do not operate our local radio station.  They petitioned (residents) to have it transferred to a private house, in order to have all year around service, but it "stays silent" there all the time.  I am glad I have nothing to do with it.

In addition, I am the Alaska representative of the Department of Elementary School Principals, as this stationary paper indicates, and I am taking the Philosophy of Education correspondence course from the University of Washington, just to fill what is left of my time - with something worthwhile to study, and proof to myself that I can take it.  I could add some more work, because I like to work, especially, when I do not need to ask for permission to do this or that.  All what I need is to decide - and try it.

I hope you do not mind, but I will publish a few parts of your letter in my school paper.

Our local people think that I should not publish things about their drinking, shacks and other "weak points." and even tried to silence me completely.  It does not bother me, because I can see the results, good results of the paper.

The village bridge, well, Mr. Metcalf was too busy with his campaign (reelection), so, up to this date, I have no answer from him.

With my best wishes, I am,

Sincerely yours,

Roman Malach

Envelope:  from - Territorial School, Ninilchik, Alaska; postmark - Ninilchik, Alaska, Dec 12, 1948; to - Miss Mary Fallows, Principal, Kensington Grammar School, Kensington, Conn.



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