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Ninilchik, Alaska

Jan. 30, 1949

Dear Miss Fallows,

Thank you for your last letter.  You write that you do not know how I can work with never a break or a different week end!

Well, I like my work, and there is so much of that work that it seems - not enough time to do it all.  Of course, I would like to have something different, but one can not have a perfect set-up, at least not on this earth.  So, I am trying to be satisfied, and I am.

Mumps, the whole village had it, and some of [the] people still have them, no end to it.

You wrote about the crash of [a] plane near Homer.  Yes, it happened near Ninilchik.  You see, Ninilchik is only 40 miles from Homer.  Of course, the crash took place up in the hills, where no human being lives.

My ratio (battery) gives me programs, transcribed from Anchorage.

"Don't get discouraged!" - you wrote.  I can not get discouraged because I am doing work - I selected, and I am living in a community which I selected also.  How can I be discouraged?  I may sound discouraged, but it passes quickly, it has to pass quickly.  There is no other way, because I am here alone, completely alone, and have to do things as I see fit.

The life here in Ninilchik, and I refer to teacher's life, if not for those that can "last under the strain."  You have to live here under the strain all the time.

Sincerely yours,

Roman Malach

Envelope:  from - Territorial School, Ninilchik, Alaska; postmark - Ninilchik, Alaska, Jan 31, 1949; to - Miss Mary Fallows, Grove Street, East Berlin, Conn.



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