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Carroll Dear: I wrote a letter to Scott, which I intended to ask you to hand to him for fear of a change in his address.  Daddie told me he had enclosed it in his letter to Paul.  To make sure he receives it, I am enclosing a copy.  [no enclosure was in this letter.]  If he has already read it, you may please destroy the enclosure.  Daddie has written to Paul demanding the lost and scattered articles be restored.  You will see the time had come for definite action, if we wish to preserve our household belongings.  Mrs. Holmes had heard me speak of them with so much uneasiness and uncertainty that she was very sorry and thought it was right to tell me what little she knew of them.  Did you know of these transactions before?  She says M. will be very angry with her, but she is a good woman and only did what is right when she realized we did not know what was being done.  I feel great sympathy for M's Mother and M's devotion to her is admirable.  However, all we have should not be sacrificed in the cause.  Deceit and untruth bewilder me.  Ingratitude, I expect.  Paul appears to be doing the best he can under the circumstances.  But he and Scott seem to have lost their sense of proportion.  I wish the young couple happiness and hope that Scott will soon leave New York, and recover his love for his Family.  It is early to assume that we will never need the things again and begin to dispose of them, as Aunt None's were.  When I frist [sic] heard what was being done, along with other trials, I almost destroyed myself with grief.  Since Mildred came, I have improved, taken on flesh and Mrs. Holmes says I have gotten straight again.  You know back there, I became too weak to stand erect.  I do wish I could have a persnal talk with Scott.  Just ask Scott if he received a letter from me dated Nov. 18.  If he says yes, you may destroy the enclosed and this note.  It seems M. is dreaming of sending her whole Family up here in advance of them.  I guess it will take sometime to save up money for that.  Rec'd you card a few days ago.  Write as often as you can, Dear.  You see, all the time I have been heart broken and guessing what was being done, except the selling of things but did not know till the last few days that Daddie was utterly furious.  Scott has always been a Boy of fine principles.  I await his explanations.

Wednesday - Mildred and I went out and made calls yesterday.  The Taku wind had died down.  Weather marvellous [sic] yet.  We read Seattle has had a terrible snow storm.  Judge Clegg and Mr. Adams of Cordova passed through last night.  Daddie expects to go to Matlakatla tonight.  So we will have our Thanksgiving Dinner this eve.  How we will miss you!

Destroy this.

Envelope: from-Governor's House, Juneau, Alaska, sealed with letter 'B'; postmarked - Juneau, Alaska, Jan. 4, 1922, 10 PM; to-Mr. Carroll A. Bone, Traffic Dept., C. M. & St. P. Ry., 42 Broadway, New York City



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