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Nov. 20, 1921

Carroll Dear:

We had a letter from Roger by mail and one delivered in person, by Maurice Leehey.  Phyllis is an especial favorite of the Leehey family, because of friendship with their dead Daughter.  The day the Baby was a day old, Ruth became very ill with Bronchial Pneumonia.  She was improving, the letters stated.  The Baby was born Nov. 8th, weighs 8 pounds and has blue eyes.  Its name is Phyllis.  Daddie sent flowers and Roger said the little bunch for the Baby looked so cute.  We are all very proud and happy, especially Aunt Marguerite.  We are still having the most marvelllous [sic] spell of weather, beautiful days and glorious moonlight weather.  There is Tennis and skating, too, as it has turned quite cold.  Mildred has played tennis and Baby is telling of her first skating lesson.  We dined with the Paynes.  They had the Rices - Episcopal Minister. Wed. Eve. we had Capt. and Mr.s Walker Lang Cobb and his Scotch Friend, McGregor, who has been gassed and in the Arenaut Division, in the pictures and has danced with Irene Castle.  He is quite handsome and graceful.  Several of the Chatuaquans have written to Marguerite.  J. Horace Smithey, the young Baritone, Dr. Evans, the humorist, Capt. Dancey, the patriotic speaker, Miss Leona Smith, publicity girl, Miss Coleman, she owes about 48 letters, Thursday eve.  Daddie was asked to speak to the Native Convention, in the Hall recently moved over from Douglas.  He said none of us could go with him, as he had been nervous the last two speeches, but he finally consented for me to go, and I was so glad, for there were quite a number of whites there, including Judge Wickersham, the Ministers, Dr. Condit, Dr. Waggoner, Dr. Allen, Dr. Bruce, Father Kashavaroff, and wives, etc.  Edward Marsden, the Native preacher, also spoke and his Cousin, Edward Simpson, who is not educated, but wit-presided [sic].  The Pres. of the Native Brotherhood, Wm. Paul spoke.  It was very interesting and those people, so lately savage, deserve lots of credit.  One of them was educated for the Russian priesthood, Father F. said.  He said beautifully.

Monday morning.  We went to the Pres. Church.  A Taku wind blew all day - we thought fiercely - but Juneau said it was only a Baby one.  It is still wonderfully bright and beautiful.  Last night, was one of the nicest evenings we have had.  You would have loved it.  Mr. and Mrs. Gore, (Asst. Dist. Atty.), Dist. Atty. Shoup, Col. Steese, Maj. (or Col.) Gotwalla, Miss Martin and Miss Dilly were here to dinner.  The young couple are talented - she plays the violin and both sing - with some funny stunts.  Miss Martin is the young teacher with deep dimples, with a lovely contralto and all sorts of University cute tricks with it and from her Brothers.  Miss Dilly is in the Road Commission and quite attractive, from Portland. 

Later.  Lang Cobb (Southerner) and Roy McGregor, For Captain in Air Division - later in Pictures and has danced with Irene Castle, is 23 and in not very good health, handsome and graceful.  Miss Seabrook, drove cross Continent with Mother - called.  We all sat around a big fire and they sang and played and got Baby to recite, the best she ever did.  Juneau may not be strong for good climate, but has the most congenial and attractive people you could get together.  Mrs. Faulkner has engaged Mrs. Holmes.  She has been with us two weeks and more.  When she first came, she offered to go into Goldstein's store for almost nothing, just to keep busy.  They did not need her, of course, with things so dull.  Now, they call up and say they want her.  She rather dreaded going to sew for folks in their houses, so may take the job.  She was to go to Mrs. Faulkner today.

Much love from all

How we will miss you Thanksgiving.  Write often as you can.

The Baby's name is Phyllis Mary, Roger writes.

Envelope: from - Mrs. Scott Bone, Juneau, Alaska; postmarked - Juneau, Alaska, Nov. 2_, 19__, 6:30 PM; to - Mr. Carroll Bone, 42 Broadway, Traffic Dept, C.M. & St. P. Ry., New York City






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