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Carroll Dear - You can divide this info with Scott.  Hope the package will arrive for your Birthday and that it will be a most happy one.

We are very lonely without the children.  Expect them Sat. night.  Had a letter from Virginia Wiley.  You must be sure to write us about your trip.  We enjoyed very much meeting Mr. and Mrs. Chave who called with the jolly bunch of Shrivers.  We were sorry we had no word of ____ coming or could have had some punch & cake ready.  Am writing a letter to Scott all about our trip.  Daddie is all right again.  Did him lots of good.  Many thanks for big bundle of papers.


Baby tickled with music.  Came as we were leaving.

Envelope: from - Governor's House, Juneau, Alaska; postmarked - Juneau, Alaska, July 28, 1922, 6:30 PM; to - Mr. Carroll A. Bone, 42 Broadway, Traffic Dept., D. M. & St. P. Ry, New York City



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