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May 22, 1922.

Dear, Precious Little Boy, Carroll:

To think of you being on your way to Seattle.  Your letter came on yesterday's boat.  As you say it is criminal for you to be so nearly here and not to come all the way.  We all think you ought to come on to Juneau.   You might get here in time for Marguerite's Commencement, which is a week from Wednesday.  May 31st or June 1st, I believe.  Could you not get transportation?  I know how much you want to spend a few days in Seattle, and do not wish to be too insistent, but if you could extend your vacation a few days to come to see your Juneau Family in our present home, it would be wonderful.  I will feel sick to miss you.  Roger will explain to you about Mildred's condition and the expensive trip I have just made to Seattle.  It was taken at that time, because of the two reasons above mentioned, aside from wishing to see the Baby, the Children, meeting Daddie and going to the oculist.  I am glad you are having a little rest, which you doubtless need much.  Mildred said Carroll may decide to stay in Seattle.  That would be a happy change for all of us, if you could do it.  You know best of course what can be done, or if you should wish to leave N.Y.  Then I do not know about an opening.

The Senior Ball was last Friday night, Marguerite entertained her Senior Class Saturday night followed by a Dance, to which she invited all the High School that dance.  Fifty.  It was a success, though there is almost too much going on for the youngsters.  I think I wrote about the interesting School Meet and how little Sister helped win the Debate Trophy and a ribbon in Declamation.  It was a most interesting week and it will be a permanent thing, they plan.  I certainly enjoyed my initiation into Basket Ball and thought it so good as Baseball.  Mildred had a pretty Bridge Party and returned all her obligations one eve.  We all went to dinner at the Lanz.  He is Supt and she Principal, young folks.  They were so proud of Marguerite.  Willis Nowell, the fine violinist, was there and played beautifully.  Daddie addressed the Douglas High School Graduates and did splendidly.  They are of foreign birth and deserve lots of credit.  Two of the Boys belonged to the Basket Ball Team and are fine athletes.  They take all the games.  We dined previously with the Christoes.  He is a Banker and she a former teacher, of course.  Mr. and Mrs. Henderson and the tiny Joyce went with us.  He is the Commissioner, is a singer and plays well, Accompanies Mr. Nowell.  Joyce is one of the good, healthy, modern Babies.  Two months old.  We dined with the McBrides.  You remember, he was finally made Collector of Customs.  She is an unusually beloved woman, a Christian Scientist.  One young daughter, Miriam.  Last night, we dined with the young Forest.  He is Deputy Dist. Attorney.  Fine people.  She is quite talented.  One of the young married people of whom Mildred is so fond.  They all want to help her sew.  They had spring chickens sent up from Kent.  Daddie at the last, could not go from an attack of earache.  We have had some lovely days interspersed with rain.  The Elks had a Dance for the benefit of Boys Scouts.  They had Dance Programs like Rail Road Tickets to be punched and some funny stunts and characters.  John is taking an active interest in the movement.  The head Boy Scout is in town.  The Class Colors are orange & black and Marguerite got orange card board and we tied the cards with black satin ribbon and had lines to fit the different ones, which Mildred printed on.  In lieu of appropriate Cartoons, pasted on cut Ads.  They made quite a hit.  Had yellow flowers and orange and black tulle bows on fruit cock tail glasses.  I do not know that this letter will even reach you in Seattle, as a boat may not be South bound for some days.  But I hope it will.  With it goes a thousand kisses and longings to see you.  You will adore little Phyllis Mary, will enjoy visiting with the Roys, Ruth and meeting Elsie.

In loving haste,


Mr. Gore is Delta chi and was overseas in Merchant Marines.  I guess that is name of Law Frat.  Name is Lister & used to visit Crystal Springs.

Love to all.

Envelope [though letter is addressed to Carroll]: from - Governor's House, Juneau, Alaska; postmark - Juneau, Alaska, May 21, 1922 1130AM; to - Mr. Roger M. Bone, 1609 Hoge Bldg., Seattle, Wash.



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