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April 8, 1922
Saturday Eve.

Dear Boys:

Arrived in Seattle Monday 6.45 P.M.  Daddie, Mr. Selvina, Mr. Taylor met me.  Went out to Robert & Elsie's for dinner.  The Judd Family are staying with them.  The Father has nothing to do & sunk his money derived from sale of store in the oil Co. as did Robt.  Elsie told me they are simple, trusting, kindly people.  Father born in Vermont, went to Quebec and Alberta - married a Canadian and heretofore sunk 60,000 in oil.  A grown son has a job now & away.  Three small children 9 - 11 -  6 - Frank, Lee, Marjorie.  Marion - 14.  You will be relieved to know the furniture of the shack is being used - also Mat - _al - was in storage.  Elsie said they went out to the shack & it was locked with a different lock & had wires all around it.

Her father inquired rent -

Maid - she said $10- & said shack belonged to Mrs. Wells.  The children have a nice piano & Elsie had made pretty curtains.  It is a cunning Bungalo. [sic] Living Room - nook - kitchen - Bath - 2 bedrooms - sleeping porch & rooms in Basement.  So you see we can all stow away.  I feel very sorry for Mr. Judd.  Elsie blames Mrs. Martin who asked him to put in the money.  Says Robt. won't discuss it.  We had a good dinner Robert asks a beautiful blessing.  Ruth & Roger came to call.  Daddie looked fine.  I had awaiting me beautiful roses from the Ramsays & Marmadukes, cards & _____ of welcome & invitations.  Unfortunately, my voice was gone for a few days & could not respond.  Tuesday - Roger took me to Occulist.  Then he & Daddie lunched with Taylor & the phone rang incessantly, but I could not answer it & secretary out.  Mr. Fillo came.  His wife's Grandma died last week.  In eve. died at Roger's.  The Baby is lovely, very large & good.  A Hamlin.  Ruth is a fine mother & as devoted to Phyllis Mary as her mother is to her.  [She?] had about a million gifts.  Mrs. Hamlin & Phyllis are in Calif.  Clarke has rheumatism.  They look ____.  Ruth & Roger have another 5 room apt in Olympia for a month, have been in it.  It is very attractive.  She had her own Ivory set & on her Birthday, her mother gave her extremely attractive wicker furniture for their dining room & living room.  Their wedding gifts ornament wall, plate rail &c.

(Moved here Wed. A.M.)  [--Sunset Club, Seattle letterhead]

I hoped Daddie could linger a few days with me, but he felt he should sail as planned - on Alameda Wed. A.M.  A good many friends were [in] town & movies taken of Daddie & me.  There was a smiling picture of us in P.I.  Have asked Fillo to send you one.  Elsie & her mother had lunch with me.  Did a little shopping.  Robt. was with us a while as he has some time out between 12 & two, vibrates between.  Smith & Stuart Building.  We met Mary Theile & called at a Fur Store to plan style of making up the mink furs presented me.  They are large & handsome & will be enough for a shoulder cape.  Went w/Robert's for dinner.  Over his radio caught the P. I. message w/Daddie.  He sent a humorous one through them.  Thurs. Occulist with Roger.  Drops in _____ .  Could not see much all day but wandered around ____ some project.  Papers said I went with Daddie- still must have been numerous phone calls & messages left.  Weather lovely till Friday rained & snowed a little.  Elsie came down early & stayed with me all day.  We went to the fur store, got me a new hat (Grahams) back here for lunch.  Robt joining us.  In eve Mrs. and James Wiley came for me & I had a most pleasant eve with - mat peerless family.  They miss Virginia.  Marion is very sweet.  John goes in for Radio.  James for football & tennis.  He is so tall.  Daddie seems to be tremendously respected here as Gov.  Today Peggy postponed a luncheon engagement, so after my farewell visit w/Dr. Perry decided to finish up my shopping.  Roger & I ate lightly at Pig & Mis___.  Something stole my appetite since reaching here _____ throat tablets or eye drops.  Robt, Elsie & I dined at Mrs. Thomases [sic] in their pretty & daintily furnished new house.  They are so happy with it.  A dream come true.  My voice is much better & it is impossible now to escape making engagements though I really want to be with the children all that is possible.  Dine with Roger tomorrow.  Elsie will work a week at Fredericks.  She is an experienced candy packer.  She told me & worked 2 weeks at Xmas, made $40.  Rained this A.M. then changed into a lovely P.M.  Meet a good many old friends: Thought Scott would like to know about furniture.  Many friend inquire for all of you children.  Had previous letter from Baby.  Slumber party, great success.  It seems odd to be here.  I did not get to hear many details of Daddie's wonderful trip.  The time was so short & he was so sought-after.  I am in a small room.  The club drawing room has been elaborately redecorated.  Goodnight.

Kisses, Lots of Love,

Envelope: from - Mrs. Scott Bone, Juneau, Alaska; Seattle, Wash, Terminal Sta. Apr 18, 9 A.M.; to - Mr. Carroll Bone, Traffic Dept, C. M. & St. P. Ry., 42 Broadway, New York City



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