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Jan. 29, 1923

Carroll Dearest: We arrived Sat. eve 5 P.M.  Found a foot of snow on the ground.  Ran in to a blizzard at Ketchikan.  Had luncheon on the Spokane, which detoured after that to Petersburg.  Our last day was beautiful but a heavy sea with the Taku blowing us.  We passed the Taku Inlet, awfully cold.  Glad when we passed into the Island Channel.  Mildred, John, Maj. Beaumont, the Rustgards, Col. Gotwell & others met us.  We have had several callers.  Went with Ruth to the Catholic Church yesterday.  She is pretty lively & sweet but looks bad.  We will try to end here.  _____ looking much better.  She has been quite brave until she wrote to the Baby last night.  It is warmer and snowing again.  I have a great batch of letters to write and some gifts to acknowledge.  Little Shirley Anne looks like a doll compared w/marvelous Phyllis Mary, but to me she had grown out of recognition.  She is very good & cunning.  A perfect Baby.  Mildred was so impressed & touched by your thoughtful gifts to Baby & _____.  If you know where Scott is, you might send the enclosed letters [no enclosure in this envelope] to him & ask him to send back to me.  They are so sweet and give a fine idea of _____ Xmas & Mildred as a wonderful mother. 





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