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Herb Haley

Airline Pilot Killed in Plane Crash at Iliamna

Iliamna (Special) – A Cordova Airlines pilot, veteran of 20 years of bush flying in Alaska, was killed yesterday in the crash of a small plane near here.

The victim was Herb Haley, about 40, of Chitina, who was piloting a Cordova Airlines Cessna 180 under charter to the Morrison-Knudsen Construction Co. of Anchorage and Seattle.

The Civil Aeronautics Administration said Haley was flying alone in the four-place plane on a supply mission to M-K Co. camps in a remote area where the firm is constructing secret radar defense installations.

The CAA said details of the crash are unknown due to communications difficulties, but it was believed Haley was caught in a windstorm which buffeted Southwestern Alaska over the weekend.

Haley crashed about 11a.m., the CAA said, near Big-Mountain, between the base camp where he was assigned the past two months and two other line camps where he was carrying supplies.

Cordova Airlines said Haley had worked for the line “on and off” every summer and fall for a number of years. He was well known in the Chitina and Copper Center district. He has a family but was recently divorced from his wife.

Source:  Anchorage Times 19 Dec 1955




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