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Dawson City Mortuary Records, 1898-1938

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Source:  Mortuary records of J.A. Greene, Frank Lowe, Edwards and Winaut, and Alex Wark.

Name Description
TABOR C.W.C., 52 years; burned to death, Yukonia Hotel fire; February 21, 1917, Coroner Telford; funeral at St.Pauls Church; estate; lawyer
TAIT William; 30 years old; Pneumonia; May, 8, 1900; Dr. McDonald; W. H. P. Clement and Public Admin.
TALBOT William, 70 years; St. Gervais, Quebec; burns of legs, St. Mary's Hospital; Feb.20, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; public admin.; cook
TANANA Girl; Moosehide; Aug.1935; Dept.of Indian Affairs; Daughter of Tanana Joe
TANGUAY Alphonse, 65 years; ?, Pedro Creek; July 1, 1920, none; funeral at Catholic Chapel; Pioneer Lodge; miner
TAULLON Edward, 44 years; heart failure, St. Marys Hospital; February 3, 1910, Dr.Thompson; no funeral; Y.T. and friends
TAYLOR Thomas, 43 years; accident-cave in, St. Marys Hospital; September 25, 1918, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at St.Pauls Church; OddFellows; miner
TAYLOR William, 85 years; heart failure, cabin in South Dawson; April 5, 1922, Dr.Chipman; funeral at St.Andrews Church; Bessie Taylor; miner
TAYLOR Amelia, 14 years; Moosehide; 1932, Dr. Nunn; Moosehide Cemetery; Indian Agent
TAYLOR Ben; no other info.
TAYLOR E. Joseph, 65 years; New Zealand; St. Mary's Hospital; Nov.8, 1933, Dr.H.J. Nunn; W.Taylor; general work
TAYLOR Fred, 61 years; England; heart disease, St. Mary's Hospital; Sept. 30, 1927, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
TAYLOR Infant; Dawson; stillborn, St. Mary's Hospital; Nov.4, 1934, Dr.Stewart; Moosehide Cemetery; Dept. of Indian Affairs; child of Dave Taylor
TAYLOR Harold Philip; 8 months 17 days old; April 8, 1904; Dr. Rinies; Son of A. J. Taylor, Dugas St. between 5th and 6th Ave.; Mrs. McDonald
TAYLOR Rose A.; 24 years old; St. Mary's Hospital; February 26, 1904; Dr. Catto; St. Mary's Church; A. J. Taylor (husband) and Mrs. McDonald
TAYLOR Bessie, 15 years; St. Mary's Hospital; July 19, 1936, Dr.Nunn; Yukon Gov't
TAYLOR Child, 3 years; Feb.23, 1936; Dept. of Indian Affairs; child of Dave Taylor
TELLEFSEN Grace Julia; 25 days old; Enteritis; 2nd Ave and George Street; April 12, 1905; Dr. A. C. Robertson; Residence; Child of Mr. and Mrs. C. Tellefsen
TENNANT Mrs. Sophie; 33 years old; Finland; Diabetes; Good Samaritan Hospital; May 30, 1903; Dr. Catto; Wife of R. J. Tennant
TERKELSON John V.; 34 years old; Cave in of drift; #14 Upper Dominion; August 8, 1902; Coroner; Odd Fellows Hall and A. B. Bldg.; Odd Fellows and Yukon Gov't; Member of San Francisco Lodge No. 3 IOOF
TETRAULT Alfred, 77 years; heart trouble, St.Marys Hospital; May 22, 1925, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at Edwards Parlor; Territory; miner
TEUSLEY William, 33 years; convulsions, St.Marys Hospital; July 22, 1907, Dr.Barrett; funeral at chapel; estate; public administrator; road house keeper
THEAKSTON Dr.A., 72 years; cyctitis, Good Samaritan Hospital; January 23, 1910, Dr.Thompson; funeral at chapel; Yukon Territory; miner
THEUERHOLTZ Charles; 39 years old; Good Samaritan Hospital; September 5, 1900; Dr. MacDonald; Public Admin. and Clement
THOMAS Even J.; 25 years old; Killed on Gold Hill by landslide; Gold Hill opposite #2 Eldorado; April 7, 1903; Coroner; Brother in law of C. W. Bowhay
THOMAS Infant; Stillborn, St. Mary's Hospital; November 6, 1906; Dr. Barrett; Child of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Thomas
THOMAS Chester A., 46 years; heart-septic ecridocoditis, St.Marys Hospital; November 11, 1920, Dr.Chipman; funeral at St.Pauls Church; Harry E. Garner; mining engineer
THOMPSON John, 49 years; Trois Rivieres, Quebec; ptomaine poisoning, St.Marys Hospital; May 26, 1919, Drs. LaChapelle & Culbertson; funeral at Cathollic Chapel; Yukon Gold Company; miner
THOMPSON O.P., 52 years; heart, ferry landing West Dawson; November 17, 1917, Coroner Telford; funeral at chapel; Yukon Territory; wood cutter
THOMPSON Peter, 59 years; Moosehide; St. Mary's Hospital; Sept. 11, 1935, Dr.H.J.Nunn; Dept. of Indian Affairs; resided Thistle Creek
THOURET Arthur E., 50 years; heart, York Street cabin; September 1916, Coroner Telford; funeral at St.Andrews Church; estate; cook
TIFE 38 years; suicide, Good Samaritan Hospital; October 15, 1913, Dr.Culbertson; Y.T. ; miner
TIFE (no name), 38 years; suicide, Good Samaritan hospital; October 15, 1913, Dr.Culbertson; Y.T.; miner
TIPPARD Marguerite, 86 years; France; Klondyke City; March 31, 1936; St.Mary's Church; Tom Quin
TOGNANA Louis, 55 years (Italian); suicide "morphine", Tanana Hotel; October 22, 1907, Dr.Thompson; funeral at chapel; Y.T., government
TOPP Charles; 25 years old; Typhoid fever (pneumonia); Good Samaritan Hospital; December 3, 1900; Dr. MacDonald; Greene's; Yukon Gov't
TOUCH Edward Charles Gordon; Pneumonia; Harper St. Hospital; January 15, 1901; Dr. J. W. E. Brown; Episcopal Church; Yukon Gov't
TOUHILL E.; June 14; Shipped to San Francisco; A. L. Tracy
TOURVILLE Hilaire, 48 years; pneumonia, St.Marys Hospital; April 21, 1908, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at Catholic Church; Superior State, Baune Duluth (father); miner
TOWNER Joseph, 70 years; ?, St.Marys Hospital; November 26, 1912, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at Catholic Church; Y.T.
TRACEY James, 71 years; Ireland; cerbral hemerage, St.Marys Hospital; March 12, 1925, Dr.Burne; funeral at undertaking parlor; Territory; miner
TREFORS Julian, 53 years; heart failure, the Forks; found dead March 8, 1913; funeral at chapel; W. Armstrong; miner
TREMBLAY Nolasque "Jack", 75 years; St.Ann Checoutini, Quebec; his home on 5th Ave; July 16, 1935, Dr.H.J.Nunn; St. Mary's Church; estate; carpenter
TROBERG Charles; heart failure, Tanna Hotel; November 16, 1913, Coroner Telford; no funeral; Y.T. teamster
TURNER George, 44 years; peritonitis, Good Samaritan Hospital; July 24, 1914, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at Presbyterian Church; Eagles
TYLER Charles Theurer; 40 years old; Tuberculosis; Good Samaritan Hospital; March 14, 1907; Dr. Catto; Public Admin.
UNKNOWN Man; Supposedly Olsen; murdered; December 25, 1899, Clayson, Relfe party; Buried June 30; Gov't; *see also Relfe
UNKNOWN Man; Found about 10 miles down Yukon River; Badly decomposes; unrecognizable; Coroner MacDonald; Gov't
UNKNOWN Man; Drowned; found Yukon River near Indian River; Found on September 3, 1903; Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't
UNKNOWN Man; Found in Yukon River two miles from Klondike; Coroner Wroughton; Yukon Gov't
UPP Hattie C.; 10 years 5 months 9 days old; Valvular heart disease; 114 7th Ave.; July 12, 1903; Dr. A. Thompson; Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. Upp
VAGLIO Rosa, 16 years; killed by Eugene Vaglio, Central Hotel; July 4, 1912, Coroner Harrigan; funeral at Catholic Church; estate
VAGLIO Christina, 9 years; killed by Eugene Vaglio, Central Hotel; July 4, 1912, Coroner Harrigan; funeral at Catholic Church; estate of father
VAGLIO Emilia (Mrs.John), 40 years; killed by Eugene Vaglio, Central Hotel; July 4, 1912, Coroner Harrigan; funeral at Catholic Church; estate
VAGLIO Eugene, 28 years; suicide by shooting himself, Central Hotel; July 4, 1912, Coroner Harrigan; no funeral; Y.T.; lobourer
VAGLIO John, 55 years; killed by Eugene Vaglio, Central Hotel; July 4, 1912, Coroner Hannigan; fuenral at Catholic Church; estate
VAN BUSKIRK Mrs.; Typhoid fever; Hunker Creek; August 1, 1901; Grand Forks
VAN GORDEN Mabel, 9 years; Ross River; tuberculosis, St.Marys Hospital; September 20, 1927, Dr.Thompson; funeral at St.Pauls Church, St.Pauls Hospital
VAN LOBENSKY Joseph, 57 years; ?, St.Marys Hospital; May 9, 1914, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at Catholic Church; Moose
VANDY Alexander, 70 years; Sweden; hemorrhage of brain, St. Mary's Hospital; March 13, 1928, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, YOOP Cemetery; YOOP; miner
VEEREVERDE D‚sir‚e; Pneumonia; #6 below Lower Dominion; December 16, 1900; Coroner McDonell; Greene's; Yukon Gov't
VELTA Mrs. Pauline, 53 years; ?, St.Marys Hospital; July 10, 1925, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at United Church; Jack Learmont; Housekeeper
VENTER Peter, 58 years; heart, cabin on 6th Avenue; September 30, 1915, Dr.Chipman; funeral at St.Pauls Church; estate; watchman
VETTERICK Otto, 69 years; Germany; cadial myo, Harper St.; Aug.20, 1931, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, YOOP Cemetery; public admin. and YOOP; cook; article attached
VICTOR Thomas, 56 years; pneumonia, St.Marys Hospital; January 21, 1918, W.E. Thompson; funeral at chapel; L.O.O. Moose; miner
VIGNES Alcide; Found dead; King Solomon Hill; 1907; Coroner Douglas; Public Admin.
VIGNES Alcide, 21 years (born Quebec); accident, shot himself while hunting, found dead King Solomon ; Hill; May 1, 1907, Dr.Douglas; funeral at grave; public administrator; miner
VILNEUVE Severe, 77 years; Three Rivers, Quebec; St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.1929, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; labourer
VINCENT W.H., 66 years; ?, St.Marys Hospital; October 188, 1923, Dr.Thompson; funeral at St.Andrews Church; miner
VITTUNE Antone; 42 years old; St. Mary's Hospital; June 20, 1902; St. Mary's; Joe Chantey
VOGAL Jacob; 34 years old; Switzerland; Consumption; St. Mary's Hospital; April 18, 1901; Dr. Lachapelle; Greene's; Yukon Gov't
VOHLE Fred, 50 years; Brights disease, Good Samaritan Hospital; June 5, 1912, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at chapel; E.P. Lopez; miner
VYAMATAU Frank, 52 years; Japan; St. Mary's Hospital; Jan.14, 1934, Dr.H.J.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; article attached
WADDELL Thomas, 67 years; England; St. Mary's Hospital; Feb.7, 1937; chapel, Public Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and Friends; prospector
WADE Alice; 35 years old; Peritonitis (tumour); 328 3rd Ave. South; November 30, 1906; Dr. Roberts; Greene's; Wife of Louis A. Wade
WADMAN Harry G.; 35 years old; Cabin roof collapsed; #21 French Gulch; March 18, 1903; Coroner; Methodist Church; Mrs. Robertson and John McPherson
WALKER Ales, 54 years; Willington, Ont.; St. Mary's Hospital; Feb.27, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, YOOP Cemetery; Yukon Gov't and YOOP; miner; article attached
WALKER William, 51 years; Quebec; general debility, St. Mary's Hospital; Sept. 4, 1926, Dr.LaChapelle; Undertakers Parlour, YOOP Cemetery; YOOP and Yukon Gov't; miner
WALKER C.B., 61 years; cirrhosis of liver, Good Samaritan Hospital; October 28, 1907, Dr.Catts; funeral at chapel; Government and friends; shoe maker
WALKER Marie; ?, St.Marys Hospital; December 9, 1921, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at Moosehide; Indian Department
WALLER Thomas, 70 years; Belleville, Ont.; suicide from gunshot, in woods near YG ditch; Sept. 19, 1929, Dr.Thompson; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; miner
WALTENBAUGH Geo. Jr.; 6 days old; Cholera infantile; 4th St. South, between 1st and 2nd Ave.; March 21, 1901; Dr. Catto; Greene's
WALTERS A. J. ; Pneumonia; Good Samaritan Hospital; December 29, 1900; Dr. MacDonald; Greene's; Yukon Gov't and Odd Fellows
WALTIE Andrew, 63 years; heart, St.Marys Hospital; July 4, 1918, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at Chapel; Yukon Territory; farmer
WARNER John; 56 years old; Pneumonia; St. Mary's Hospital; April 7, 1905; Dr. Robertson; Bonanza by friends; A. Garvie
WARREN Thomas J., 63 years; cancer, St.Marys Hospital; January 3, 1923, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at E.W. Chapel; Territory; miner
WARREN Andrew Nelson, 50 years; killed in shaft, Quartz Creek; June 27, 1910, Coroner Harrigan; funeral at chapel; friends
WATERS William, 82 years; heart failure, Klondyke YT; March 7, 1932, Dr.Nunn; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; trapper
WATIER Isaac, 80 years; April 3, 1838, French Canadian; kidney, St.Marys Hospital; March 28, 1918, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at Catholic Chapel; Henry McGuiniers and Chas Bossuyt; miner
WATTS Charles W.; 43 years old; Pneumonia; March 14, 1900; Dr. Cassels; M. E. Church; Albany Camp No. 103 NON; Albany, Oregon
WAUD O. S. Captain; Exhumed and shipped to Portland, Oregon; August 22, 1902; John Shannon
WAUGH Aaron, 57 years; Caribou, B.C.; cancer, St.Marys Hospital; May 33, 1923; funeral at St.Andrews Church; Eagle Lodge; miner
WEAVER Ernest; 27 years old; England; Pneumonia; #22 above Upper Discovery Dominion; March 31, 1901; Dr. DeLabaugh; Greene's ; Yukon Gov't
WEBB Eva, 45 years; Cancer of breast, St.Marys Hospital; September 30, 1908, Dr.Thompson; funeral at Catholic Chapel; Joseph Webb
WEBSTER Etta Mrs.; 37 years old; Malignant endocarditis; August 9, 1902; Dr. A. T. Edwards; A.M. Co. Mess House; Wife of E. L. Webster; Shipped to Chicago
WEBSTER John G.; 45 years old; Illinois, USA; Abscess of neck and pneumonia; St. Mary's Hospital; February 8, 1901; Dr. Macfarlane; St. Paul's Church; Public Admin.
WEEKS George; 58 years old; Suicide by shooting; SYI Lodging House, 2nd Ave; July 8, 1903; Coroner Taylor; Father of George Weeks of #80 below Bonanza and Wilfred Weeks of Trail Gulch
WELBON Arthur Willis; 10 months 24 days old; Mercurial poisoning; #27 below Sulphur Creek; November 13, 1900; Methodist Church
WELDON Christopher J.; 60 years old; Pneumonia; Good Samaritan Hospital; December 23, 1900; Dr. MacDonald; Episcopal Church; Yukon Gov't
WERD M. Gilbert, 34 years; ?, St.Marys Hospital; June 29, 1909, Dr.Thompson; funeral at St.Pauls Church; F.O.E.; musician
WHITE James A.; 30 years old; Consumption; 3rd St. between 6th and 7th Ave; December 3, 1900; Dr. Sutherland; St. Paul's; Eddie Lewn
WHITE Thomas H.; 35 years old; Frozen; Near Best Roadhouse; February 10, 1904; Eagle Hall; Eagles
WHITE Thomas, 86 years; Ireland; St. Mary's Hospital; May 7, 1936, Dr.Nunn; St. Mary's Church; Yukon Gov't
WHITEHOUSE Samuel John, 69 years; England; St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.15, 1934, Dr. Neil Stewart; Pioneer Cemetery; labourer
WHITEHOUSE John, 46 years; England; heart, cabin Yukon Gold Co, Shops; July 4, 1916, Coroner Telford; funeral at Chapel; estate; Gardner
WICKS Isea, 62 years; Settinburg, Sweden born 1873; hemorrhage of stomach, Granville YT; Oct.25, 1935, Dr.H.J. Nunn; chapel; estate
WIGLE Leland L.; 29 years old; Suicide by shooting; Herrin's 2nd Ave; March 6, 1907; Coroner Tucker; Methodist Church
WILDHABER Antone, 36 years; explosion in mine, Pioneer Mine, Victoria Gulch; April 6, 1910, Dr.Catts, Coroner Douglas; funeral at St.Marys Church; estate; miner
WILEY John T.; Excessiveness alcohol; Northern Light Saloon; February 4, 1904; Greene's; Baley Smith
WILKINSON Abe, 65 years; England; senility, St.Marys Hospital; December 15, 1925, Dr.Thompson; funeral at Edwards Chapel; Richard Wilkinson; miner
WILLIAMS George Wade, 16 years; March 29, 1900; Bright's kidney disease, Good Samaritan Hospital; April 8, 1916, Dr.Chipman; funeral at St.Pauls Church; Geo. N. Williams
WILLIAMS George, 55 years; gunshot, cabin waterfront-Dawson; May 9, 1917, Coroner Telford; funeral at chapel; Yukon Territory; miner
WILLIAMS James, 52 years; Iowa, USA; dropsy cancerous, St.Marys Hospital; January 13, 1926, Dr.Thompson; funeral at mortuary chapel; Territorial and Y.O.O.P.; miner
WILLIAMS William, 28 years; fell down shaft, Bonanza Creek; December 17, 1912, Dr.LaChapelle; fuenral at chapel; friends and St.Pierre; miner
WILLIAMS Hartley, 56 years; heart, Good Samaritan Hospital; June 22, 1915, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at St.Pauls Church; W.C. Tabor; miner
WILLIAMS Teddy Owen, 77 years; North Wales; myo cardiac, St. Mary's Hospital; Sept.4, 1934, Dr.H.J. Nunn; Undertaker's Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; gambler
WILLISON Aline; 2 months old; Cerebro meningitis; #35 below Lower Discovery Dominion; December 15, 1902; Dr. Barrett; Shipped to San Francisco; Child of Mr. and Mrs. Ised K. Willison
WILSON Thomas, 65 years; Ireland; heart failure, near Arlington Hotel; June 1934, Dr.H.J.Nunn; St. Mary's Church, R.C. Cemetery; Yukon Gov't; farmer
WILSON C.G., 64 years; pernicious urnenil, Good Samaritan Hospital; December 30, 1912, Dr.Culbertson; public administrator; miner
WIMER H.J., 82 years; paralysis, Good Samaritan Hospital; August 7, 1912, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at chapel; Frank Whitney; miner
WINTERHOLER Joseph, 69 years; Austria; Auguie Pectonalitis, Dawson; June 9, 1925, Dr.LaChapelle; funeral at Edwards Chapel; W.M. Schafield; prospector, miner
WISE Albert; burned to death; December 30, 1914, Coroner Telford; funeral at Moose Hall; Moose Lodge
WITHYCOMB Sam, 48 years; England; drowned, Stewart River; July 11, 1918, Coroner Telford; funeral at chapel; public; miner
WOLFE James; 55 years old (coloured); Catarch of stomach; St. Mary's Hospital; December 4, 1905; Dr. Thompson; St. Mary's Chapel; J. A. McConnell
WOOD Jonathan; 1937 or 1938; Indian Agency and Anglican Church; resided in Moosehide
WOODRUFF Baby, still born; still born, 7th Avenue residence; March 7, 1912; no funeral; E.L. Woodruff
WOODS Edward, 31 years; suicide, 232 3rd Avenue north; February 26, 1914, Coroner Telford; funeral at Presbyterian Church; Moose; engineer
WOODS Emma, 47 years; ?, St.Marys Hospital; November 4, 1914, Dr.Chipman; funeral at Catholic Chapel; Del Bundy
WOODSIDES William; ?, Klondike Road; July 25, 1912, Coroner; No funeral; Y.T.; labourer
WORDS Edward; Oct.15, 1930; Indian Agent
WRIGHT Alfred; 36 years old; Suicide by shooting; Prospector Saloon; October 11, 1906; Coroner Tucker; Police Cemetery; RNWMP and Yukon Gov't
WRIGHTS Arthur C.; 26 years 8 months 4 days old; Suicide by shooting; Dominion Saloon; July 24, 1903; Coroner Wroughton; Greene's; Murry Eades
WROTH John; Heart disease (alcoholism); NWMP barracks; May 31, 1901; Coroner Scarth; Greene's; Yukon Gov't
WROUGHTON Robert; 60 years old; Heart failure; Golden Eagle Hotel; December 8, 1906; Coroner; Bruce Wroughton (son)
WYNES Baby, 8 days; Dawson; St. Mary's Hospital; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; R.Wynes (father)
YAMAGUCHI Baby, 7 months; Japan; pneumonia, Good Samaritan Hospital; April 10, 1918, Dr.Culbertson; funeral at chapel; Arthur Yamaguchi (funeral)
YANIAYUCHI T. Ksa. Miss; 32 years old; Pneumonia; 4th Ave near 3rd St.; March 16, 1901; Dr. Cassels; Yukon Gov't
YHOON John, 64 years; England; suicide, 16 mile camp Stewart River; Nov.1, 1926, Dr.LaChapelle; Undertakers Parlour, Hillside Cemetery; public admin.; miner
YOSHIOKA Hisha, 22 years; Japan; gunshot, Fox Ranch, West Dawson; about 24 June 1917, Coroner Telford; funeral at Catholic Chapel; public
YOTT George Edward, 78 years; Wolfe Island, Ont.; cerebral hemorrhage, St. Mary's Hospital; Feb.20, 1935, Dr.Neil Stewart; St. Mary's Church, Pioneer Cemetery; miner on Quartz Creek
YOUNG Roy A., 48 years; Aberdeen, Washington, USA; acute indigestion, Dome Creek, Alaska; around July 17, 1923, Coroner Telford; body shipped to US; estate; miner
YOUNG W.J., 38 years; froze to death, 9 mile Creek; January 8, 1910; no funeral; Lost January 8, found January 15; miner
YOUNG James W.; 50 years old; Pneumonia; St. Mary's Hospital; March 26, 1905; Seattle, WA; Est. (Alex McDonald)
YOUNG Margaret Emma; 48 years old; St. Mary's Hospital; March 23, 1905; Est. (Alex McDonald); Wife of James W. Young
YOUNGKINS Ernest J.; 4 years 8 months old; Malaria; 8th Ave and Craig St.; June 1, 1905; Dr. Catto; San Francisco; Son of Mr. and Mrs J. B. Youngkins
YOUNKINS Jos. B., 56 or 53 years; inflammation of liver, Good Samaritan Hospital; August 17, 1909, Dr.Thompson; funeral at Methodist Church; Clara Younkins; miner
ZARNOWSKI Victor, 46 years; accidently shot, near Forty Mile; about December 1, 1911, Coroner Telford; funeral at Catholic Chapel; Andy Rystogi; miner
ZENIER Charles, 77 years; St.John, N.B.; paralysis, St. Mary's Hospital; Dec.10, 1929, Dr.Rogers; Edwards Funeral Parlour; Yukon Gov't and Good Friends; labourer; article attached
ZEROFF Benjamin; 45 years old; Winnipeg; Pneumonia; Good Samaritan Hospital; April 8, 1902; Dr. Norquay; Greene's; Bloom; Jewish Cemetery
ZODIDOVICH Antone, 37 years; ptomaine poisoning, St.Marys Hospital; June 2, 1919, Drs.Culbertson & LaChapelle; funeral at Catholic Chapel; Yukon Gold Company; cook
ZUCCO Desirio, 67 years; Italy; heart trouble, 10 Mile Creek, YT; Oct.3, 1929, Dr.Rogers; Undertakers Parlour, R.C. Cemetery; Public Admin.; miner
ZUCCO John, 42 years; ?, St.Marys Hospital; June 27, 1910, Dr.Thompson; funeral at Catholic Church; Antoia Zucco (brother)




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